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Fitbit Sense Features

  • It Assess your heart for atrial fibrillation (Afib) with a compatible ECG app right on your wrist
  • Durable and Long lasting
  • Track and manage stress, better understand your sleep quality

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    Buy Fitbit Sense online at Croma Amazon.
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    Fitbit Sense Specifications

    Charging type via Cable
    Expected Life 6 Days
    Wireless Connectivity GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
    Display Screen
    Shape Rectangular
    Touchscreen Yes
    Features & Trackers
    Activity Trackers Yes, Active Minutes, Activity/Inactivity, Calories Intake/ burned, Distance, Exercise Intensity, Heart Rate, Hours Slept, Sleep quality, Steps
    Alarm Yes
    Durability Temperature proof,Water Resistant
    Music Player Yes
    Notifications Yes
    Sensors Accelerometer, ECG, Gyro, Light, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
    Stopwatch Yes
    Water resistant Water resistant Up to 50 metres
    Input & Output
    Speaker Yes

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    Fitbit Sense Watch Review | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!
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    Fitbit Sense Review | Smart Fitness Watch with ECG and SpO2 monitor to track fitness in 2020 |
    Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Fitbit Sense
    Whts the display on ur Fitbit
    Great review, thank you.Where did you get that watch face?Best
    Does the call feature work on iOS.?
    By far, one of the highest production value videos from a South African YouTuber! Awesome video quality, love the energy and the editing is on point! Kudos to you and Mike! The content is valuable as well - definitely subscribed.
    Will you be doing a review of the Fitbit Luxe? Id love to see that!!
    This watch is amazing
    Hi thanks for the content, spotify is the only music app that it can control? I have Youtube Music :S
    how visibility in sun?
    This looks more like a tv commercial.
    What an awesome video again Hayleigh well done, always informative and to the main points, tell me what phone were you using in the video please
    What's the name of the watch face? pliZ
    As someone with multiple heart conditions this could be the best watch for me
    This watch design is very feminine. Only reason imma stick to my charge 4 se until we get a more unisex design.
    Sleep pattern worse than mine.
    Very nice review I love it. I been searching for a good review about this specific watch because I want to get my best friend one and I was undecided until now. So great video @Haylsworld
    Good vid!
    This was a very biased review. Didn't mention any drawbacks or negatives of the watch. Seems like an advertisement especially since the first link in the description is a specialized link to buy the watch.
    is there anyone can tell me the name of watch face in this video?
    What is your phone?
    Is fitbit only use for Samsung
    I NEED this watch to have a multi sport function, is there a way to do it and I just don't see it? Specifically a duathlon, would I have to work around by pausing during the bike leg?
    very eloquent presentation and enjoyable to watch BUT it is bordering an informercial as some of the features (i.e EDA, stress, etc) of this watch are basically useless and confusing (you will spend time trying to understand the non-sense; the point? takes your time and adds frustration at something that has no value because it is inaccurate and gives false alerts). But Mike does not say anything about this and thus this video is not great based on its content.
    Hey bro i am confused between fitbit sense and galaxy watch 3 in India fitbut offers ECG while samsung doesnt and i own a S10plus device ! Please help out !
    If they upgraded the oxygen sensor and added fall detection it would be the perfect watch for me.
    Great review
    So it basically does what a $40 mi band does with "premium features" blocked. Lol
    Great review. Thanks! I am a long time iPhone user with the Apple Watch (Series 4). I'm thinking of making the switch over to Android with the newest Pixel and was hoping to find a comparable replacement for my Apple Watch. The Sense looks like it might be the closest thing. Thanks again for the great vid!
    You need to understand about the product before you can produce a review of any real use. You spent the first part of the video saying you wont go through all the sensors.. isnt that the whole point of a health watch review? You just didnt take the time to understand what you were reviewing. The info that you have given is generic and not much more useful than reading the specs off the back of the box. Its a shame that YouTube is full of eager YouTubers more concerned with just producing video content than something of any real substance. Reminds me of the Marvel films.. just a product for profit making and nothing creative or original!
    I know I'm late to the party, but I purchased this watch lazt night based off of yours and others reviews. Liked and sub'd
    Good review and advice
    A subpar HR sensor, named "Sense"
    Yeah but to get most that information you have to pay 10$ a month. Doesn't come with buying phone.
    Great video: Question i mainly want to know when I'm at the gym when I do cardio and weight training will it be able to tell my total calories burned in my 1.5 to 2 hour gym session? Without selecting what activities you are doing?As well would you be able to see and respond to say a whatsapp message from the watch?
    Don't rely on the "Nutrition Facts" in the app to monitor your sodium, fiber other micronutrients or macronutrients. They are based on one portion of each item you enter, no matter the quantity you choose. Sodium for 1 slice of bacon is the same for 50 slices of bacon in the "Nutrition Facts", it's pretty hard to track this when it is this inaccurate.Try it with the app, enter 1 slice of bacon and check the "Nutrient Facts", change the quantity of bacon to 50 slices and ercheck "Nutrient Facts". This has been an issue for at least 7 months and reporting it appears to be falling on deaf ears, even with screen shots. Maybe Google will take it more seriously than FITBIT did and fix the app.
    In apple watch u can't perform ECG due to location variation, is it possible to perform ECG despite of any area in Fitbit sense?
    The moment you said it tracks sleep to wake you up at the end of your sleep cycle, I confirmed the purchase order.Thanks man, I am NOT a fan of wearables because they ad too much information inundation (and we're all inundated enough) but something that helps with sleep would be very useful to anyone these days
    good walkthrough, lots of us like staying within our ecosystem. while the cost seems rather high, i'm interested in the sleep aspect of it. and i like many others HATE having to charge our smart devices within 24 hours or 48 hours. let alone wear at night for bed.
    The skin at 7:39
    I don't understand so is it in Egypt
    I had Fitbit versa 2. Fit bit versa 2 I can use sp 02 oxigen level thanks
    its 35k in amazon!! ripoff
    15 min wasted.
    Did you buy it in India? Or is bought from the US?
    Fitbit ki watches to log kahte hai ki badiya nahi hoti hai. Me fitbit sense watch lena cahe rha ho. Mujhe sahi betaye ki me ise lena sahi samjho ya nai
    Link provided doesn't have Warrenty. Sad.
    Can i get the 24hrs ecg graph with this?
    Please apna number send karo
    My Fitbit app not connect to
    SMS notification kidhar hai mein ne 2 days hua liya hu
    Very informative. Thanks for sharing
    Really informative review
    Nice review sir
    Definitely informative review
    Very nice and detailed review done
    buy Pulse Oximeter on Aliexpress from reputable sellers with a large volume of sales!! cost 260 UAH. (about) cost 160 UAH. (about) cost 175 UAH. (about)
    Very useful and helpful review
    Very good review..
    Very good review..
    Thanks for WATCH-ing (sorry, couldn't help it). Let me know which one you prefer and any questions in the comments below!
    I got the Sense at Target today for just $229. Plus i had $30 in Target rewards i claimed during checkout within their app. It's a pretty nice smartwatch for 200 bucks imo.
    In this segment there is always a sus thing !!!! You buy a good budget android and then a $300 smart watch that lags in many things, in the other hand you buy a $800 iPhone and $500 apple watch ( wallet hurts)!!!
    Can I leave my phone at home will I still get notifications/calls ?
    at 12.06 minutes, the fitbit watch is counting HR when laid down, next to the phone.....
    I own the fitbit sense and it has proven to be a massive disappointment. I will never buy another Fitbit again.
    Why were you wearing a mask while running outside. So weird.
    Hi Lexy, I had considered the Fitbit in the past but I finally decided on the Apple Watch. It will be here (Anaheim) by Friday. I appreciate your review, the comparisons, and the feature descriptions. Good video, thanks :-)
    Fitbit varsa 2 unlock with your phone
    Thanks for helping me by saving a lot of money. You made me sure that I don't buy any of these.
    Do both watches have weightlifting as workout option
    Ive had a different Fitbits over the years, I also used to own an Apple Watch S2 but ended up selling it as I upgraded to a Samsung phone. I really missed the Apple Watch and my latest Fitbit, the Versa Lite, is pretty average. Mainly the app, its so laggy and doesnt work properly half the time, so Ive just sold it and bought an Apple Watch S5. Honestly if Fitbit upgraded their app then they really could rival Apple. Shame really. Thats the main thing that lets Fitbit down.
    Streaming music on the apple watch is a joke. I have the 40mm SE with LTE and I have the Series 6 44MM with LTE. Streaming music to me is very laggy or it doesn't have a good connection. I could download a playlist but I have over 1,300 songs I listen to. We're only allowed to like 500 songs.
    Do you think these watches would also work if worn on the under side of the arm rather than the top side? Thanks.
    1 day battery life is a deal breaker on the Apple Watch. It means you'll put it on charge before bed probably, so it won't monitor sleep... The Fitbit OS could do with enhancement though. Ideally with full Android function like Apple Watch does with iPhone
    Im sorry but Fitbit wins for me. The fact that I would have to own a damn iPhone just to use an apple watch is a huge let down (not that I would own either cause im all Android) but at least the Sense can be used on any phone.
    Wearing a smart watch like numerous functions is a matter of stress. Not a simple life. So sad where we are headng to ? Peace
    Short Answer : the fitbit is a better health tracker but the apple is a better smart watch
    Sad that theres no real comments about the watches here:(
    Fitbit lasts just for 2 years as soon as warranty expires, they immediately send you a discount code to buy next watch

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