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Buy Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS) online at Amazon. Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS)
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Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS) Features

  • Mounts Tamron Adaptall (Adaptall-2) Mount SLR lenses to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Cameras
  • High-tolerance precision craftsmanship; infinity focus or beyond allowed
  • All-metal design; hardened anodized aluminum construction
  • Premium grade Fotodiox adapter
Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS)

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Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Item model number 11-Tamron-EOS
Item Weight 45 g
Model 11-Tamron-EOS
Model Year 2013
Product Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

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Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter (Tamron Adaptall II Lens to Canon EOS) Reviews from YouTube

How To Change Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens Mounts
Fotodiox Nikon to EOS Adapter Review
Fotodiox FD to EOS Lens Adapter Review
Tamron Adaptall 2 Lenses and Mount System
For some reason I’m unable to manually control the aperture. I have the 24mm 2.5 adapted to my Sony A7ii and the aperture won’t change even though the ring turns. Any insight into this problem?
Thanks so much - I purchased a used Adaptall Tamron lens fitted with a Minolta mount, and you made it easy for me to remove it and install my adapter!
Makasih bang ganteng~
Thank you. It is recommended to seit the lens at the highest aperture, for instance at 2.5 for this 28 mil here, Best wishes and have a nice day, Ralf
ok but now you removed the apertura rin, with the adaptall nikon mount there is no aparture ring so how will I set up aperture now? I found this for nikon adapter page: "If your lens does not have a manual aperture control ring, the lens aperture will revert to its default position, which depending on the lens is either stopped down to its largest f-stop or opened up to its smallest f-stop."
Who konws where can buy the mounts to Nikon in China?
Thank you. My Adaptall lens mount came off my lens, and I couldn't figure out how to get it back on. His helped tremendously.
Very helpful!
Hi. If i buy a tamron adaptall with pentax k mount can i switch to an adaptall canon or nikon mount ?
I found a Tamron 500mm lens in pristine shape, has the Adaptall II on it. I need another type for the Canon Rebel I see I don't know if can even compete with the 300M one I have.
Thanks! You helped me.
Hi, I am trying to remove the adapter from the canon FD mount itself, but I can figure out how.
thanks, this helped me!
Thanks for the video. Would you please give more info on the Mount adapters in the description, a link for example
what type of adapter do i need to mount it to micro four thirds camera
you saved me from embarrassment. I didn't know I was supposed to take the silver ring off so I was pissed that the company sent me out something that I thought to be incompatible with my 70d. Thanks so much!
I'm pushing it in but the ring is a bit stuck. It only seems to click in place rather then loose
really good - just what I needed to know thanks - love my old Nikkor lens - they are built like tanks and amazing quality
Here after 7yrs
Can I use it to mount Nikon Glass on the BMPCC 6K? It's got an EF Mount but just want to be sure.
Good evening, for those who are wondering, we do not also adapt the Nikon lenses in version Q, I tried with the Fotodiox adapter ring, it works well. Very good evening
Thanks a lot How is the auto focus?
Hi, i want to use my old nikon nikkor 24-105 mm on my canon eos m6. I bought another adapter but wont focus. Please help which fotodiox or adapter would work.
Thanks. You saved me the trouble of making a similar video. I'll be sharing with other astrophotographers. Nikkor lenses are great for astronomy photos. And the best astro-camera adapters take EOS lenses. So folks can use Nikkors or newer EOS lenses thanks to the adapter. (Note about the adapter: Some people panic that the adapter is permanently locked to their lens because they try to remove it counterclockwise, like the common "lefty-loosy, righty-tighty" proverb. Nikkors are "righty-releasy, lefty-locky". End of panic.)
Can't you release that adaptar ? My problem
Does thisnadapter auto focuw
I'm pretty new to all of this, can I ask if I can go Cannon lens to Nikon also with a different lens adapter?
Does it has also infinity? Because the distance insode the 2 brands has a different distance to the lenses.
Great video most useful, simple and to the point :-)
Love this adapter I've had for a few years and use it all the time, for video and IR photography on my Canon 5DII
Hi. I have an urgent question: in a Tamron 18-270 the image stab (a.k.a. VC) will work using a 10 dollar adaptor? (I have Canon camera and I found a Tamron lens for vert good price.) I only worried about the image stab. The rest no trouble cause I make videos with manual focus. But the image stabilizer needs some voltage to get from the Canon's battery . Am I right? So does the very basic adaptor cover such support?
I've fixed Nikon lens using the same adapter to the Canon body, but now, I'm not able to remove the lens. Please suggest what has to be done.
This is great- thanks for all the info-I really appreciate it
I've it on Nikon 85mm lens but the aperture is zero on camera ?
Would this fit to my Tamron 70-300mm lens
hi Do you have any adapter to mount Canon EF lenses to Nikon with autofocus capability
How does my fully electronic EOS body releases the shutter of a mechanical lens? Is there some adapting going on, in the adapter ring for that?
may i know what is the purpose of the optical glass?
I can feel a little twist to the right after I press down the 2 pins, but it doesn't turn all the way. Should just brutally force it?
I have a Canon FD 50mm f1.8 lens and bought a Fotodiox PRO Lens Mount Adapter to use on my Canon SL2/200D DSLR. I am pretty happy with the overall results of the combination. I have noticed when shooting wide ope the images tend to be a bit soft, with when I close down the aperture to f2 - f16 the images become quite sharp from corner to corner, at f22 the image once again starts to get soft on the edges. I am assuming this is caused by light diffraction from the aperture blades. Here is a image taken at 1/320 sec - f2.0 - ISO 200 show us how to remove it from an FD lens.
Thank you so much
question suppose you eliminated the glass that's inside the photodex to give it more clarity will that destroy the adapter if so when using the photodex normally and losing one stop a light have you noticed any lost in sharpness with images
My I have some comparison images with and without the adaptor? I want to know the actual drop in quality people keep going on about on these. I don't think its as bad as they think it is.
How much optics in the adapter deads hhe image?
Did you have colour fringing on your images with this adapter?
Useless video, unless you know ZERO about cameras.
can you explain how to remove the adapter
Perfect review, just what I was looking for. Will be purchasing this soon
Can I with this adapter, mount my MD ROKKOR 50mm f1.2 on CANON 600d _?
Sample photos please.
From what I gather from your review, do you need to meter in the STOP DOWN mode with this adapter? Canon REALLY dicked over their old FD lens owners when they changed mounts. The old FD lenses were superbly made, many a lot better than their modern day PLASTIC equivalents. Nikon, on the other hand, still uses their F mount which dates all the way back to 1959. ANY Nikkor ever made from that date can be mounted and used on the latest Nikon DSLR's. The only caveat is that non-AI lenses need to be converted to AI, which can be done by any competent repairman or you can do it with a Dremel and a cut off wheel. I converted my superb 50mm f/1.4 non-AI to AI in about 15 minutes with no more than a phillips head screwdriver and a Dremel and cut off wheel. Canon, on the other hand, requires that you purchase one of these aftermarket adapters. Most are cheaply made and poorly coated and anytime you place more glass behind a lens you are looking at more flare and quite possibly a degradation of image quality, potentially a significant one. And I understand that I also reduces the T-number of the lens. Not a particularly viable alternative so you can use these older and superbly made lenses. Just one more reason to stick with Nikon, which I have since 1974.
I bought one yesterday and used it.  Photos were slightly soft.  Ever so slightly.  Only a pro would really notice.  It does take a f4 lens in my case and turn it into f5.6.  On a Crop Sensor camera like mine it turned by 70-210mm zoom into almost double, while losing 1 f-stop.  You have to shoot on a complete manual setting, which I like a lot.
Yeah I noticed that my 28mm f2.8 is stopped down at least 1 stop when I put it on my 60D body. This makes it too dark for me to use in most indoor situation. Is this just the name of the game when putting the FD to an EOS body, or is it something that is user caused (ie i screwed up putting it on) thanks  
does this increase the f-stop of the lense? I've read some of them cause an increase of 1 a 1.4 = sharp is the image ?
Good quality  old lenses are no longer super  cheap! Everyone and their dog are buying them on ebay. They are still cheaper than a new dslr len though. You need to get the ones that have a manual aperture setting.
Back in the day I had a Nikon EM and the Olympus OM10, OM30, OM2 SP & OM4 and thanks to the adaptall mount I could use the same lense for the different Camera makes I had. Fantastic. Thank you.
I picked up a Tamron 80-210mm can I get a T mount for Nikon to work for this?
Can I use the tamron cf 80 - 210 macro with adaptall 2 on pk mount ?
*Was hesitant to order a non Nikon product,❄>?ѻㅒ  but this lens is just great. One big trip to Alaska under its belt and we are very happy with the performance. Tamron can be trusted!*
Hi, I have bought this Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD Lens for my Sony A65, I’m no longer use on Sony A65, I would say this lens is 10 years old +. Can this lens convert/adaptor to use on Canon 5D Mark3. Thanks.
I got an 90mm f2.5 Macro and I want to remove the minolta adapter and replace it with an canon EOS one. But it doesn't budge. I tried turning it both ways but I cannot turn it to the green spot. My hands are also big which makes it almost impossible to keep the little silver tab down as I try to turn it. any advice?
I love the adaptalls. Great quality. It's worth mentioning that almost all the zooms have macro capability. I have the 28/2.8, 90/2.5 Macro, 35-70 and the 500/8 mirror lens. Fantastic!
Hi guys pls am having a problem with my Tarmon lens for Nikon 18-200mm , it fell to the ground and one of the hooks(pin) broke off since then it has been shaken its not stable pls what do i do about it pls i need your support and advice thanks
The Adaptall 2 system is great, i have several Tamrons and a Minolta MD adaptall for my X-700, best of all Tamron's Adaptall SP lenses are almost all found for a very reasonable price on Ebay, and they have some great performers, i have a 70-210 103A 3.8-4 and i plan on getting a 80-200 2.8.
I wish they had made a 35mm f2
I have several Tamron adapters and lenses. Great stuff, especially the 90mm f2.5 Macro.
there is no optical lens in the ad2 mount - so NO reduction in image quality
Oooh. this is for the guys ?
what is about the optical element in the adapter and the reduce of image quality?
so tamron sp 28-105 f2.8 on bhphotovideo is brand new or used? i want EF mount lens

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