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Buy FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam online at Flipkart Amazon. FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam Colours: White Black
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FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam Features

FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam Colours:
  • White
  • Black

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FOSCAM FI9826W Webcam Specifications

Depth 115.8 mm
Height 118.6 mm
Weight 500 g
Width 103.2 mm
Brand Foscam
Built In Microphone Yes
Category webcam
Color White
Compatible Devices PC
Connectivity Wireless
Has Night Vision Yes
Has Pan Yes
Has Tilt Yes
Key Features Embedded IR-Cut
Lens Type Glass Lens
Model Id FI9826W
Pan Angle 300 degree
Sales Package IP camera, software CD, LAN connector, Antenna, Wall mounting bracket, warranty cards & stickers
Tilt Angle 120 degree
System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Vista, 7, 8;Mac OS.iOS, Android
Video and Image
Frame Rate 30 fps
Is HD Yes
Sensor Type CMOS Sensor
Still Image Sensor Resolution 2 megapixel
Video Sensor Resolution 1.3 megapixel

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Foscam review and problems
thanks for the help daddy munanyo
I don’t know why, in Zoom I look with cold color: all white and greyDo you no the reason maybe?
I bought an upgraded version of their webcam for like 40 bucks last night. I don't need to worry about the microphone really since I'm using a blue yeti so hopefully it looks good
do you have any suggestions for a webcam or a cheap camera because im not satisfied with the camera that much
Thank you so much i almost bought this piece of ewaste
Nice review of the camera, both video and sound recorded so we can have better idea of what is going on. Thanks.
Thanks for that review. i wasn't sure if this cheap 1080p webcam was usable. Because of your video, I have now ordered it.
Just ordered on on prime day for like 20 bucks, haven’t gotten it yet. Watching your vid the video looks good but the audio is rough. not sure if I’ll keep it or not.
Could it be plugged in on a console ?
Got a Foscam W21but I can't get the microphone to work. Can receive and hear, my guests can see me, but can't hear me. Any ideas? Have a Dell P2317H screen, Intel NUC computer.
Thanks for the example!
Thanks for the example
Sorry but to me the Foscam looked even worse than the bad looking Macbook built in very washed out.
hello for some reason the webcam is giving me lower resolution at 480p and im confused as to why that is. I've been trying to find out how to up the resolution but I've gotten nowhere. Do you maybe know why that is?
Looks great! I wonder buy it
Foscam is great, I have one too! But I use it with my Xeoma video surveillance app - makes it easier
SD management works only when you are at LAN. Will be nice if can be accessible remotely. I have 32GB and I run off space quickly. So it will be nice if I could watch & delete videos remotely. Also the maximum capacity of the SD card is 32GB. That is a limitation. Wish the cam can support more like 128GB
Good review it allowed me to email Foscom about 2 things that you pointed out the IR light being on and the noise of the Zoom. They claim the "NEWER Camera's IR light is fixed and the Zoom has been fixed. I'll have to ask them about the sound quality have you gotten a "NEWER" version of the Camera since than?
Hi, i'm thinking about getting one of these to hang in the indoor sports center of my futsal team. So we can analyse our games. Does this camera record fast movement well enough without lagging? Thanks
Great review. I bought one camera to test out with Android. The set up was a bit of a pain. I stumbled on the wifi password for some reason, but i called the 800 customer number 2x. First time waited 10 mins, 2nd time no wait time. They remote into my PC and set me within 10 miins. I have a 30 day return cash back, so now I am ordering 4 cameras with NVR. The NVR allows for live stream when u are away from home.
Dude, thanks for the review, but what's with your kid being locked up like that?  Don't you think it's kind of like conditioning him and stifle his creativity?  I know it's off subject but just wanted to make that comment.  Also on the camera can you use the 2 way audio remotely or do you have to be on the same lan?
I've been thinking of getting one of these but from the videos i've seen the video can become quite choppy. Is that a common problem with IP cams?
This product is not supported by Firefox, after the last firmware not accessible by firefox with the included foscam-plugin. This problem is since APRIL THIS YEAR. Fucking support. Stupid answers. Useless product.
thanks mate.thinking of getting this model and hopefully everything is ok as per your feedback.
Hi dude. Many thanks for your youtube review. I found this very helpful. I recently purchased the Swann ADS-446 which is really bad. I decided to look closely at other options which led me to this film. The price in the UK has been reduced to £119, about $200 BONUS
Thanks for the info. I am looking for an IP camera now that does exactly as described in FI9826W. Questions I have: - what is the maximum micro SD card for this card, 32gb, 64gb? - so can you programme it to start recording if there is motion detected? For e.g. if you go on holiday and a robber enters the house. What happens if the robber disappears from the camera's view, does the camera stop recording after a certain time of no motion? - what happens when the SD card runs out of space? does it stop recording altogether and halts any future recording until the SD card is cleared / minimised in size? - I use a blackberry phone, can I still view the screen? Or will the product's software only be suitable for android and apple?
hi bro , thank for the review , I also just got one and everything is working fine except 1 thing ,, i could not get it to work over the internet ,,,,  can you please show me on how to set it up so i can view from my android phone from any where via internet . cheer
Hi thanks for the assessment on the foscam Do you think the 10W is the best one?
Hi. Nice video with pros and cons. Just few queries. What is the diffrence between FI9826W and Fi9826P. I understand p stand for p2p. So is it only scanning of QR code or something something got to do with remote viewing over internet. Secondly i would like to record motion detection on camera micro sd card but like you said using phone andriod app we can not see only motions recording. Cuz its hard to see 24x7 recording to find out any activity at set location. Any work around or any camera support this? Pls mail your reply also so that i can read on the go. Thanks in advance
I bought FI9831W. Had lots of issues. Plugins (browser) crash, have to wait for the web service in camera to respond for a long time to view the app to control it, and images weren't that solid in outdoor mode. After being fed up with so many issues returned the camera. Its been two months since return and the sluggish support process haven't even refunded me. They keep on mis-communicating and getting lagged in their dealings with customers. I would not ever look at FOSCAM again. Poor quality product, poor support. No good. :(
hi there I just got this camera and I already have the 931. The only problem I have with this camera is on the foscam app the picture is not clear. On my other camera the picture is clear on the app. Any suggestions on this. Both cameras are set on 960p. Thanks  
there are so many Foscam models for the consumer home security market what is the difference between the FI9831P and say the FI9826W? Secondly, what does the P and W represent? Finally, why Awkward Hamster? :) thank you again for your very informative videos.
would you by anychance be able to do a zoom comparison for the fi9831w digital zoom and the optical zoom on the fi9826w? i currently have a fi9831w and am looking to upgrade the camera but am unsure of how clear the zoom is and at what distance it is clear (if you had like a eye chart to test the zoom that would be cool too)
I would appreciate a video on the following tasks with an FI9826W.  I do not understand the user manual.  (1) recording to SD and playback (2) also recording to commercial offsite location (3) does recording continue if motion is constant (4) do i need to set alarm (5) how to set storage locations (6) send email when motion detected (7) format videos are saved on SD, on commercial site.  My goal is to set up recordings of any detected motion for so long as the motion lasts, and record to SD and cloud site simultaneously.  Wireless is already set up.  Your YouTubes are great.  Thanks.
Sorry but can this camera stream video as playback but not recording directly to a PC without the need to be connected through WIFI or CAT cable?
*Buy now on Amazon (SALE 20% and Free Shipping): bought this last week, I look out in Zoom bad: very cold colors (white / grey). Do you know the reason?
No view of the quality. what is in your mind?
My camera connected to my wireless at first.  I tried to update the firmware, and now it won't connect to the wireless network anymore.  It won't even find it.  I had high hopes for this, but now I am just frustrated.  Have you tried changing the PT settings to keep your camera from moving on it's own?
Try calling and speaking with Ahmed. I received a defective FI8905W and he sent me an email with a prepaid shipping label. I had a defective camera years ago and no problem exchanging it. I've since received cameras with no problems. I definitely wouldn't give up. Good luck!

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