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Buy FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player online at Amazon Flipkart. FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Colours: Titanium
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FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Features

All-new exterior design, improved build, with metal finish changed from powdered to brushed.More compact and lightweight; smaller black borders around LCD.All-new independent amplification stage with analogue volume control, increasing audio resolution.All new digital audio architecture, utilizing dual crystal oscillators dedicated to multiples of 44.1 and 48kHz respectively (including 176.4kHz=4x44.1, 192kHz=4x48 and DSD64 and DSD128 (multiples of 44.1), handling all major sample rates without resampling artifacts and minimal jitter.Supporting hardware DSD decoding.Supporting CTIA-standard in-line earphone remotes (e.g. Apple, Samsung compatible earphones).Breakthrough power architecture design that utilizes different system voltages for low and high gain, allowing maximum flexibility between long endurance and high driving power in the same unit.All-new power management feature: auto standby mode allows player to remain in standby for weeks, ready to continue playing instantly.Coulomb meter for precise battery level readouts.

  • Display Size 2.4 inch
  • 10 Playback Time
  • Display: 2.0 inch TFT screen 320x240 pixels
  • Line Out: Standard 3.5mm port
  • Digital Out: Standard 3.5mm port
  • USB DAC: Supporting up to 24bit 192kHz and DSD
  • Headphone Port: Standard 3.5mm headphone port
  • Drive Ability: 16 to 150 ohms
  • Volume Control: 120 steps digital potentiometer
  • Equalizer: 10-band equalizer
FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Colours:
  • Titanium

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FiiO X5 256GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3
Audio Playback Time 10
Voice Recording No
Internet No
Depth 15.3 mm
Height 109 mm
Weight 165 g
Width 63.5 mm
Display Resolution 400x360
Display Size 2.4 inch
Display Type TFT LCD
AAC LC Audio Yes
Audio File Format MP3
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Brand FiiO
Color Black
Display Size 2.4 inch
Display Type TFT LCD
External Memory 256 GB
Model Id X5-2nd-Gen
Model Name High Res Digital
MP3 Audio Yes
Resolution 400x360
Sales Package 1 Audio Player
Series X Series
Supported File Formats WAV, WMA
Type MP3 Player
WMA Audio 96 kHz
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Audio Player
External Memory 256 GB
Memory Size NA
AAC LC Audio Yes
FM Tuner Yes
MP3 Audio Yes
Play Mode Shuffle, Repeating
Searching Methods All Songs, Album, Artist, Genre, Playlists
WMA Audio 96 kHz
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Recharge Time Approx. 3 hours
Recharging Method USB-based Charging
Video File Format WAV, WMA
Video Playback Time Above 10 hours

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Fiio is crap
Fiio is complete rubbish
Does it lag alot
Will it play videos, like MP4 as well as MP3?
watched the whole thing, still don't know a thing about the sound quality
The volume button problem is annoying. It's basic functionality like that which should be taken for granted. It shouldn't be a problem for such an expensive player. :O And a jog-wheel for all controls is mind-blowing. :P I really like the look of the FiioX# range but, egh, some of the design choices are ridiculous. Gonna look for a different player. Good review, thanks. When they get so much right it's very frustrating when they get very basic things wrong. ;/
i recently bought the sennheiser ie800.which player will be most suited for 2nd gen or x5 2nd gen
i have x3 1st getting x5 2nd gen will be huge improvement in sound quality?
Using the line out with the same amplifier , there are differences between x3ii and x5ii ?
Is there a search function on the X5ii? If i remember correctly on the first generation Fiio X5 there wasn't a function where you can search for a track individually.
Hi, I own a Fiio X5 old generation and it doesn't have an internal memory. Regards
may i know what the quality of sound when using as dac? are there as good as fiio e17kplease someone answer to thisthanks
Hi, I would like to know how this player compares to Sony NWZ-A15 in terms of sound quality. Any comments are appreciated!
will this be good to use as a mp for a car deck ?
Hi Sayantan, I am planing to buy RHA t20 IEMs, I am using HTC one M8 as my audio source with ATH M50x. Should I go for Fiio X3K (2nd Gen) DAP with RHA t20 or stick to M8. Please also recommend a better buy when compared to RHA t20 if there is any. Thanks in advance
Which out of the three do you recommend Fiio x3 gen 2nd generation or fiio x5 2nd gen or fiio x5
hey mate, have been using fiio x5 2nd gen paired with fiio E12a and with my seinheiser hd8, I love it and would highly recommend them, but I want to upgrade to a better Hi res player with Bluetooth[Please don't say Sony they are worst player on the market] let me know your opinion as I use my Hires player half-day in the gym with wireless headphone. thank u
Does it still have the 4000 song limit of the previous player? This was because the file system for SD cards was Fat32, which has a 4000 file limit. If so it's still useless to me.
so x7 would be good for my shure se846 and where and how much did u get sony zx2 from .please answer both questions
hey buddy.I have shure se this work with these.I am using note 4 currentlywill there be improvement or should I not buy
Lg v30 plus
and even after 3 years there's nothing better for music than an LG among smartphones. I think I might just get a good ext battery to help my g7 last through the day.
I am buying iPod classic 5 gen and LG v20. Still buying them when there is good deal. The reasons just easier to find parts and battery easily replaceable. and has a headphone jack If people use Bluetooth, in my opinion, it mostly depends on your headphones or the receiver device. The DAC is in your receiver (Headphone or speakers). I may be wrong. So, if you are using Bluetooth, I don't think it is very important of the devices/players as long as you have Bluetooth 4.0+ should be enough for FLAC or MP3. And the recent Snapdragon processer already have DAC included ( I know not good enough but most now day smartphone they don't have dedicated DAC because of this reason). I am not sure Snapdragon 835, but 855 has DAC built in. For most people, they really can't hear VBR 0 vs FLAC lossless. Most song music you cannot distinguish the difference. But some songs(music) you can hear the difference. And all the equipment your speakers or headphones can be factor. So Now day I mostly listen to VBR 0 which bitrate about 256kps, I think it is good enough for me. Unless some classic and music involve a lot instruments, I may listen to them in FLAC format. I have NAS and keep FLAC and mp3 from 192kps - VBR 0. 192kps was the old CD I rip 15 years ago and foolish me rip them around 160 - 192kps. Some of the CD I cannot find them anymore after moving like 3 times last 20 years oh well, I can go to thrift store try to find some of them back.
Bummer ! I have a S7 edge. I didnt realize it was so bad. I guess I'll need a dedicated hi-res player. Any suggestions on a good one that can stream audio cuz I download a lot of music from streaming.
So should I change from the s10 to the v20 for audio? Or have modern phones stepped up?
I got the lg v35 and sounds like shit compared to my Fiio x5
The winner is?
Did any one notice his shirt? Winchester!
ah yes, OK Go's Of The Blue Colour of The Sky. I love that album!
Alguien que hable en español que mr lo pueda resumir ?
I still have more than 150 inear/ over headphones in my collection. You name it, I have it. Also dozens of music players/ smartphones incl Onkyo, Marshall, LG v/g series n HTC etc. Again you name it, I have it. And now I tell you the best combination of all time. It's HTC M9 plus AIWA prodigy 1. Try it, I challenge that you will dump all of your stock for rest of your life, as I have done.
Can anyone suggest a dap for Bluetooth sennheiser true wireless? I'm using with oneplus 6T that has aptX but would like to get the most out of the earphones.
As of the moment. i'm watching it on my LG V50
Hi pocketnow. Suggest me a best amp for my iPhone. I want clear sound and bass. I don’t want to put more money on that.
Would these have any problem driving Sennheiser HD 700 headphones?
What can I use to plug my thumb drive or hard drive (500Gig of music on it) into that has a screen to scroll through to find music files in folders like a PC Does anyone make anything like that?
that phone is garbage gets hot, is lag, and screen brokes on many people, bad product.
Main problem with all these so called "modern" phones is their ridiculous sizes. And that point is missing in this review.
hello. Can you pair lg v20 with fiio q1 or other DAC usb like Ifi nano dsd? lg v20 needs Audio player Usb Pro?
have a fiio x3. its overated. V20 was better but unfortunately unrootable for most variation so cant install DSP like Viper4Android. My best phone for music was still A Note 2 rooted with Viper4Android coupled to a Fiio Aspen II
FiiO X5 2nd Gen Review is Live! Feel free to like/share if you enjoy :) *>*
Perfect review… I’ve had this for four years now and I love it the headphone jack broke and I send it to China and they fixed it for free all I had to do was pay for shipping
Update. I’ve had my Fiio player. This exact one for 3 and a half years now. I love it. I listen to music on my phone through Spotify and wireless earbuds and this player BLOWS that sound out of the water. I sent it to China for fixing and it sucked but they did fix the headphone jack for FREE
Were is this reviewer in 2019 I wanted to hear his thoughts about the airpod pros and other current Electronics.
Please Shanling m3s reviewww
I use this player with Chord MOJO DAC. Would it sound better with the newest Fiio X7 Markell?
don't forget the analog domain volume that is also interesting (pros and cons on digital or analog domain volumes).
Great review, just ordered mine. So for someone who listens to a very wide spectrum of different styles of music, including more bass and male "power vocals" (rap music especially), how would I go about tweaking the EQ to get some more umph in these cases? Thanks again!
Can it be used in normal mp3 player style or not?
Fm radio
Can play videos?
Problem with this DAP is that it only has a 10hr battery life. It'd be nice if it could last for say.36hrs? Maybe like ye old iPod?
Is it possible to load and access two 256 Gigabyte  micro Sd cards in both slots simultaneously?
Great video! Is it possible to load and access two 256 Gigabyte  micro Sd cards in both slots simultaneously?
Which one is better, this or the Sony Walkman NW A30? Can you review the NW A30?
excellent review
Hello. Is FiiO x5 2 2nd gen better than sony nw a30 series? perfect video by the way.
Aside from bass, can I play this extremely loud? & does it scroll really fast?
does spotify works
Will this device load my library which is on my Mac but not iTunes? I have a variety of file types but mostly MP3.
Nice presentation. Need help Two different dac with different frequency response help me to choose the better one. 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.25dB 10 Hz to 80 kHz, +0/‒3 dB Thanks in advance.
430 euro in my country,is that suppose to be fuc. cheap,or some medium price ?.The fuck,my fuck smartphone is cheaper than this if this is cheap,idk then who is enough idiot to pay even more for listening music.
Can you use this as a DAC ? Is it better than Dragonfly Cobalt ?
I wish they still made ipod touches
can you listen to this ofline? pls reply bc i want to bye this tysm
The bose soundsport free earbuds can connect easily with fiio x5?
Better than nokia n91?
links not working!
Can you create playlists with this device?
Will this work with raycon headphones or
thanks for the review. The comments on Amazon a outrageously negative. Will not buy
10 hours playback is just not enough.
Can I use Google music services on this? Like YT music, YouTube, Google Play?
I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD 700. Would this player have any problem driving these?
what is the latest version of android on this device now?
With a smile like that, you must be a sociopath.
Is that a MartinLogan in the background?
yaay fioo love
I agree that Fiio has great sound but the fucking worst customer service ever. Try getting a hold of them if something goes wrong. You CAN’T So go ahead and buy but if something is wrong you just lost all of your money
Great review

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