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Buy Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Colours: Brown
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Amazon Offers ₹32,801
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Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Features

  • Dial Color: Silver, Case Shape: Round, Dial Glass Material: Mineral
  • Band Color: Brown, Band Material: Leather
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter: 40 millimeters, Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters, Buckle Clasp
  • hybrid;
  • Key specs are not available.
Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Price in India is ₹32,801 at Amazon.
Buy Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch online at Amazon.
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Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Reviews from YouTube

Fossil Hybrid HR Review: The Undercover Smartwatch
Fossil HR Hybrid Smartwatch (Problems and Best Features 1 Month Later)
Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch (Review, Opinion And Thoughts)
Fossil Collider HR Hybrid Smartwatch Review 🔥
Or you can get a Huawei GT2 with high definition full color Amoled screen that also gives you 2 weeks battery.
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.Kisslovely!!!
Sold me. I’m about to go buy one.
i'm really interested in fossil gen 5 hr products. they seem to carry the beauty of a time piece with the functionality of flagship smart watch. I just ordered my carlyle and i can't wait till it arrives! i'm very interested to see the future of fossil smartwatches. this will be my first.
I got mine on sale for 50 dollars. I dont think i could do it for full price.
can you reply to text received?
How come I chang time of my fossil hybrid smartwatch hr. It automatically change time
Have one and I love it. I love the look of a classic timepiece and e ink is amazing. Battery life is incredible. My only complaint is that the step counter will often count step when im sitting down and gaming deu to my hand movement I also wish it had it contactless payment solution and gps, I would gladly pay 100+$ more for those features
What's the music in the video 😋😋
I'm not even interested in smart watches, but would love a traditional ana/digi 'non-smart' watch that looked this good.
Try garmin vivomove luxe
I saw this review more than three weeks ago from the time of this comment and bought one of the watches when it was on sale. While Fossil says it can last up to two weeks based on usage when it first came out, they must have made some improvements to battery life. I went from 100 to 21 percent in 16 days which is where it is at right now (again at the time of this posting). It would likely last a few more days, but a recent update to the watch with more features, watch faces, and customizations have me wondering if it will continue to last that long. Only time will tell. (Pun intended)
Lol I’m a total classic watch guy. Mechanical or automatic is what I’m interested in. I have a few quartz watches but even that feels weird to me😂 but this fossil actually appeals to me. It’s not half bad tbh. I probably won’t buy it but it seems like it does what it does well
MyKronoz ZeTime Original ONLY 👍👍👍
Wow this looks a lot better in person
Fossil watches are relatively cheap and very high quality. They are my favourites. Love fossil.
This and Aston Martin ♥️
OK, so I'm almost a year late on this, but let me give my 2 cents. I got this watch, and LOVED IT. Wore it everyday, but couldn't get to that 2 week battery life. Not a total deal-breaker. It was sleek, minimalistic, and just an all-around nice watch. The bad: I really wish it had a speaker, sometimes the vibration was very easily missed. That wasn't the only issue though. I had ordered it, and within a few weeks it started to develop moisture on the underside of the crystal. No big deal, I took it back to Fossil, and they swapped it out for me saying that they had never heard of that issue before. So I got my new-new watch and Lo and behold, the same thing happened. So long story short, I got a full refund on it. While it was a great watch with decent features, that moisture under the crystal issue was the deal-breaker for me. I've recently started looking on their website to see if they had hammered out said issue, and there are now SO MANY complaints about the same issue I had. My opinion: stay away, at least for now.
Just bought that Watch. The Notifications and Battery Life are exactly what I expected (I don't use Social Networks - so my Notifications are much less than watch MM probably experiences). And I find alot of improvementa have been made on the App. For those still unsatisfied with the App exists a modified version of said app from the Subreddit /r/FossilHybrids made by /u/coronafire. I have no complaints about the backlight activation, it is based on an accelerometer, that means one does not need to double tap the glass and get it greasy, instead you just need to tap a little more firmly on any part of the casing. I never felt it being unresponsive since. For the interface my only complaint is the inability to switch between presets created in the App directly on the watch. One can name the presets, why cant i then request those from the phone, on the watch.
4:30 smartwatch on the right??
Hey! I faced the same issue regarding the phone not always being in sync. But I fixed it! I went to my phone app settings and removed the option to battery optimize the fossil app and so far its always been in sync always!
hmm, Fist world problems....
The difference between rain and a showering is the temperature of the water. A hot shower is going to expand the gases inside the watch which may or may not compromise the integrity of the seals a little. Also, depending on the shower head and water pressure, you can get some pretty gnarly pressures from a shower. Great quality review though. This is probably the watch I'll be getting.
Who sleeps with their watch on wtf
I cant update my firmware... Its getting failed
Very helpful review. Thank you. 👍🏼
Has anyones screen become light grey.. ive had mine fixed, and stil turning grey a month later
Can we use stainless steel strap for this watch?
I am getting 4-5 months of battery on a single, full charge. With the latest update, it is possible to disable the HR monitor. I don't really use nor do I trust how accurate the HR monitor is for serious health monitoring so it's nice to be able to turn it off. Not to mention that with this off, I am using about 1% battery every 1-2 days.
Thank you so much for your video! I bought a collider hr.. I have a question.. When I try to customize the face of the watch, the small circles with the chosen attributes do not appear...Am I doing something wrong or does my watch not support this function? Thank you so much for your help!
Does anyone knows how to change the settings of the pulse measurement frequency? Can i change it to a consistent measurement like for garmin watches ?
The best thing about being left handed is that we don't hit the buttons on watches when we bend our wrists up.
Hi. Can I have this watch?
I have Fossil gen 4 it’s battery life is very poor , it drains quickly ......
Can you also get slack and Microsoft notification paired with iPhone?
2:20 there's something wrong with your watch
Hey brian please review after the april update...
I've had this watch for 4 months now and I love it! The only con is no quick replies to text. But once that is fixed, it'll be perfect!
Is it just me or the clock hands position are a little bit off when moving and getting in the 9-3 position? Is there a way to calibrate the hands? Thank you!
Oh crap, I almost thought I have found perfect smart watch for me... but this water resistance... taking a shower with it is not recommended...
I just want notifications with a nice looking watch, perfect for me.
I have fossil There is a watch but its little hook is not working
Would be perfect if it had a metronome as well as a heart rate monitor. Oh, and support for notifications from any app.
I am having fossil Q hybrid watch, the only thinknruins my mind is that it has limited amount of notifications to be saved.. I mean with 3 push buttons only 3 notifications
What are the music control capabilities other than volume, stop and start. Can you forward to the next song on your play list?
How does it changes songs
Hello, what model number this watch in video?
Good video! Thanks. It confirms my own opinion regarding these kind of watches. I was thinking to buy one in 2018 but fortunately I have dismissed the idea. Today I'm checking back to this reviews because I got one for Christmas hahaha..
Can someone please explain to me how to read the “steps” preset? When I have a watch button set to steps, it moves the watch hands but I can’t figure out how that translates. Today I had walked 7092 steps as per the app; but when I press the button, the watch hands move to 1o’clock? My goal is set as 10’000.
Hy there. I buy a fossil q hybrid and i didnt find the Q key in the box. From where can i but one??? Thx
😯THANK U FOR HELPING ME NOT MAKE AN EXPENSIVE Decision. u saved me fr wasting $180 😌 im keeping the smart watch for my son instead of the hybrid watch idea instead.
Can we answer phone call just like apple watch?
Imagine NFC on this thing 😍
Great watch but I wish fossil knew roman numeral because they got the 4 wrong
nice shanell.
Hi, where is this leather band for the apple watch in 0:40 from ?
Great review man. Can I ask a question? If you set a contact to a number. Will a WhatsApp message from that contact also cause the hands point to that number?
Does it only work when you use the app?
I would like to know how to use the commute button....?? How it all works and yeah.
Really batteries still?
2:55 Anyone got some notification anxiety? 🤣
So it registers false steps?.. cool, then I can do workouts while sleeping
This watch just looks perfect. I cant be bothered charging every day and hate seeing a blank screen. It looks really classy at have always loved the technology in kindles.
Hahaha jij bent Nederlands hè
Can you turn off all 4 display sectors?
Yes good video, I was thinking of getting one of these, but the killer for me was the 3atm. It's not waterproof enough, I won't leave a watch on the side of a pool for a swim, so it has to be swimming pool proof. A great shame, hopefully they've sorted the walking in your sleep issue also, as that's a concern for sure. Thanks for the info on this 👍 saved me £100+ as I love the design, just not the practicalities of it. Atb
Didn't change the background to a custom picture? Also, can respond to a phone call with canned messages.
My Smartwatch HR does send my Text Messages? How can I fix this problem? thx
Very helpful and well presented review, thank you.
Hey, Short Question: how does the collider HR Count the calories? I cant find a any Information about this
Can u unbox the xiaomi fimi palm pocket gimbel camera?
Can it beep every hour mate?
Heej Martijn, heb je ook getest hoe de slaapregistratie werkt? Ik ben heel benieuwd. Dank alvast, Agnes
How can I put it to rest when I'm not using it for a day or two?
1) Does the stopwatch go beyond 1 hour, e.g. up to 24hr? 2) Can you view the time while the stopwatch is running?
bruh the box looks a lot like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 box
Hi, i have problems with charging this watch, do you have any recommondations or ideas what i am doing wrong, is there a trick i doesn t know?
Would you recomend this to a Apple use, i like the design Way more than Apple watch and it Got the features i need
I was between this and the amazfit gts. I actually got the amazfit gts in the end. Great review as always! (This comment serves also as a verification)
Goeie review! Ik heb 2 Fossil smartwatches gehad en nu de Diesel Axial (ook uit de Fossil fabriek). 2591.

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