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Buy Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera online at Flipkart. IP/Network Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Colours: White
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Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Features

FOSCAM HT9873P OUTDOOR WATERPROOF H.264 1MP WIRED IP CAMERA- Keep an eye on your loved ones & belongings from anywhere,anytime. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowingthat your loved ones and personal belongings are safe and out of harm's way. HT9873P is remarkable for its 1MP video quality, easy setup with EZlink (PnP) and 100ft nightvision. Perfect for outdoor monitoring. You can use to monitor your house, watch your pets playing, defence convenience store surveillance, office security, etc. Stream live video and audio directly to your PC (Windows & Mac) or Smartphone (Iphone/Android).IR LIGHTS FOR NIGHT VISION UP TO 100FT- HT9873P has IR-LEDs to record video in total darkness up to 100 feet away. Automatically correct color cast problems during the day and enhance the brightness at night with IR-cut off filter which approved by RoHS.MOTION DETECTION ALARM VIA E-MAIL AND FTP- Automatically detect moving objects and trigger alarm. Send an alarm email to user and upload the pictures to FTP server when danger occured. Protect your love easily and effectively.SUPPORTS ONVIF FOR PERFECT COMPATIBILITY- As a member of ONVIF, Foscam is dedicated to the promotion and standardization of the global ONVIF agreement. HT9873P supports ONVIF protocol, which allows this camera to be compatible and easily

  • Color: White (Camera)
  • HD Support
  • 1 MP Image Resolution
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Night Vision
  • IP/Network
Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Colours:
  • White

The lowest Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Price in India is ₹4,250 at Flipkart.
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Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Specifications

Additional Features
IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision Range upto 30m
Weight 350 g
Brand Foscam
Built In Microphone No
Color White (Camera)
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC
Connectivity Ethernet
Focus Type Auto, Manual
Has Night Vision Yes
Key Features 1MP Display Resolution, P2P Feature, Easy Remote Access
Lens Type f: 4mm, F:1.2
Sales Package 1 FOSCAM HT9873P WIRED OUTDOOR HD CAMERA, Lan Cable, Power Adapter, Mounting Brackets, User Guide
System Requirements
Operating System Windows, MAC, Android, iOS
Video and Image
Frame Rate 30 fps
Is HD Yes
Sensor Type 1/3" CMOS
Still Image Sensor Resolution 1 MP
Video Sensor Resolution 720P
Covered in Warranty 1 Year warranty only when purchased from ifihomes
Not Covered in Warranty Does not cover mis-use or worng power connectivity
Warranty Service Type call/whatsapp setup support 8762273434
Warranty Summary 1 Year warranty only when purchased from ifihomes

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Foscam HT9873P Bullet IP Camera Reviews from YouTube

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Nice video! Does it offer FTP image sending?
can i ask how many minutes does it take to scan the qr?
Indeed the connection is very quick, it's a fine product. Nicely reviewed. Greetings from Las Vegas! New supporter #128K+🔔👍 Let's stay connected, thanks so much. I also joined your travels channel! 💖💖
I think I will stick with my Reolink :).
Thanks. Good video. We‘ll, you missed to highlight das the cam supports ONVIF
Which SD cards are compatible
I quite like the look of this camera. However, I would want to hard wire it to power over Ethernet and not use the WiFi. I will have to drill through my wall which is plasterboard then breeze block then the brick wall. It doesn’t look as though the cable is long enough. Also, can the cable be detached at the camera side? There are rather a lot of bits hanging off the cable. I don’t want to drill a massive hole in the wall. Any answers? Thanks.
Do I need to update my firmware if I am using Blue Iris IPCamera software to support this camera? I wouldn’t think so, but just don’t know.
so if the sd card is inside the cam, and i have these cameras screwed high up on building walls (with a ladder so would-be thieves can't just jump up and remove/steal them too) - say 3m high - then I'd have to be climbing up and down ladders every 2 weeks just to get my videos?? And what happens when the storage is full? Does the oldest footage get deleted to make room for the new footage; or does the camera stop recording altogether when it's full?? Can these cameras also be connected to a hidden dvr somewhere to give me easy access to my videos?  Most importantly, can all the recorded videos be constantly streamed to some kind of cloud service to ensure that a potential thief cannot find&steal the dvr & camera with the footage that would ID and incriminate him?
*_I really like this little camera>>>_****_ I have now owned it for about 2 years. I also own Arlo and Ring cameras. They are nice, but this one has been a little champ for me. Both the Arlo and Ring cameras are fixed whereas you can easily move this camera remotely to look around. I also love the fact that I don't have to pay a subscription fee. The quality is just as good as what I get with the other two cameras. It is less expensive, and it had been a champ and always just works! I would highly recommend this camera and company. I will be picking up another one or two shortly._*
that's a great camera and it works perfectly with my Xeoma software
and how do you rotate the camera horizontally to left and right? if you rotate the mount then you can't move the camera up and down
the internal UI is extremly slow!! even with network cable connection, I get lots of timeouts and it takes 5-10 seconds for each menu change. It's too expensive for such a low performance camera!
thanks for the video I have a Foscam myself, and I also use it with Xeoma software - makes it easier
It does work in Chrome, all you have to do is download the extension, and click the 3 vertical dots to the top right of the browser, click "More tools/Extensions", drag the downloaded extension file into the Extensions window, and restart Chrome.
Even though you broke the warranty sticker it's not void just to install an sd card. Also companies can't refuse warranty due to the stickers anyway.
Hi! I had a blue iris pc with 6/7 cams for the moment, I have integrated all the cam in my home assistant lovelace and it's all ok. Before Blue Iris I had integrated the same IP cam directly into home assistant via ffmpeg platform. In this "old" setup all the camera worked well also with the amazon firestick for the live streaming, with BI integration no :( does anyone know why?
How much Foscam pays you to say these sorts of things about them? And this is a serious question!
Help. I did not have any issue connectiing aFoscam F19900) Wifi outfoor camer via Ethernet and currently moved it to Wi-FI . Was fine indoors and moved it outdoor (I have pretty strong wi-fi due to a wifi extender). However the live streaming now is non-existent or has severe lag problems. What could have gone wrong? I have played with all the setting but live streaming is again no-existent. Any help or suggestion is much appreciated.
I am just watching this now. That connection for the Reset button is pretty standard. You don't really want the reset button on the camera itself. It would be a bit too obvious if someone wanted to be malicious. With it on the cabling, you can hide the reset button up with the other cables. Also, it keeps the camera completely water proof.
Can you bend the camera the other way around? I want to mount it to a ceiling and looking at the way it swivels I'm afraid my camera is going to be upside down. I know you can change this in the settings with having FOSCAM written upside down is not good for my OCD haha
have you tried besder china cheap cams ?
Thank you, this answered all my questions. Except, does it work with Google home hub?
Does this camera send still pictures to your email when motion is detected? I have a Foscam indoor camera that sends me an email of any motion alarms and I don't pay for or use the cloud service.
You are the best DR. BI tech support will not reply. You help me got it all working now!! Got my foscam into BI and got my Zmodo into HA. Many Many Thanks
i tried poe and it didnt work i do have a poe acess point and used it it goes to 72 volts wich was plenty and dose both poes. since i have a couple of blade servers i have been useing luxriot evo. havent tried blue iris yet.
You ever think of switching from mjpeg to generic for the camera platform? Thinking of doing it myself
DrZzs .... I got a question.... I see Foscam NVR with 1.0MP or 720p cameras for sale.... Can I change out the 720p cameras and replace the cameras with 2MP 1080p cameras from Foscam ??
Wait so outdoor cameras can also be used INDOORS??!?!
great video DrZzz! Did you install blue iris in your NUC with proxmox?
I believe I found this on foscams site and it supports poe
Can you try Blue Iris with Wyze Cam. Interested in doing several of those at home.
Another option to help reduce all the traffic hitting request from the cameras....i.e. both BlueIris and Home Assistant in your set up are both hitting the poor little camera hardware, perhaps if you point HA to BlueIris for video, this will then loosen the load on the poor little cameras. - platform: generic name: FrontDoorCam still_image_url: "http://blueIris_ip:port/image/camera_name" stream_source: "http://blueIris_ip:port/h264/camera_name/temp.m3u8" Let me know what you think, this really help me allocate resource better.
hi drzz I have a couple different knock off speed dome cameras with the same connections the usually work ok but nothing to get excited over unless you have a need for it. you can use a POE splitter that will turn almost all cameras in to POE here is an example
Those connections look familiar. The power, ethernet, and reset button are on the Wansview bullets.
For that money you could have purchased a good camera with POE. Unless it's just for giggles, I'd never go wifi

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