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Flash Spark Hockey Stick Features

  • Full Composite, 60 Percent Carbon, 10 Percent Aramid and 30 Percent Fibreglass reinforced with Maxi shape
  • Anti Vibration Grip:: Hi-Soft P.U. Imported Grip
  • Spray Painted Finish Design
  • Careful blending and placement of Carbon Fibre, Aramid and Fibreglass creates a range of performance level
  • Ideal for Matches, training
Flash Spark Hockey Stick Flash Spark Hockey Stick Colours:
  • Green

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Flash Spark Hockey Stick Specifications

Body Features
Design Spray Painted Finish
Grip Anti Vibration Grip, Hi-Soft P.U. Imported Grip
Length 37 inch
Weight 400 g
Ideal For Senior
Type Hockey Stick
In the Box
Sales Package Single Stick

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Flash Spark Hockey Stick Reviews from YouTube

Flash Hockey Review | Field Hockey
Buying the RIGHT Hockey stick to best suit your game!
Blind Hockey Stick Kick Point Test ! - Does stick flex matter?
Can you review a stick from Y1 or Thurso next?
Hello sir, Hope you are doing well. i would like to discuss with you about the Field Hockey Sticks & Custom Apparels . we can dealing with all kind of Field Hockey Sticks. we are professional in Export all brand's hockey stick on cheap prices. please let me know if you have any questions to start the process. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. Regards: Branded Active Wears.
I have a problem with reverse sticking a ball. When I play a reverse stick i tend to lift the ball off the ground a few cm. How can I fix this
Great review. I am in the market for a new field hockey stick and I am definitely considering the Crown Pro after this review
IS IT TRASH IS BACK! What weird hockey product should I review next?
Jons face when Nasher hit top left tho
Я который русский
Я единственный Русский
Lie I found a 10 flex
Thank you from using the battle mode cus now I’m getting it and I’m excited to use it , I’m getting the 40 flex yellow
Do you like white tape or black tape I like black
I like nasher61
This vid was made 2 years ago but yet has less then 1k dislikes
i actually thought nasher would have bought the dinner lol
I am double a best team in league and I’m best on team so triple a better than them I’m really good
John is much better than Nasher he has been playing longer
Can I get that stick read one
I get in far enough into the video before the ad with Nasher saying "Last time on is it trash" and then the add just happened to be somebody trying to drag down a box of garbage bags at a store with a hockey stick. It was the funniest thing ever, besides baby Trump crying.
danggg my sister has a 5 flex lol
0:00 already crying
“I’ve never seen someone shoot that wide.” Cody Ceci: “hold my beer”
John is not to bad for 6 months
hope john gets better
I have only returned to playing hockey after 30 years. Can you please advise me on whether to go for a low or mid bow?
Im in 9th grade and ive been playing fh since 5th although i am still on a jv team my old wooden vijianti has started to kinda fall apart and i was wondering if maybe a ritual stick would be fine for my level, i like lifting and 3d skills so i dont necessarily like greys or stx sticks
wrong hockey bud
My height is 5'8 so what stick size will be best for me? I m buying it online, I have played before but I didn't measure the stick size so I have no clue.
JDH 2020 X93 Low Bow and JDH 2020 X79 Concave are two that I personally use and like a lot. Should add JDH to the stall! Really the best brand!
Ccm has two low kick point sticks ribcor and jetspeed
When Tommy said look at him cellying, because he’s never got to do it in a game before
Doesn’t matter the brand. What’s important is the performance. Priorities boys
Why is everyone shooting top cheese in this video
I can absolutely tell the difference between the Warrior covert and the dynasty at the same flex
Shouldn’t leave out Warrior
you should do it with all 3 ccm sticks
"I reckon assa."
Can you do a blind stick test on a lower price point stick compared to top of the line stick. For example the 2x compared to the ft2
Do we now know if the kick matters? Man the 3 of them aren‘t the brightest candles on the cake.
Great vids. I only have two taping a stick all the way down mess with the flex and the kick points? .again love the vids
do a test between ccm bauer and warrior any sticks from each company
Bruh just spray paint them. It’s to heavy with tape
I don't like any Bauer sticks. CCM all the way for the way I play.
It would be very interesting to use a radar gun to capture the shot speed of wrist shots, snap shots and slap shots using the different sticks in a blind test to see which truly offers the best performance for each shot type.
I would have liked to see a comparison of the puck velocity of each kick point doing slap shots. The slow moving stick handling through the legs, behind the back and flicking it top shelf at the goal line isn't much of a test. There were some wrist and snap shots in there but even those don't load the sticks as much as a slap shot so I'm still confused and need to watch another video to find out the information I came here for.
more of these please they are fun
If it was nixus, it'd be spelled nixus. But it's Nex us. Nexus
Do a ccm Bauer and warrior
Test helmet protection (top brands)

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