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The lowest Forgecraft (Classic Reprint) Book Price in India is ₹1,651 at Amazon.
Buy Forgecraft (Classic Reprint) Book online at Amazon.
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Forgecraft (Classic Reprint) Book Reviews from YouTube

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My Tips on How To Avoid Buying Fake Books
may mga sellers sa shopee from China, tas ang mura ng mga books, are they pirated?
I agree with the paper. Nice naman books and prize. Really hoping mag last without tan ang paper
Ate, books review sa ALEGRIA BOYS SERIES baka naman hehehe.
Nabasa nyo na po yung wounded??? And btw, thank you poo. Pinapanood ko talaga book review nyo bago ako bumili ng book💕
Sana all may first print 🥺 Btw ang ganda mo ate 💗
hi po

Or purchase at Banner of Truth
One of the first works i got when i became Reformed 30 years ago, it is definitely worth the green, very readable for the layperson, you will find it helpful and a great resource. I also would recommend the Systematic Theology of Robert Reymond.
Lucky! I can't get a copy for love nor money in the UK
Reformation Heritage Books has it for $32.
Having read both, Robert L Redmond’s systematic is much better, much more readable than Berkhof. It’s also Presbyterian so that will make you all happy.
I love Berkhof’s ST. I have the old used copy with the intro. Really want to get this version now!
I will be getting right on that!! Thank you!!🙂
I'm slightly jealous! I'm in the UK and still waiting for this to come out!!
Brother Matthew, What is your favorite resource for learning to defend the covenant of works, original sin and the imputation of Adam's sin?
Very nice! Banner of Truth is awesome!
So you think get this over the original version for someone who’s never read Berkhof?
Oh~~~~ ohohoh my professor teached us by one of these~
Just got mine in the mail from banner yesterday!! My goal is to read it through by the new year..
Hi pastor Matt just had a quick question about theology books. I’m currently studying John macarthurs systematic theology book, and have in my library Calvin’s institutes, and a Puritan theology by Joel beeke (also truths we confess by RC sproul). My goal is to finish my book in about 4-6 months. And move to the next. How often are you reading systematic theology books? And how often should I be reading them. I also have my eyes on Wayne grudems second edition
I got it. Never read his work. Excited to read it.
Hi Matt. I have an excellent copy of his book, the expanded edition with a purple desk jacket cover. It has over 748 pages of text, (which is small). I found it on eBay for around $30.00. Should I buy the new edition you mentioned? Thank you.
Just got it in the mail a few days ago! About 40 pages in so far. Ready to soak up all the goodness.
Hey Matt... As an inquiry of another video with the "Resolved" t-shirt from the "Cassidy"(?) print site of Facebook... If you could find out about (and post) another means besides Facebook of ordering that shirt (whether or not Amazon, Etsy... or another means of contact— If they have the means of printing a shirt, there must be other extensions of ordering... and payment, etc. —I myself take Square, PayPal, check... It's pretty common). And through a principle of beneficial reciprocity, (a buck or two/per shirt) would "principially" be a 'righteous fortification' of both this channel and the spreading of the message— in addition to the return of financial perpetuity (parable of the talents)... The same as the fortificative benefit of your Amazon link in this very video of Berkhof's systematic. Quite honestly, Facebook is a dangerous "place" (demonstrably so)... It is yet another demonstration of Total Depravity. .....looking forward to getting this issue— ”Resolved!" ✝️
Got mine last week! Super excited to get into it
Let’s goooo
I have that amazing Spider-Man #1 and I just ordered a reprint of amazing Fantasy #15 but it’s not a Marvel milestone edition the only Marvel milestone editions I have is amazing Spider-Man #1 fantastic four #1 tales of suspense #39 the amazing fantasy #15 I ordered has that Black line around it like that Hulk #1 and the only Detective comics #27 I have is a new 52 reprint of it it Doesn’t have the original cover though it has a white and black background with part of the original cover showing and then Batman jumping out of it and I have a reprint of action comics #1 from loot crate
Jesus & Mary Chain playing in the background? Hell yeah.
may mga sellers sa shopee from China, tas ang mura ng mga books, are they pirated?
Posibleng itinago ang negative review to hide there bad image. .ng seller!!!
Kailangan imbestigahan lahat ng mga online bookstores. . kung puro genuine ba ang mga libro nila. .
Hello guys! I just want to inform you that as much as possible buy the original copy of the books you want. Respect the authors. It took them months or maybe years to write a book and publish it. They went through a lot. It's THEIR work. If you can't afford a new original copy, you can always look for secondhand books that can be bought for a cheap price. That's all fellow readers. Have a nice day y'all. Happy reading!! :)
thanks for this very informative video !! 😄
Hello ate how about yung isbn ng book? Kailangan bang tignan yung ate o hindi?
If you want to avoid having illegal reprints books, don't buy from Indonesia. Most of the books in shopee from Indonesia is an illegal reprints.
Hi! San po yung recommended ninyong local book stores na legit? May gusto po kase akong bilin na P800+ hardcover book. Sayang po kung fake lang pala. 😊
What's the store name? You said it it's from Indonesia
this is really saddening! if you can afford, just get your books from our local bookstores—worry free and you get to support our locals to keep their jobs.☺️
7:20 lord god yung hyperlink sa ToC hindi man lang tinanggal nung pinrint nila yung e-book 🔥😭🤣
I have this book but in original hb version and yup. Totally fake from the outside to inside.
11:45 "sad" ang cutiiiie mayoraaa hehe
Tip #3 po yung ginagawa ko
Hi ate 💖
sa ebook yan basta meron table of contents.
Hi Ate Matt! Good afternoon! 💜
So informative po ate ❣️

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