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Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter Features

If you have a SLR or DSLR camera and other maker/mount lenses, the Fotodiox Mount Adapters allow you to use your lenses on the film/digital camera body. Sharing lenses has some distinct advantages. Certain prime lens just can't be replaced, and you save the cost of purchase on new lenses. Fotodiox offers a range of adapter from large format to smaller format digital adapters. Adapting larger format lens to smaller format sensors (i.e: large format to medium format, medium format to 35mm, 35mm to micro 4/3) provides excellent edge-to-edge sharpness. The smaller image field helps minimize the effects of lens distortion and aberration by using the 'sweet spot' or center of the larger lens image circle.

    Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter

    Find the best deal on Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter Price in India is ₹2,720 at Flipkart.
    The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
    For a comprehensive understanding of Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
    Shop for Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter on Flipkart to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

    Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter Specifications

    Brand Fotodiox Inc.
    Material Anodized aluminum
    Model Number 11M42-NEX
    Type Mechanical Lens Adapter
    Warranty Summary 1 Year International Warranty

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    Fotodiox 11M42-NEX Lens Mount Adapter Reviews from YouTube

    fotodiox pro lens mount adapter review
    Fotodiox Sony A to E Mount Lens Adapter
    Fotodiox Nikon to EOS Adapter Review
    Fotodiox ND Throttle Adapter Opinion - Watch Before Buying!
    Took to long gettin to the point damn
    extremely unhelpful and man do you have some crappy lenses! but that doesn't look anything like the Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter i have (perhaps you have the nikon f non pro adapter instead of the g adapter w/o the aperture ring on the adapter?) nor did you explain how to use it with lenses with and without an aperture ring. i've read 5 articles about how to coordinate the lens and adapter aperture rings and none of them agree on anything. but thanks for trying. btw, your explanation of how enlargers worked amused me and you surprised me when you said you'd actually been in a darkroom. but if you had, you should have known what an enlarger lens looked like. oh well. keep on truckin' and i'll continue to search for the info i need. /guy
    Another video I watched said the adapter stops down by one full stop.
    The connection to the gh4 is always loose but it fits my cannon lens tight
    Absolutely! That's what I use it on for the most part.
    Would you recommend using this adapter on a nikon d3200 with the fd lenses?
    Thank you, this video helped me a lot!
    Love the vid, dope shirt
    Will the adapter work on a a6300? I'm not very camera savvy
    How do you focus the lens
    How do you remove this adapter from lens I am stuck please help
    how to change the apperture with manual adapter without electronic?
    Can you actually control the aperture?
    Hello will this adapter work for an A7iii? I have old A mount lenses that would be cool to play with
    Hi! Do you know if that adapter works the same for full frame E-mount camerar as well? I mean, for the size of the sensor in a camera like the a7s. Nice review :)
    Great video, I definitely needed this video because I'm getting ready to order this adapter! By the way I don't think you should get rid of that Sony A330 camera. Maybe you can use it for some very interesting artistic photos. You may in fact be onto a unique look that makes for some great photos to sale. Just an old artists opinion who plays in a very wide range of different mediums of art.
    You can mount the lens, but there's no way to control the aperture, so you are either shooting wide or open or stopped all the way down, all the time.
    Thanks for the review! Very helpful.
    Nice review!
    really good - just what I needed to know thanks - love my old Nikkor lens - they are built like tanks and amazing quality
    Here after 7yrs
    Can I use it to mount Nikon Glass on the BMPCC 6K? It's got an EF Mount but just want to be sure.
    Good evening, for those who are wondering, we do not also adapt the Nikon lenses in version Q, I tried with the Fotodiox adapter ring, it works well. Very good evening
    Thanks a lot How is the auto focus?
    Hi, i want to use my old nikon nikkor 24-105 mm on my canon eos m6. I bought another adapter but wont focus. Please help which fotodiox or adapter would work.
    Thanks. You saved me the trouble of making a similar video. I'll be sharing with other astrophotographers. Nikkor lenses are great for astronomy photos. And the best astro-camera adapters take EOS lenses. So folks can use Nikkors or newer EOS lenses thanks to the adapter. (Note about the adapter: Some people panic that the adapter is permanently locked to their lens because they try to remove it counterclockwise, like the common "lefty-loosy, righty-tighty" proverb. Nikkors are "righty-releasy, lefty-locky". End of panic.)
    Can't you release that adaptar ? My problem
    Does thisnadapter auto focuw
    I'm pretty new to all of this, can I ask if I can go Cannon lens to Nikon also with a different lens adapter?
    Does it has also infinity? Because the distance insode the 2 brands has a different distance to the lenses.
    Great video most useful, simple and to the point :-)
    Love this adapter I've had for a few years and use it all the time, for video and IR photography on my Canon 5DII
    Hi. I have an urgent question: in a Tamron 18-270 the image stab (a.k.a. VC) will work using a 10 dollar adaptor? (I have Canon camera and I found a Tamron lens for vert good price.) I only worried about the image stab. The rest no trouble cause I make videos with manual focus. But the image stabilizer needs some voltage to get from the Canon's battery . Am I right? So does the very basic adaptor cover such support?
    I've fixed Nikon lens using the same adapter to the Canon body, but now, I'm not able to remove the lens. Please suggest what has to be done.
    This is great- thanks for all the info-I really appreciate it
    I've it on Nikon 85mm lens but the aperture is zero on camera ?
    Would this fit to my Tamron 70-300mm lens
    hi Do you have any adapter to mount Canon EF lenses to Nikon with autofocus capability
    Anyone tried the adapter with Irix stills lenses like their 11mm Firefly or 15mm?
    Привет! Завтра покупаю этот адаптер, есть смысл его покупать. Я не силён в английском
    Mine stained on the inside and I can't clean it
    Sony should've added the ND option for their LA-EA5 adapter. Sigma should've done the same for their MC-11 adapter.
    the glare/ funky bokeh balls maybe due to the reflective black paint in the inner barrel of the adapter, i think i have heard someone mentioning this issue, im not sure whether they fixed it in the newer ones
    Harv - what model # of K&F Concept Adapter are you using for full frame EF-full frame E (FE)? I can’t seem to get any support help on that.
    Always good reviews but why all this frickin' rock music in intros?
    I have had this product for about a year and I don't use it anymore because of the massive light leaks that come in when there is a lighting source on the sides of the adapter, I didn't like that at all because I like my videos to look really clean. The concept is great though, just that was the big problem for me.
    Fotodiox have a new adapter that supports autofocus now!
    is there one rf to ef one ?
    Perfecto - I'm only looking an adapter to match EF cine lenses to the A7S III - so what do I care about AF. I wonder if an EF cine lense will hold still with the K&M adapted or this when doing follow focus
    if you don't want tint, there is also an adapter made by apature released back in 2017 called the Apature VariND for e mount. it uses an eletronic variable nd like the fs5
    The lens aperture is not measured in T stops but on F stops,  you cannot assume exposure from F stops
    Harv, another excellent presentation-about a very helpful subject.  Man, you're making that A7sII look good nowadays. What's your secret? I could never make it look that good when I owned one. I have a few ideas to contribute if you don't mind, since I have used the Fotodiox throttle ND filters extensively, and even have a video on them my own negligible there's that.  But, regarding your presentation: begin, if you use fast lenses and need/want to shoot video with more open apertures the 2 stop start is actually an advantage for exclusive videos shooters-especially on bright, high contrast days.  Yes, for shutterbugs the two stop start has some negatives, but those are all but microscopic for us can be even turned into advantages. 2. Minimal color shifts and sharpness differences are,.well, minimal, easy to correct in post, again, with minimal angst. (Frankly, I was delighted to find these were so small for this product). Conclusion: IMHO: These niggling negatives are a small, even microscopic price to pay for all this facility and convenience. 3. The pro version of this filter you have just reviewed is really great, and the adjustment wheel is wonderful with a perfect resistance that allows for easy control of even tiny, incremental adjustments. The same can be said of adjustments of the less expensive version Fotodiox makes for the Fuji X mount (don't think it bears the name "Vizelex".The build quality is not as good, and it's often difficult to find the ND adjustment ring. I placed a textured covering over the filter adjustment wheel to help solve that. Improvisation. That's what we video people do. Fotodiox needs to make the better built version for Fuji-it would be a God-sent for the increasingly video-oriented and excellent Fuji line of cameras, especially the X-T4. In addition, people have been waiting a LONG time for them to pony up and make this adapter for the new Panasonic S series of full frame mirrorless. Those cameras are here to stay. Fotodiox: make it! 4. BIG PRO for the Vizelex throttle adapter: Normally, when you're out in the cruel world, with all its vicissitudes, and you want to change lenses, one of those most unwelcome of those vicissitudes is a sensor full of dust compliments of a gust of wind that villain Mother Nature throws at you. BIG PRO IMHO: mirrorless camera sensor never exposed-no matter how long you ponder over which lens to select next!-thus, once again thwarting Mother Nature-who, if you haven't noticed, is mostly spending her efforts trying to kill us.  Wunderbar for Fotodiox! *!  For Mother Nature: one out of five stars.*_ _ _ _. 5. Electronic issues from compatibility limitations are easily solved: shoot non-electronic lenses and shoot like a real film maker: fully manual and full MF.   IBIS makes it all possible and has opened up a world of useable, affordable lenses with real character-a wonderful gift from the past, existing in plentitude, affordable, and a welcome relief from the antiseptic, sterile quality of today's electronic lenses.suitable only for pixel peeking and pixel peekers. I have a wonderful set of Canon FD lenses in a wide variety of speeds and focal lengths that provide wonderful focus rings, most with butter smooth resistance and almost no focus breathing, and I have Fotodiox adapters for them for Fuji X, Nikon Z, and Sony E mount. So, want to buy a bunch of variable ND filters in a variety of sizes and a box full of step rings? I know of a man who has some for saleenquiring minds want to know. 6. The elimination of the hated "X" pattern.a dream come true. Fotodioxvielen Dank! That pattern has ruined so many good shots for me. I found even the Polar Pro Peter McKinnon variables, though void of the hated X, show some uneven darkening on the extreme end of the filter-not present in the Fotodiox. 7. The Canon filter is a brilliant idea. You say it's over priced for what it is? Really?!? From Canon!?! Overpriced for the feature!?!-from Canon? Want to see my shocked face It's not only over priced, it's horrible. The "focus wheel" is tiny, with almost no resistance-making it almost impossible to make fine adjustments. Sometimes it takes so much time to get the adjustment the way you want it you might as well just have put on a lens filter and be done with it. This filter is one of Canon's worst accessories-worse even than the terrible LCD viewer they mis-designed for the wonderful Canon XC-15. What I did with my Canon ND filter adapter? Rather than inflict it on some hapless Canon fan whatever.I seriously considered taking it into the back yard and shooting it repeatedly-the normal response we have to bad products here in Texas.  But then I thought: hey, it's a Canon fan boy-so who cares? Besides, it was slightly expensive as a target. There's you're probably thinking this is already too much. Thanks again for bringing attention to a really excellent product. Do you want it for your next Spielberg spectacular? Probably not. But, IMO, it's good enough for 98+% of what most of us do.
    I have a few points here but first of all, love the content as always and a great review, I was always curious about these types of adapters. 1) The EOS RF ND adapter doesn't even work if you pull out the insert, you lose focus completely because of the way the light hits that extra piece of glass, it changes the focus plane or something of that matter, so you MUST buy a regular adapter or that overpriced glass. I totally agree on that. 2) The best adapter by far is the MC11 by sigma, it's the only adapter I'm aware of that gives you full time AF-C even in video with native performance with all modern Sigma lenses e.g. ART line. You won't find an adapter to my knowledge that lets you AF-C in video with canon glass at all. 3) Although the Fotodiox and MC11 won't work with Canon EF-S glass due to the protruding rear element gasket (except the 17-55mm 2.8 as you can remove that gasket by hand), you can in fact use third party EF-S glass such as the Tamrons or the most popular Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 or my APSC weapon of choice. All in all, great video. I did just put in my preorder for the A7Siii, though it was painful I think it'll be worth it.
    I would've rather you adjusted the stops with ISO or shutter speed rather than with aperture since f-stop isn't necessarily a measurement of light. If you were using a lens with t-stop that would've been more accurate. As for the halo, it's just like you said. same happens when using a big step-up ring with an ND for example.
    Nice one Harv! I see that they even made one for the L mount. First of its kind! I may have to take a look at this
    I really like what your neon sign in the background does :D interesting gear review :)
    Oh and I don't mind the halo, two bohkes for the price of one ;) lol
    I have it and find it pretty useful. I have this and the glass less fotodiox adapter too. I use the glassless much more often but it's nice to have the vnd versión. I've heard of the missconection issues but never had them myself. I have tons o Canon ef lenses and its great to be able to use them with my sony cameras. Color shifting? Dunno, not that of an expert.

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