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Buy FiiO X3 128GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player online at Amazon.
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FiiO X3 128GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Colours:
  • Titanium

FiiO X3 128GB 2nd Generation MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, MP3 & MP2
Audio Playback Time 11 hr
Depth 16.1 mm
Height 96.7 mm
Weight 135 g
Width 57.7 mm
Display Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels
Display Size 2 inch
Display Type TFT LCD
Brand FiiO
Color Grey
Model Id X3 (2nd Gen)
Model Name High Res Lossless
Series X Series
Type MP3 Player
In the Box
Sales Package Usb Charging Data Cable, Digital Out To Coax Cable, 3 Different Patterned Sets Of Stickers (For Personalising Your X3ii) – Wood Grain, Carbon And Usa, A Foldout Warranty Card, Fiio X3ii Quick Start Guide
External Memory 128 GB
Memory Size 8 GB
FM Tuner Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion

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There is no review here!
Is this a quick review or a slow unboxing? 😒
really boring
Dear Mr Guy IMHO This is without any shadow of doubt the worst review I have ever seen. FiiO should pay you to remove it.
Seems like a review for deaf people..really boring
good job
Do you think this will fit a classic belt clip case? I can't believe that they make a "portable " DAP with easy to use controls and don't make a case that can attach to your belt. Makes it not very portable. Frustrating I'll be sticking with my rockbox iPod until there's something to be able to use in a high mobility experience.
I have a question: How would this device sound with a Beyerdynamic T70p headphone?? I own a Sony walkman NWZ A17 player and I'm looking forward to change it for a Fio X1 or X3
Hi, I am currently looking to update my dac from my old Ipod classic to a better Dac. The models I am looking into are the Hifiman HM-700, the IBASSO DX50, the FIIO X3 2nd gen ass well as the FIIO X5 2nd gen. I was wondering if you have had a chance to get to now some of these DAC's and if you would give me some kind of advice as to whitch one bears your preferation. I would like to pair my chosen DAC with my FIIO E12 Mont Blanc. The headphones I will be using most of the time are a: Sennheiser HD 700 and a Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (80 ohms version). Thank you for any feedback. Kind regards. (Other people with any experience with the devices as mentioned above are more than welcome to comment on this threat).
Fiio is crap
Fiio is complete rubbish
Does it lag alot!!
Will it play videos, like MP4 as well as MP3?
watched the whole thing, still don't know a thing about the sound quality
The volume button problem is annoying. It's basic functionality like that which should be taken for granted. It shouldn't be a problem for such an expensive player. :O And a jog-wheel for all controls is mind-blowing. :P I really like the look of the FiioX# range but, egh, some of the design choices are ridiculous. Gonna look for a different player. Good review, thanks. When they get so much right it's very frustrating when they get very basic things wrong. ;/
i recently bought the sennheiser ie800...which player will be most suited for it...xe 2nd gen or x5 2nd gen
i have x3 1st gen...will getting x5 2nd gen will be huge improvement in sound quality?
Using the line out with the same amplifier , there are differences between x3ii and x5ii ?
Is there a search function on the X5ii? If i remember correctly on the first generation Fiio X5 there wasn't a function where you can search for a track individually.
Hi, I own a Fiio X5 old generation and it doesn't have an internal memory. Regards
may i know what the quality of sound when using as dac? are there as good as fiio e17k..please someone answer to this..thanks
Hi, I would like to know how this player compares to Sony NWZ-A15 in terms of sound quality. Any comments are appreciated!
will this be good to use as a mp for a car deck ?
Hi Sayantan, I am planing to buy RHA t20 IEMs, I am using HTC one M8 as my audio source with ATH M50x. Should I go for Fiio X3K (2nd Gen) DAP with RHA t20 or stick to M8. Please also recommend a better buy when compared to RHA t20 if there is any. Thanks in advance
Which out of the three do you recommend Fiio x3 gen 2nd generation or fiio x5 2nd gen or fiio x5??
hey mate, have been using fiio x5 2nd gen paired with fiio E12a and with my seinheiser hd8, I love it and would highly recommend them, but I want to upgrade to a better Hi res player with Bluetooth[Please don't say Sony they are worst player on the market] let me know your opinion as I use my Hires player half-day in the gym with wireless headphone. thank u
Does it still have the 4000 song limit of the previous player? This was because the file system for SD cards was Fat32, which has a 4000 file limit. If so it's still useless to me.
so x7 would be good for my shure se846?? and where and how much did u get sony zx2 from ...please answer both questions
hey buddy...I have shure se 846...will this work with these...I am using note 4 currently....will there be improvement or should I not buy
Finally someone capable of reviewing portable audio, unlike the losers who keep comparing dap's with their iphones! Good job.
1st of all when it comes to DSD it will depend on the version there are 4 to 5 versions 64,128,256,& 512
I have Jerry Harvey Michelle's and soon want to get the Astell & Kern 70 player wipes all these out😂
I knew that SONY sounded much better than others, and I thought that Fiio will probably sound a little bit better that it is.
you might point out that the sony costs 6 or 7 times what the fiio costs
DSD on DAP's it's just a gimmick...
Can you please help make a decision. which one to buy, The fiio X1 2nd generation or the Sony walkman A15? (especially for wireless listening)
what hearphones is he using?
what happened you didn't play back anything in the comparison?
How compared the line out with Fiio x5ii using the same headphone amp?
cool review, thanks. can you do a FLAC playback review? maybe 16/44, 24/44 and 24/192 if you really want to get into some details.
wtf the sony is $1,300.. I could buy a strat and a tube amp for that and just hear everything live everyday. It better come with daily BJs from a <6/10 woman for $1,300.
Sorry I keep hearing Porno player.
would have been nice if you had used an X5, as that would have been more fair.
maybe you can lineout to speaker =) like that we all can hear! wahhaha... XD
Hi I have many questions regarding the Sony zx2. I'm looking for a player that I can use tidal application on. So I was thinking about the Sony zx2 or the fiio x7 which will be released this summer. What do you think about the zx2. Is the slow response bothering you? The Pono player has a model that run a on android have you tried it? Do you recommend that I should purchase the Sony pha 3 portable amp along the zx2. I use 1964 ears v6 stage. And denon ah-d 600.
Great review man!
how you compare Fiio X3 original with X3 second generation
A blind test would be nice because of the neutrality,the Sony is almost 6x more expensive and it is human to pick this up as the best, it sure have more features such as Wlan, but again listening only would do the trick.
thanks for this vid! i'm really debating which of these three players to get, i wish there was a good source that compared all parameters of these three (ie. price, storage capacity, playback specs, dac, etc)... do you know of anywhere?