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Foscam FI9821W Webcam - Foscam :

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FOSCAM FI9828W Webcam Features

  • 3x Optical Zoom, 1280 x 960p display resolution, H.264 compression for smoother video and smaller files, wireless B/G/N compatible, IP66 weatherproof, PTZ outdoor camera
  • IR lights for night vision up to 8 meters, free Foscam DDNS service Embedded for customers with dynamic IP addresses, day/night surveillance, motion detection alarm via E-Mail and FTP, Optional Foscam cloud service available
  • Compatible with free Foscam iOS and android apps, supports IEEE 802.11n wireless connection, supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption, built-in Mic and speaker, audio jacks for external Mic and speakers
  • Plug-n-Play function and access through Foscam cloud App
FOSCAM FI9828W Webcam FOSCAM FI9828W Webcam Colours:
  • White

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FOSCAM FI9828W Webcam Specifications

Brand Foscam
Built In Microphone Yes

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thanks for the help daddy munanyo
I don’t know why, in Zoom I look with cold color: all white and greyDo you no the reason maybe?
I bought an upgraded version of their webcam for like 40 bucks last night. I don't need to worry about the microphone really since I'm using a blue yeti so hopefully it looks good
do you have any suggestions for a webcam or a cheap camera because im not satisfied with the camera that much
Thank you so much i almost bought this piece of ewaste
Nice review of the camera, both video and sound recorded so we can have better idea of what is going on. Thanks.
Thanks for that review. i wasn't sure if this cheap 1080p webcam was usable. Because of your video, I have now ordered it.
Just ordered on on prime day for like 20 bucks, haven’t gotten it yet. Watching your vid the video looks good but the audio is rough. not sure if I’ll keep it or not.
Could it be plugged in on a console ?
Got a Foscam W21but I can't get the microphone to work. Can receive and hear, my guests can see me, but can't hear me. Any ideas? Have a Dell P2317H screen, Intel NUC computer.
Thanks for the example!
Thanks for the example
Sorry but to me the Foscam looked even worse than the bad looking Macbook built in very washed out.
hello for some reason the webcam is giving me lower resolution at 480p and im confused as to why that is. I've been trying to find out how to up the resolution but I've gotten nowhere. Do you maybe know why that is?
Looks great! I wonder buy it
I whis to reset the camara butt it keep going back to the old inlog name en camara paswoord
What power supply did you use for the eyhernet? What are the voltage requirements,
Also can you use Ethernet cable?
Is this fully controllable with an iPhone? I have no computer.
Hi got this camera after watching the vid. It seems ok shame the zoom isnt a little stronger like some others which are x20. Found setting up the quality a bit difficult and the events that are over Wi-fi are pretty poor. My question is it has a card in the slot so I presume that just continuous record is separate from the software recordings. That bit i find confusing. I live really rural location and after a prowler need to put them everywhere. Just need to get the best quality I can. Thanks for posting some of the questions you’d featured in the vid. Thumbs up dude
That's a weird looking smiley boi.
So I just picked this foscam up (I have quite a few of the old ones) to replace an old outdoor foscam I had. Very easy new set up with these. Download the foscam app and scan QR code and you are all set. BUT how to I get the camera to record when motion is detected? I have a microSD card in it.
Hi! Thanks for the great video, Is the camara still working? And can you tell me or i need a recorder to save the videos for it? Or do you have a online cloud ? Thanks!
this is wifi only? no ethernet?
Was it just me or was the picture quality blurry.
Why wouldn't one use it with a Web interface or with an android app
How many mega pixel
Is there an app to view it
is it metai or plastic, thanks for posting
Mine does that also. I Ham radio friend says it is a 2.4 WiFi beacon.
Cuanto zoom tiene la camara llega a 800 ft y nitido la imagen gracias
Do you use the wifi, if so how reliable?
we prefer dahua, so easy and cheap: you can't get a screwdriver to screw the screws into the holes, what I actually used in the end was Coach Screws as I could tighten the moon with a spanner from the side
Pos. Wont pan any longer. A friend has one with same issue. Foscam qc has gone down.
*Buy now on Amazon (SALE 20% and Free Shipping): bought this last week, I look out in Zoom bad: very cold colors (white / grey). Do you know the reason?
No view of the quality. what is in your mind?
Yes too expensive
Thank you so much! Your video was very helpful.
Great review.havent mounted it yet but will mount so cam is tilted.great point. I am placing on 3” pvc pipe and using 100’ power outside cable, I plan to bury in a conduit split protect from critters snacking. I like the longer cables and plan to keep them accessible, I have indoor and outdoor foscams and have had to access the cables, old lady at 68 and I don’t want to be messing around with the cables.
Very very nice review. The only really helpful for the tech point of view. Yes the cable stuff is very annoying . still thinking how to solve it properly. Foscam should have built a better option to manage the cables That for me is a NO NO NO!
I want to install that camera outside and I also want to record it. my car is on the other side and is about 30 meters from my camera. How is the sound. I want to record noise from my neighbors because they are suspected of destroying my car.
Hello! I bought a Foscam F19928P to monitor the weather in my city, but I need to place it on its head, that is, with the lens up to appreciate the clouds and the sky. My question is: Can the rain damage the camera by being in that position?
just got mine a couple of days ago and it seems that i can't find a way to put the camera in recording mode continously (not only when motion and sound detected), i mean i want the camera to record continously and also store all videos onto the 32GB micro-sd card i've installed also. And it says that it register sounds also but it doesn't. So, couple of questions: 1. How to setup it to continously record 24/7? 2. How to save all videos on the SD card? 3. How do i connect my laptop to the camera when i want to download all video saved on the SD card? (knowing the camera is mounted on a 10 meters (33 feet) high pillar) 4. How about if I mount a modem and a router on site right where the camera stands on the pillar to also have internet access and view the site online from time to time but the mobile network drops dead or the electricity drops dead and after reboot there will be a totally new IP address allocated to the camera by the router and modem, how would i find my camera online again in this case? Please if you can answer in order it would be very much appreciated. Sorry for my bad English too :P Thanks.
Brilliant review, answered a lot of questions for me.
Great review. It was really helpful in assisting me to make a determination.
does anybody use this camera with NAS from Synology?
very nice video! Very usefull!
Very nice review. For cables, why not mount a dual gang electrical box. Add a blank cover with a waterproof gasket, and mount the camera to the blank cover. Put the cables in the box and they are out of the weather and out of sight.
I don't understand if the camera is "wireless" why all the cabling?
how far from the router will it work thanks.
do you have to use the cat 5 Ethernet cable or can you just hook up power and have it working thanks.
Looks like another cheaply made China product that probably wont survive too long in any harsh winter conditions. Does it have built in heater to regulate the internal temperature? Will the PTZ and zoom motor freeze in -30C? The cables danging out of the unit is simply ridiculous and that means one has to drill an EXTRA large hole on the mounting surface just to route the cables in. The antenna looks flimsy and poorly designed. IMO the only good camera from China is HIKVISION.
Great review! Could you verify for me that if this is placed on the back of the house (center) about 14 feet up, that it would have a view of the slider door and window entry points located on that same wall? I obviously want the view around the small backyard but want to cover the entry points of the house. Thanks!
I have one. Never again. The IR `s reflect back off the dome causing blurriness and worse. Worse been it looks like swarms of insects. Some so large it sets off the motion detector. This is in below zero weather and not insects folks. This is caused by cheap IR leds. Google it. The common fix is to turn off the internal IR and use a external illuminator. The trouble with this model is that if you turn off the IR in the cam you are also turning off the sensors ability to see IR making an external illuminator useless. I tried to get the dome off to mask the IRs but the the hood appears to be pressure fitted over the ring holding the dome. Pulled all the bolts and it still won`t budge. No help from Support on the issue and tough finding a support worker that speaks understandable english. Another minor bug is the antennae position is not adjustable. Straight up only which can effect your mounting options. You also need to get the cam up at least 14 feet to utilize it`s field of view. This is a camera for being up high looking down.
Thanks Hammie great review!
The live viewing from Foscam app, is it limited to 30 minutes free live viewing? Does this apply to all Foscam wifi security camera? I'm about to purchase the Foscam FI9803P. You have mentioned to me in the past, about another Foscam camera, that other apps can be used for these cameras, like Live Cam app.

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