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Forge-Practice and Heat Treatment of Steel Book Reviews from YouTube

Heat Treatment -The Science of Forging (feat. Alec Steele)
Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels - Machinist Book Club
Heat Treatment Process II Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening & Tempering
Heat Treatment Of Steel ()
Superbly detailed info in such a short video. In 1969 only 7 of us 16 year old kids enrolled into a high school machine shop vocational course. It was morning till lunchtime for our junior and senior years. Within the junior year we made, for example, a screwdriver and a set of V blocks. Explanations of steel, carbon and alloy content, and heat treatment back then were terribly vague. But nonetheless by following the rudimentary instructions we managed to make tough quality tools. Obviously IF we could have had only this 11 minute video it wouldve been a huge AHA.
Excellent video. The heat treatment process is critical to the performance of any steel tool and you explained it very well.
Difficult to concentrate on you with the annoying background music.
I think Benavides will be a problem for canelo.
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I like knives.
awsome tnx for the most simple way to explain these topics keep up good work .
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4)The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18)
I'm gonna haveta watch this a few times as it is a lot to take in. most of this I kinda-sorta remember back in my Welding Tech classes I took in Jr College right outta high school 40 yrs ago; of which I still have my text books from
Im writing a thermo and metallurgy test on thursday, this is a valuable video thanks
I wish this video was conveniently available to watch when i was taking structures class in college. Succinct yet informative as always
DUDE! You have to be kidding me! . In 2020, when COVID.19 struck hard, we had distance learning in our high school ( koda Auto highschool btw), and we were learning with our teacher this exact thing, the heat treatment. And now imagine this: you have never-ever heard of anything like this, you have to learn it + its by distance learning, which makes it so much harder! And just now, I didscovered this video, which is as good as our learning from then, and maybe even better, because of how excellent its made and explained! You have my deepest respect for this! And also, I will try to show this to my teacher, and I believe he will agree too. If we knew about this video back in the 2020, we would learn so much better, and faster....
I recommend this to term 2 metallurgists
I have spent my career designing body and chassis parts for cars and trucks, including designing them to meet crash requirements.First, most of the information in this video is right and will hopefully be helpful to those who dont know.However, there were two incorrect statements I caught, one of which stopped me in my tracks. For one thing, the ways in which Pearlite (as well as all other phases and microstructures) affect strength are actually well understood if you talk to the right people.Secondly, and most egregiously, YOU CANNOT STIFFEN STEEL BY HEAT TREATING. This is demonstrably false, and is a fundamental tenant of designing anything out of steel. In fact, you cant appreciably change the stiffness of steel by any means. All you are doing is changing the strength, or the point at which the material yields. This makes the steel feel stiffer because it doesnt bend plastically as easily. However the Youngs modulus, or the load vs elastic deformation relationship as shown in your own tensile diagram, is the same regardless of heat treatment. Stiffness and strength are often confused.
Please tell us about microstructure such as martensite, carbide , reatined austenite etc
wow love the detail... anyone else feeling to play minecraft after watching? lol
Instead of using carbon for the mixture with iron why not use Diamond....Would be difficult thoughI bet the steel made from a diamond mixture would be a good thing
You could go wrong with it if you accidentally set it on fire.
Another good one Stuart ! Thanks !
Hi Stuart.I am taking the oportunity that you and YouTube offer me and thank you to all of you that give something for nothing..This little story I hope only support you and your chanel and all that you are saying.As a jewelry teacher in the USA I made alot of punches chisels,dies,etc using tool steel from the store and regardless of being O,W,A etc I used a regular gas torch to heat and water to quench.I anealed to straw color and I was right on the money for more than thirty years.Back in Spain I continued doing the same and the same degree of success,BUT I am doing machining now in my shop and yesterday I had a problem for the second time.I am machining a bolt from the store with my home made tool steel bit and the bit is waring off.HA! I decided to heat with a different torch and quench in cooking oil and no anealing.BINGO!Wright on the money again.It cuts fine.Thank you.
That looks like a good book to have . Cheers.
Stuart this is awesome. I've been asking this question and now I have the answer or can now find the answer. Thanks a million.
Another good book review!
Thanks Stuart ....bought the first book you recommended, you were spot on it was a great book even if a little dated. Keep up the great work I enjoy all of your videos
Thank you very much Stuart for this new Machinist Book Club. It adds a great feature to an already outstanding channel
Looks like a great reference. I have a few books on heat treating, but they don't lay it out as well as this book.
I used your affiliate link so if they dont give you your .30 cents you send them a nasty email
Come one man! ditch the book review!
Great book review! Thanks a bunch.
Sounds like a good book but you yanks are so strange, you produce most of the worlds porn films but you get embarrassed by the mention of tits. The word is not tid-bits but tit-bits, yes it is meant to rhyme.
Thanks for the book reviews Stuart. Just got the Machine Shop book a couple days ago in the mail. It`s just as awesome as your videos, much appreciated. Just ordered this book, it will be in Saturday. Any more suggestions are always welcome brother. Thanks for the vids, you are inspirational and hilarious.
Good suggestion for a read. Thanks, purchased a used copy. Great tip!
I've been looking for a good book on heat treatment for a few weeks now and your review sold it for me. Now I can expand my ability to produce scrap from the lathe and mill to the heat treat furnace!
I'm going to have to add this to my reading list!
Visit us for Free and Paid Courses www.qualityhubindia.comJoin us: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Telegram - - helpful video to understand concepts. Thanks for sharing
Jab material Hard hota hai tab decarb aata hai yaa nahi
Humko onli engine valveka tip tempar mashinen ki jankarihona
Pehle ya toh body samjha de yah toh metal samjha de....
Realy helpful
Nice explanation sir
sir,can please tell me in which industry this will use as Quality professional
Thank you Sir...
Very usefulThank you
This is probably the best video out there for this topic. To the point and easy to understand. Great work!!
Thank you sir
very coprehensive and informative
Tumhara dost Kaha ye dekheaha HogaBachho bolo bachho
Thnk uh sir.
Great explains sir
Good video
Thank you sir for your videos
10 marks question is very important
Well explained sir thanks
Thank you sir.
Very well explained
Thank you
Nice very nice
Can you explain vacuum hardening process.....
Love you brother please make more videos related you
How to calculate the carburizing cycke and temperature of the materials
Whats app group bi bana lo mechanical ki jobs ke liye
Tq ir
Bohot hrd sirr
Thank you sir
nice sir for internal structure of steel
Upper critical temperature kitna hota hai wo kitna hota hai ye jaroor bataye 800 degrees ya 900 de3kitna hota hai please wo indicate karen
Sir aap ye batayain ki carbon kum hota hai ti kitna kum hota hai jaise carbon. 001,or. 01,.02,kitna kum hota hai koi to limit hoga vo limit kum ya kitna kum hai koi range to hoga ye jaroor bataye digits me bataya jay to bahut achha rahega, please
Very nice sir
Sir, the way you tech is very good
Sir please make video on austempering and martempering of steels

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