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Buy Forme Venus V11 online at Flipkart. 4.0 inch Screen 128 MB RAM 128 GB ROM Dual SIM Forme Venus V11 Colours: Red Black
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Forme Venus V11 Features

  • 4.0 inch Screen
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 128 GB ROM
  • Dual SIM
Forme Venus V11 Colours:
  • Red
  • Black

The lowest Forme Venus V11 Price in India is ₹1,599 at Flipkart.
Buy Forme Venus V11 online at Flipkart.
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Forme Venus V11 Specifications

Capacity 1350 mAh
Fast Charging No
Type Li-ion
Flash No
Front camera (Primary) 0.3 MP resolution
Front camera setup Single
Rear camera (Primary) 0.3 MP resolution
Rear camera setup Single
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Infrared Yes
Network SIM1: 2GSIM2: 2G
SIM Configuration Dual SIM
USB microUSB 2.0
Height 4.88 inches (124 mm)
Thickness 0.47 inches (12 mm)
Width 2.68 inches (68 mm)
Display Type TFT
Pixel Density 144 pixels per inch (ppi)
Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Screen to body percentage 56.5 %
Size 4.0 inches (10.16 cms)
Touchscreen Yes
Graphics No
RAM 128 MB
Custom UI No
Audio Jack Yes, 3.5mm
Speaker Yes
Video Player Yes, Video Formats: MPEG4
Expandable Memory Yes, microSD, Up to 32 GB (Dedicated)
Internal Memory 128 MB
Battery Capacity 1350 mAh
Internal Memory 128 MB
Launch Date July 18, 2014
RAM 128 MB
Screen Size 4.0 inches (10.16 cms)

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Venus Optics 'Laowa' 11mm f/4.5 lens review with samples (Full-frame & APS-C)
Terraforming Venus Quickly? Fascinating, But impossible For At Least A Thousand Years!
VIVO V11 (VIVO V11i) Review: AFTER 3 MONTHS!
Mam the way you provide reviews with so much transparency is indeed commendable.I have seen so many YouTubers reviewing this product but they affirmatively suggested investing in this device but you on the other hand suggested us to take the usage criteria into account before thinking of investing in this expensive device.
Sab kam machine hi kar degi toh exercise kaise hogi?
what is the price of battery
Very helpful tnq luv u
Price : 54,900 rupees
Very expensive
Product good...but over priced..57000 is just too much
Can it be used to clean window channels , the grooves
In case any parts damage where should get that, is there any service centre in Bangalore,
Motorized attachment are not supposed to move backward.
Aapne pahle bhi liya tha vaccum cleaner phir kon saa ly plz btaaye
Very good dear
ye apne khud khareeda hai ya sponsord kara hai isko apne?
Price to batao mam
I want to buy this
It feels like an ad
Thanku very much.. very informative
You explained better than professional adverts
this cant be used to clean FAN blades and heavy dust. This will be used for light weight dust and need to clean on daily bases. I used use vacuum blower only to blow the dust from all corners and then we need to use broomstick to clean the dust.
price batay please
Voigtlander 10mm f5.6 is a beaut!
I have their 15mm ultra wide macro lens, and its fun.
Any chance you compare the 11mm + 14mm? (and 9mm) or did I miss that?
Do you think that the Laowa 10-18 performs better @11mm then the Laowa 11mm F4.5 ?
As usual a very nice review. Theres also a lens with an incredible 9mm, which covers approximately 135 degrees!
Too expensive for a "fun" lens - toy - without AF and with manual aperture. IMO.By the way, the vignetting. I could not find a lens design cross section diagram on Laowa website, but the video shows the back-end of the lens. This must be a classical Gaussian design. In a Gaussian, the back elements behind the nodal point (sort of) mirror the front elements in order to control chromatic aberration (CA). The projection to the sensor thus being a classical cone, gives an increasingly sharp angle of incidence towards the edges and corners of the sensor. And sensors cannot handle that. Leica solved this by having a glass layer across the sensor where each photosite has its own lens looking into the lens's projection cone at a sharper angle towards the edges and corners (cf. Fresnel lens and no cut the rings up into separate lenses). But the angles of the tiny lenses are a compromise for the average of Leica lenses this supports. It also means strange distortions when adapting a non-Leica lens that has retro-focus character.Other optics designers have solved inability to handle projection cones with new lens architectures that require many more elements to solve all the problems faced with today. A nice early example is the Zeiss 35mm on the compact FF fixed lens Sony R1, or recent designs in the Nikon Z/S series. These are much improved retro-focus lenses, by using more elements with a back-end that has an almost condenser effect. Many more elements than held possible in 1896 when Paul Rudolph designed the Planar 6 element in 4 groups planar design at Carl Zeiss - the Planar was a Gaussian and suffered from flare. Coated and slightly modified versions have been made by lens manufacturers for more than 100 years. But mirrorless cannot help reintroduce the Gaussian architecture - so far. Removal of the mirrorbox was not the end of retrofocus, but required improved versions of it in order to arrive at new performance levels.In short, performance of the Laowa along the lines of expectations and congratulations for not having stolen Leica's look and feel design language.
Im guessing the lens is not very planar in its design, explaining the weak corner performance. The vignette result especially shows what looks like out of focus corners. Didnt know the center performance was that strong though, impressive.
700 $, cool. 1079 in Germany: not cool. (Nikon Z Version)
That means this glass is not recommended:)
I have bought the full frame Laowa 10-18 f/4.5-5.6 FE lens designed for mirrorless lenses. It is not a cheap lens. It doesn't have a front filter thread and can't take directly any protective filter. With the 100mm external filter the advantage of small size is lost. The very bulbous front element can be easily scratched and that makes me very nervous and cautious. The lens isn't really sharp at corners even at f/8 but I am generally satisfied with it. I love ultra wide lenses and I was thinking of the full frame Voightlander 10 mm/1:5,6Hyper Wide Heliaraspherical designed for mirrorless cameras but neither this lens can accept any front filter.The full frame Laowa 9mm f/5.6 seems great but is designed for Leica m-mount cameras and it is well known that wide m-mount lenses have issues when adapted to any mirrorless camera except the Leica ones.The new full frame Laowa 11mm f/5.6 is designed for mirrorless lenses too and can take a 62mm front filter and that is fantastic. The difference between 11mm and 10mm looks negligible but with ultra wide lenses it isn't. However the use of filter and its sharpness make this lens very attractive to me and it will be in my future shopping list.
Now of Venus Optics would release lens correction profiles for all their lenses, that'd be great
Hi is the Leica version a M Mount or an L mount ?
Chris, any plans to review the Tamron 28-200mm?
why so expensive if it had a greater aperture then it would maybe worth the money.
Hi Chris, just wondering if you would be reviewing the Laowa 9mm F5.6 lens?
Canon RF 600mm & 800mm please
i wonder how the lens would perform on a Sony A7 with 24MP , lower MP then the A7R2 , but still fullframe ?
soo irix 11mm F4 better? (if dont care weight)
the question is: is it better than the Voigtlander 15mm?
I wonder why the corners of the distortion test charts are so fuzzy. They seem much fuzzier than in the sharpness test.
Hey guys! If you like the video, we would love for you to share it on social networks like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. You will greatly help the Insane Curiosity community to grow and improve more and more our upcoming content. A big thank you from all of us, And from Venus :)!
The only posible option is if a large body like Mars or at least Pluto rams into venus in the right direction and with the right velocity. It may increase its rotational speed, increase its tilt, get a magnetic field going and though out enough mass into space to reduce the total heat content of the planet. But I hope our own planet don't get impacted by all these
Venus is a better terraforming candidate for the gravity alone.
Teraforming venus has so much problems it will most likely be at least 500 years (probably more) in the future and way easyer to just construct huge space habitatsMaking venus rotate faster will probably give it an unstable rotation because of the lack of a moonGetting materials there would be challenging, but possible by contantly trowing materials to venus mined in atroid belt, moon, and mars and its moons.We maybe capable to do so in the far future, but I think chances are bigher we will live on space habits or in a digital world.
Could nuking away the excess Atmosphere Work
With lasers, direct a large comet to Venus. Crashing it an angle, to speed up Venus' rotation to make shorter days and thus creating a magnetosphere. The crash would leave behind the comets ice in the form of water vapor. This would take a few centuries off the terraforming procedure.
Orbital shade.....sure, no prob. We got that much time and energy......fix Earth.
i like the video but rebooting the planet takes a good long time of several decades if not a century
Doesn't this almost sound game like.Mission 1, CivilizeMission 2, Terraform Mars, venus,Mission 3, turn Jupiter into a star.Mission 4, so on and so on.
I would like to see a computer analysis of something. Venus rotates in the wrong direction and too slowly. Making it habitable requires a lot but first of all it needs a day around 24 hrs long. If there were satellites with large sails that unfurled, blocking some of the sunlight and in certain orbits, it's possible that could slowly impart the correct rotation to the planet. With the atmospheric acids and other toxins present, I think you have to plan a thousand years ahead, which is at least what you need to change the Venusian day. In that time a moon could be constructed, if that would be seen as necessary for planetary stability.Nothing could be done quickly on this, but making a new world liveable would be a monumentally important thing to do. In a thousand years, if we don't destroy ourselves, I could see us living on the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Venus - and maybe Earth if we don't kill it.
We can colonize venus if we become type 1,thw first step is to industrialized the space, mining asteroids, so we can build much larger space outpost, colony,
Jesus Christ n I will make Venus Livable for Human kind which you R already trying to steal credit. U make me sick. Jesus Christ should get all the Glory
Why not alter Mercury's orbit so it crashes into Venus, ala Thea into the early Earth. Hopefully most of Venus' atmosphere would be lost in the collision and the chemical reactions with the Mercurian metals would turn the rest of the CO2 into carbonates. It could even speed up Venus' slow rotation, give it a magnetic field, active volcanism and even the moon needed to provide tides and ocean currents to cycle nutrients.
Women would go to Venus & men mars . Lol
I wish i could be alive to see us terraform another planet.
462 deg Celsius. But it's a dry heat
Id bet a few sets of orbital and Lagrange mirrors would likely be the most practical way to simulate an Earth-like day/night cycle. But I wonder if we would ever have a way to speed up Venus rotation.
we would need very advanced quantum computers and ultra AI. so it would not be a human task but our AI task.
Find a way to block out all sunlight from Venus. Perhaps dropping the temperature might start a chain reaction where some gases would condense & liquify. The density of the atmosphere could be reduced if there was a way to cause most of it to fall as some kind of liquid.
exactly 6 years ago. On July 4, 2016 (on the ROUND 360th anniversary of the announcement of the Declaration of Independence of the United States), MARS unveiled the famous Balanced Rock in the Murray Buttes area - is it the Banner of Independence or a colonization permit?
Wow that was a great review thank you
vivo v11i. made in India .this is a low quality mobile. Not a good one. I purchased from Bigc collection store Kuwait. could not use mobile. I lost my money.
I love my vivo v11i its a nice
im a previous user of v5 lite before i upgraded to v11i, im quite dissapointed with the selfie camera it over exposes on outdoor shots and pictures are usually pale unlike the v5 lite selfies are superb! especially when you are using the beauty mode your skin looks like glass skin i love it! the saturation is quite good too plus it really removes your eye bags perfectly but with v11i im just dissapointed
V11i is different from v11
my phone have a problem detecting my fingerprint and now i cant unlock my phone with the fingerprint sensor anymore.. i tried to redo my finger print and nothing happens, it still can't detect my finger print. do you have any solution to it? thank you.
oh my.. i thought u were not from nepal.. ur so beautiful and ofcourse ur english is just flawless.. can we meet?
As long this phone can play mobile legends it's fine by me.
Beautiful baby are u from India?
Nice vDO
Hahaha Stop Comparing Note 9 S9 s10 plus Into another Phone Becuase its Funny Lol I am a Samsung lover Coming soon Note 10 and S11
See 1st time and .... quickly subscribe you, looking so sweet...and your voice classic....
Vivi v11 is something different some phones/mobiles yes or no...
mam last decision is yours but i suggest you to give some technology videos if you have extra time
No Super AMOLED screen
I bought this phone 3 mo onths ago... Theres only one issue i've observed... Everytime i use the bokeh mode, it crushes and exit to the homescreen with a loading icon running on the screen... It also consumes a lot or RAM leaving you less than 1 giga byte even after you reboot the phone, otherwise its a great phone with powerful camera... Any suggestions why it crushes guys?! Thanks...
I love this phone the drawback i found is..the display glass isnt not sure but i got a scratch even with average usage...then the UI i didnt like it much...but still..i like this phone a lot..espcially the killer cameras
How much does it costs ?
Plz upload pubg gameing test vivo v11I

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