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FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid in-Ear Monitors with Mic and ...

The F9 PRO utilizes a hybrid design in which each channel is composed of one dynamic and two balanced armature (BA) drivers. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is ...


FiiO F9 PRO Triple Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 2 Knowles BA) In-Ear ...

Buy FiiO F9 PRO Triple Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 2 Knowles BA) In-Ear Monitors Wired Headset for Rs. Online, Also get FiiO F9 PRO Triple Driver Hybrid (1 ...

GO TO STORE reviews: FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid in-Ear ...

Sound was coming thru only right driver and left driver was dead. Tried using balanced and un-balanced cables but no luck, no sound from left earphone. Have ...


FiiO F9 PRO In the Ear Headset Features

  • In-the-ear Headset
FiiO F9 PRO In the Ear Headset Colours:
  • Black
  • Titanium
  • Silver

The lowest FiiO F9 PRO In the Ear Headset Price in India is ₹11,003 at Snapdeal.
Buy FiiO F9 PRO In the Ear Headset online at Snapdeal Flipkart.
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FiiO F9 PRO In the Ear Headset Specifications

Cord Length 1.2 m
Weight 3.76 g
Color Titanium
Connectivity Wired
Headphone Type Over the Ear
Inline Remote Yes
Model Name F9 PRO Triple Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 2 Knowles BA) In-Ear Monitors
Sales Package Earphones x 1, Carrying case x 1, Silicone ear tips x 6 pairs, Warranty card x 1, Quick start guide x 1
Product Details
Carrier Frequency 15Hz ~ 40kHz
Connector Plating Gold Plated
Connector Size 3.5 mm
Deep Bass Yes
Driver Type Dynamic
Foldable/Collapsible Yes
Monaural No
Open/Closed Back Closed Back
Other Features Three drivers: one 9.2mm dynamic driver specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows and two Knowles balanced armature TWFK-30017-000 to give the F9 Pro immense capabilities in resolving every last detail., Detachable cable design with MMCX connectors, supplied with both a single-ended audio cable with in-line microphone and control, and a 2.5mm balanced cable. Both cables are with L-shaped plug; with red& blue metal rings on the MMCX connectors, Over-the-ear wearing for an enjoyable experience
Series F9 Triple Driver Series
Sweat Proof No
Water Resistant No
With Microphone Yes
Sound Features
Impedance 28 ohm
Maximum Frequency Response 40000 Hz
Sensitivity 106 dBmW

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Over the ear?
I just received this item today, I'm very new to IEMs though I've used many earbuds including many premium wireless buds. I was a little skeptical about the effect that tips can have on sound. These IEMs cured me of that skepticism. These come with a set of clear grey tips and a set of black tips in various sizes. The grey tips have a large bore, I used them first and felt instant buyers regret, They sounded so bright that I was having to concentrate hard to hear bass guitar in some of my favourite Slift songs. I had a vague memory of being told that a smaller bore gets more bass. I swapped to the black tips which completely changed the sound. Bass is now clearly present, defined but not overpowering, I hate buds with overpowering booming bass. The sound is warmer and very much to my liking. I'm pleased with them but will be looking out for more tips in case I lose these.
How much different are PROs? I have F9Pro on hand for about 130Euros, and it will be my first meet with IEMs. Should I go for it? I want to pair it with Fiio Q1Mk2.
I got the F9 Pro a year ago. Really neutral sounding and not sibilant but the bass does have a slight roll off...
I just got it for 60$ on eBay
Great build and package but ruined by a some wacky Sound to me.. Very sharp and detailed on the upper high, nice impact on the bass but quite disconnected in the mid frequencies. Very V-shaped one would say. A Fatiguing Sound due to the lack of presence in the mids and imposing treble and there is nothing an EQ can do since any modification on it reveal the lack of resolution coming from the Bass focused dynamic driver. Is like both tech are focused on the opposite extreme of the frequencies. The Monoprice M300 despite sounding muddy have more control and coherence on the overall spectrum. Thanks to my previous Q-Jays (dual BA drivers) as sound reference I was able to spot the weirdness coming from this hybrid tech. The Tin T2 are also better in sound (2 Dynamic drivers with a neutral-relaxed signature) than the Fiio F9 despite selling at 1/3 the price!
I recently got the F9 Pros and sent back my Westone Um 30’s which were about double the price These sound better for me as a bass player
Should have reviewed the pro.
You need an FH-5 review, I'd be happy to send you my pair for review if interested.
You like the cold!?! Get out!
how would you rate the as10 ? some say they sound like sh*t but i kinda like the sound sig. also have some better IEMS like se425, TE05, Byron BTA, Klipshc R6 , ath-e50/e40. i was surprised how could the as10 for ~50$. Plus the fit is decent to unlike the ath which i sold.
Would you recommend these for more instrumental and dubstep focused music?
fh1 or f9 ??
Every review talks about the sibilance, but many superb IEMs like the VSonic GR07 also have this trait. I ordered the Fiio F9 SE as a relatively inexpensive way to test the fit and sound signature. I figure I can extend the life of my slightly delicate RE400 with the F9, and if they pair well with my Shanling M0 and are comfortable, I'll pick up the F9 Pro.
Great video, but more impressive are the Fiio's F9 pro, hope you can comment on these
Should I get this or 1more Triple Driver (overall quality and performance) ?
at 8:49 you meant "Mee Pinnacle P1" or metaphorical pinnacle? hah
I'll be buying a new pair of headphones/earphones soon. Ll be my first real upgrade from my cheap soundmagic earplugs. These are my choices ..... Audio technica m40x, beyerdynamic dt 990 pro, fiio fh5, shure se215. Please suggest whch would be better for overall audio quality.
I really hoped you'd test the fiio f9 pro, they controlled the sibilance while maintaining the same essence. Keep making these great videos
I have been using it for a few days and yes, the big design of that thing where you mount the eartips is quite uncomfortable. Usually use the Medium Eartips, but for this iems, I had to move down to the Small size. Now I’m using the flange eartips and I think those are the best option.
Get the detachable variant. The cables for mine broke too quickly.
How would you say these compare to the pinnacle p1s? I like the p1s overall sound, but i personally feel like they could use some punchier bass, do you think these would suffice??
this or 1more quad driver?
Can you send me a link to the review?
what an unboxing this would have been. fiio does great packaging. still waiting on the dd can review, as always big fan of your style and opinions
Wish I could listen to mine. The right one was bad out of the box!
Which sounds better compared to Sony mdr 7550
What are the best bass headphones around $100 in your opinion? I already have a Fiio E12 amplifier.
Can u give me the link from where we can purchase that because on Amazon this product still not available?
How much are these?
love your channel man. keep it up
Nice! Bro if you have time maybe you can do a comparison of the ve iems and f9 pro? I'm a fan of Lee BTW :)
What is the link to your new web site? Thanks for all that you do!
I was only looking at these yesterday and was thinking if you were going to review them and like base but I'm not a base head and this might sound strange but I don't equalise I can't be done with all that messing around
I can tell you're a neat freak these camera edits and everything is laid out all tidy.
I bought these today and I'm very pleased with them. I've had them in my horrible ears for 6hrs with no discomfort. I was alarmed at first when I used the clear grey tips with the large bore the sound was way too bright for me, the quality was good, no distortion but so bright that I had to really concentrate to pick out the bass guitar in a song. I was skeptical of claims that tips can make a big difference to the sound of an IEM or earbud but no longer. I changed to the black tips with the smaller bore and was very surprised at what a huge difference the tips made. I don't like an overpowering, booming bass and these don't have that, instead it is punchy and well defined and sounds like the band actually sounds. I chose these out of the multitude because its a brand I know and like and it comes with a balanced cable and 2.5mm plug, I wanted to find out if balanced makes any difference to my ear. It certainly does, I plugged it into a Fiio BTR3K bluetooth amp/DAC and I get significantly more volume and there is a difference to the sound I struggle to describe but I like it. The whole product seems very well made and robust, it comes with a very sturdy little hardcase and an additional cable with mic and 3.5mm plug and some tips. I paid £90 at a UK store and after using them it seems like a great deal.
all the way down to 15hz ? you have some mad hearing capabilities. Humans hear to 20hz max. Speakers that go down to 15 hz are made so the -3db cutoff point of the lower end of the spectrum is first of all lower, and as a result sharper, because the cutoff curve is out of the human hearing range (and quite frankly most producers also put a LPF at 30-50 hz on their tracks for good measure so there isn't anything going on that low anyway. Don't know about cinema-sound though, but i would guess even there you try to get rid of uncontrolled! LF-Noise)
wow she is beautiful.
can you lay flat on a surface like the shure SE215 earphones with the fiio f9's?
Bought a pair of Beyerdynamic iDX 200ie from you guys yesterday, got it on sale and can’t wait to get them. Awesome video btw
Good review, but will never buy any chinese product. Only American and German if I want a new headphone.
Hi beautiful
They are good, but I also have Shure se215, and I prefer shure. Fiio are a little more detailed and have better treble, but in mids and lows Shure se215 is better, specially in mids. IMO, Shure is a little more neutral sound, but booth are good earphones. Fiio F9: highs: Very good / mids: average / lows: good Shure se215: Highs: average / mids: very good / lows: good
Try the f9 pro ,they are even better I hear. ,and even the cheaper variant brainwavz b150.

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