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Flash Rebel Hockey Stick Colours:
  • Yellow

Flash Rebel Hockey Stick Specifications

Body Features
Design Spray Painted Finish
Grip Anti Vibration Grip, Hi-Soft P.U. Imported Grip
Length 37 inch
Weight 400 g
Ideal For Senior
Type Hockey Stick
In the Box
Sales Package Single Stick

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You bet there is a perfect hockey photo; it can be seen hanging in many sports bars and hockey fans homes. It features one Mr. Robert Gordon Orr after scoring "The Goal" in the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals to win the Cup. It's raised more money for charity than any other sports photo. I just watched an English guy's video on taking hockey photos and they were kinda grainy and not as sharp...he is English talking about hockey... We agree on Syndy Criesby..... I have to take some sports action shots for a class I am taking so I will try your suggestions this upcoming week on the night my beer hockey league plays....before beer time of course.
Ayyy that’s faceoff circle
I think his skates need to be sharpened.
This must be when they were practicing, where are all the other players?
why would this hockey player want to buy this photo? This could be anybody in this costume. Good photo but why would someone buy this?
I have learned so much from you. This whole video makes sense. Awesome!
Hey Fro... Have you ever seen the Flyers win the Cup? Me neither! :)

Thanks for posting these videos dude. I am new to photography and using a D3200. I post car pics daily on Instagram and your tutorials have really helped me up my game.
Jared, may I ask how come you're shooting at 5000 ISO but there seem to be no noise in the image? Please respond to me. I'm shooting with the Sony Nex7 and the noise in the image become very obvious and disturbing start from the standard range of ISO 1600. Your image of the hockey player on the other hand, looks sharp and noiseless! How do you achieve that? Btw, your videos are great! Lovin' them as they are very helpful to me. Keep up with the good work!
i got some way better images using raw.Whats jpeg 1 and 2 mean?
nice shot
Right knee looks blown
Lol my 7D has terrible iso performance. I have to keep it below 1000 iso
Hey Fro, instead of having to say "in my opinion" after everything you say, have a disclaimer in the beginning of your video saying these are your personal opinion and not a fact, that might save you a lot of "in my opinion" like many TV shows do.
You know Crosby's the best.
2:35.... LOL! 
Why shoot in both RAW/JPG at the same time?
Thank you for this training video, it validates what I did the other day with my camera. You are great at teaching photography! Easy to understand.
I've found setting 2-1/3 to 2-2/3 exposure compensation and using Evaluative/Matrix metering off the ice (fill entire frame with ice) gives me a pretty good overall exposure setting... from that point you look at the histogram and adjust a bit.... typically, in good non-pro arenas, 1/800, [email protected] I find stopping down a bit from wide open 2.8 gives me a bit more depth when shooting action at the net.
any tattoo is stupid... just saying..
I have 2 tattoos one panther on my leg for my black cat who passed away with a paw print angel wings on the other side of my leg, and my other one on my arm a forest scene to remind me of my grandparents walking me through the forest when I was young.
I don't give a fuck pretty boy
Tekashi 6x9ine: ight imma head out
Kehlani left the chat
1st Neck and hand tattoos are hot 2nd barb wire and trible tattoos are cool 3rd why would you care what others think of your tattoos when the opinion that's the best is your own as you know what you want on your body but yes don't be impulsive BTW I'm a girl and this is just my opinion 😊
😂i can't believe i accidentally clicked one of this douchebags videos. Fuck out of my feed. Piece of shit.
I kept on replaying 1:02 lol
In short, don’t get tattoos. They ruin your body
I've seen doctors that have both of their arms covered in tattoos. I think they looked bad ass
I have 5 tattoos, love them all. With the exception of my first tattoo, every time I'm thinking of getting one I wait a month or two to see if I still want the thing, in case that I do I get it. I've backed out of doing two tattoos while doing this.
i think hand tattoos are beautiful
Bonus tip #2 Don’t get a tattoo
What a douchebag...
This dude hates post Malone 😂
Although you're right with many don't get it done right and it comes out looking off/distorted, As long as you go to a great artist that specializes in portrait realism. You'll have a piece that is almost identical to the reference picture used
my first tattoos were my hands.
That bee is my school logo
Who else came here to check alpha's most popular video?
Damn that’s crazy https://www.miamitattooartistgustavo.com