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Field Manual FM 3-09 Fire Support and Field Artillery Operations April 2020 Book Reviews from YouTube

155mm Field Howitzer 77B: The Bofors Gun
The Game Changer - Indian Artillery
Gunners in action in Kargil
Indian Army 130mm to 155mm Artillery Upgrade
Make a mistake, releasing the lavette-spades, your hand might be clipped or seriously hurt.
🤦🏻‍♂️ им воевать нельзя !!! Им в танцы 👯‍♂️ на тнт к утяшевой .. мои милые ..😂😂😂
in general, the more an army is archaic, the more they add bullshit to appear more professional! but jumping, it's useless, it especially makes you look stupid!! you only see that in India!! it's childish!!
Where is this India or Pakistan. I need to hire me some hopping soldiers. They can stomp my enemies to death with there hops and stomps. I'm glad they are jumping like idiots because this particular system has a seismograph system and you need to know how to stomp for it to function. It's a safety of sorts. I'm just happy they got the right training and support
They claim gun deployment took 2 minutes and the dances took added extra 10 minutes 😂
Ждал, что включится музыка и они начнут танцевать.
Send me any amount of money to my bank account and I will return you 4 times the amount back
That's an amazing piece of equipment I wonder how they are holding up after all these years. Lots of moving parts .. they are running that thing with 1 guy and realistically can run that thing with 3 people. It take almost 10 to run most newer equipment in NATO countries... Honestly this team would would obliterate a western one..
Hahaha wtf are these guys doing?
A funny parade-in-combat performance. Are these dancers in military uniforms really being made fun of?
I don’t think the soldiers will march like this during war
India the Big Brother. Great just for Indian Army. Greeeting from Indonesia. GBU

We nayed to use the loading crane, because we shot mostly with insert-cannon.Instead of full 155 mm. Only 10,5 cm We could feed thw piece much faster by hand. It is interesting to hear a grenade flying over your head. It sounds weakly. shoff, shoff, shoff. It is for the wobbling and the way of the flight. At the highest charge, no man can stand outside a cone of approx. 45 degrees single angle from the muzzle, or he might be dead from the blast, much worse than a hand-grenade. 50 meter safety distance at least, sideways. Many hundreds of meters of safety distance under the barrel, or in front of it, for the grenade might shed the driving band to the ground. The life of the barrel is due to the powder burning temperature, same as for rifles. Several thousand of degrees C. Thus c:a 5000 rounds. as for rifles, despite good steel. Our example (HW-77 A) also had a nice scoop-sight for direct firing. It was adjustable in hectometers and could be adjusted for loading 4 or 6, and had also special fine-adjustments for elevation and windage. Like a very expensive hunting-rifle scope :)
If India wants to be a world power, they should abandon those silly marches and unnecessary body movements, because it makes the world laugh and nobody will take them seriously.
fun fact does they do fire in same style. when they are in war.
My unit gun
We stuffed the cannon faster by hand :)
I can not see how they actyully are aiming the weapon properly. I must assume it is a interal thing. Our weaons were aimed like in ww2 mostly. Exact aiming to the chart.
The thumbnail is just bad Not a good way for views Noone uses forest camo in a desert
Wow. That’s an automatic self propelled artillery gun. Kudos to the Indian forces.
Hamari Army Itni bhi nahin faltu I hun Pakistani aadami hai
Bhai tum log Pakistani army ko gande comment kyon karte ho
Pakistan zindabad Kashmir Banega Pakistan
Honourable Army Officers and the chiefs in the grounds, The Massive attempt is opened in the limit to control the false energies, the thunder effects all the end. To face the false energies. Thank you very much to all the senior Troops.
What has this world. Get well soon war promoters.
May Allah protect india ! Inshallah! Big support from the Netherland!
Jay hind
We should use this to fight the Titans
India sell that to the Philippines 🇵🇭 we need that,.
New Indian Army Song Top 2022
Tea 🍵is fantastic
We stand with our army Jai Hind
Made in Sweden
Dream my indian army 🙏💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
🇮🇳🇮🇳 Indian army=heart beat of every individual civilian Jai hind🇮🇳🇮🇳
My dad works in artillery he's age is 32
The might of my Nation is there to see. Traitors, beware of India! Jai Hind !!🇮🇳
😡😡😡😡 Militry officers take money from foreign companies and not certify indian products saying that these products are not matching armies goals ......this corruption happening for a long time in the country ...... corrupt officers of armies only prefer foreign products ......this indian gun is best in its class but officers are not accepting it 😡😡😡😡
This is the Bofors
it seems like a nice camera, but was too close to the action so kept shaking and moving. What about some real rounds?
Круговую держать ништяк, качать, прорываться ! В ВДВ срочна.
This is just drill ...dont fool people ..
Why they walking in this weird fashion?
indian army power
🙄 Dancing doesn’t help in real combat, stop dancing and start shelling.
Yah to Dras Sector hay. Jaha se heavy weight fireing huya tha.
what's the heck..
🙏Boycott made in China 🇨🇳🙏 JAI HIND JAI JAWAN
The masters of silly walks 😂 Great Swedish gun thou 👍🏻
Once that fires Pakistan lights out
i dont like to talk
Waiting for the firing to happen, then I realized I have wasted 4 minutes of my life.
Isliye hamari casulity jyada hui, kya mjak bna rakha hai
what a circus😂😂😂
Yeah USMC would have hit them with three barrages why their over there dancing and running around
The Sharang 155mm and 105mm light gun comes into action in one minute. South African G5 in two and half minutes. The Sharang gun cost 1/5 of South African G5.
This is no doubt a damm good army.
I love Indian army
Iam Ex Hav (Gnr) M SADAIANDI of 116 Medium Regiment.
USA soldiers should see this to understand how long it takes for a real army to come into action with their artillery piece.
जय हिंद
Again with the prancing around like fairies. The enemy will die of laughter. Gun drill needs to be precise and yet not ridiculous.
Salute Captain Jerry Premraj Sir of Artillery Regiment.
Love you ifg
Love you 105 ifg gun by colnel vivek jaswal 12 med regt
I wonder if they actually hop like that when they are firing those for real?
Haha indian military prepration
Jitne jaldi ho utne me Inn guns Ko bangar me bech do aur Dhanush, ATAGS, K9, M777 INDUCT KARO. MODI JI
one life one love indian army

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