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Buy Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours: Black
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Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Candy Apple Red ...


Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric ...

Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Candy Apple Red, Maple Fretboard : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Maple neck
  • C-shape with polyurethane finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Number of frets: 22, medium jumbo
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours:
  • Black

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Fender Squier 0321602509 Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Squier Standard Stratocaster Gold Series Electric Guitar Review
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Why Is My Guitar Buzzing? (Fixing Fret Buzz)
Had one since 2006 and while I like the neck which is supposed to be "c"I don't love it.. it feels flatter than a snakes belly..
Yes I have a affinity squire there great for the money and set up also good
My guitar is like this one but it had Duncan Designed pickups? i dont know which guitar it is because the writing in the headstock was removed. the number is s/n ICS15 - Indonesia 2015? i still dont know which guitar it is i cant find anything in the internet that looks like it.
Man, just waiting on my springs and ill be able to see if i can get my 01 squier back into playing condition. Its had a super rough life. Got it new when i was a kid, played it a ton for a number of years but life and other things got in the way. Its beat to hell, has a chunk missing in the body, etc but its mine damnit. Its also miswired. from the factory. I haven't ever pulled the pick guard off to see whats wrong but the volume knob functions as an overall tone control. Honestly i kinda like it that way.
What I could find is that unfortunately the Gold Squier logo doesn't mean anything on affinity models and sorts. They just changed the logo from black to gold somwhere in 2013.
You are a lefty aren't you Shane?
Good looking guitar! Sounds great also
Hi Shane, I picked up one of these as a direct swap for a Squier bass I had. Mine seems to have a slightly flatter fretboard compared to other strats I have. A really nice guitar.
My first guitar was a gold series Squier strat made in USA. I paid $350.00 for it. It sounds great, feels good to the touch. The thing is that I never could get enough info on its specs... it's been with me for the last 25 years. I bought it new in 1991.
I've got one of these and a mim, whist the build quality of the mim is better, materials etc, the pickups in the squire are better imo or truer to the classic strat sound at least. My mim sounds much warmer and not necessarily better. The squire also has 22 frets and a 2 point trem, although the trem system isn't the same 2 point as is found in the USA strats and the block is much thinner than the mim. Overall, tonally it beats the mim imo but loses out in every other area, build quality, materials and most importantly playability. Atm I'm favouring it over the mim due to the tone and considering putting the squiers pups in the mim. Who'd a thought it!!!
I bought one of these in 2012 and sold it in 2014 and I must say, after my taste in guitars has matured I kinda regret selling it. I'm thinking about buying one again, but does it stay in tune well? I don't remember using the trem much when I owned mine and I've heard the bridge was refined
Is this better than the classic vibe? What are the main differences?
I have a 20th Anniversary 2002 Squire Stratocaster I love it the way it sounds mostly use the middle pick up for live gigs & I'm impressed with it ALWAYS the only thing I've changed was the saddles into graphite 👍super cool tones
I have got exactly the same guitar. I Bought it about 15 years ago and it was my first electric guitar as well. I still having it, I am thinking in an upgrade on the pickups but the ones it has are not bad. Thinking in some Wilkinson pickups but I am not sure if it would be worth it. Yes, the neck it is....different.
How's the tremolo on this standard series strat? Is it prone to easily detuned after several usage of the tremolo? Or does it already great stock?
Just bought one of these for £30 used & it's a truly great guitar plus looks great in candy apple red with maple finger board.
These are great guitars for the money. The more I play it the more I like it. I have the same finish (Antique Burst), at first I thought the tortoise pickguard looked OK, but soon disliked it. Read that others replace it with an aged White pearl pickguard - I did the same; it looks fantastic. The bridge PuP is very bright, so I wired it to the lower tone pot to get some control over it. If you like a bright jangly chimey Strat, this is the one. It is also a good platform for future upgrades if desired.
Hello, nice video, I would like to know if the wood on this Squier headstock has the 2 holes at the left of each tuner hole in order to place Fender tuners on it, is it possible? Thanks in advance
You’re the first lefty I’ve seen playing guitar
Please note that re tone controls, seems I have mine wired differently to a standard configuration and so the wiring on this guitar is completely normal. And I might also mention that I hardly use the tone controls on mt strats anyways. I do on my Tele's but not much on other guitars - seem to get the sounds I want my amp tweaking! But apologies if I was misleading, it wasn't intentinial.
Help me out I get the lynx pro and it’s the same sound and I can’t get the good rock metal sound
Justin can make a box with strings sound great! Good video!
Fender £1000 sticker guitars is a 5va.
Is it the same ( similar) quality or worse then Squier bullet?
Huh?This is my fender (£600to £800 l would guess) Changed the pick ups, frets, strap button,nut, tuning keys, string trees, strings, lead in jack, 5 way switch, pick guard and pots but kept the wood and fender logo... my first real guitar? Fook aawf! This one is £62 file the nut slots, lift the pick ups, intonation and ok for beginners I s'pose.
hi what amp and cable do you use/recommend? also, awesome video!
Absolutely go to your local guitar store with your budget in mind and get their help, I did that and I’m happy with my squier affinity Tele . It was within my budget and I love playing it.
Be cool just to transplant a Kinman set into it and see how she'd go :)
What song is he playing at 11:44
I bought my 14 year old son 1 after he mastered the acoustic. He loves it. Now, I'll spend more on a Fender soon
you should do the same up grades to the cheapest guitar on Amazon that you did the the expensive Fender then compare them.
Hi Justin can do 1 episode for How to Setup the Saddle?
As I watched him tune the high e string my anxiety kicked in
I love this review. It seemed like you initially really didn’t want to like this cheap one, but you had an open mind and came around. You seemed truly amazed.
I have a Chinese Strat copy... Fender neck, pickups, hardtail bridge replacement around $360
i think acousitcis much easier to practis eon,mas oyu can just start, no need of leads, headphones etc,,
so are these chepa guitar just rejects form rela guitar companies
I bought a donner starter kit off amazon, i been using your course. 240 canadian dollars. I was really impressed with everything.. Great review All the stores in my area and even further away and even on amazon. Its very hard to find left hand guitar..
wow that red one looks deeeescent!
Just getting started playing guitar? Let us help you along your way with Fender Play! Find out how here: https://goo.gl/ucgf1s
Haha ... so your John from FU!!!! that sounds about right, see you in the quad for a jammmmmm-man ... if only I could restring my “fender”(tm) guitar ... O_o
This is one of the worst least useful restringing guides I’ve ever seen, part product placement n then ummmm what the literal faaaaa***ck ... almost any dimwit can string the top 3 wound strings THEY are forgiving, and the bottom 3 just ... yeah they get snappy, what direction and why, how do you get it to look um nice ... completely pointless... I hope you have another job or role in the company otherwise enjoy the free t-shirt mate ... actually that’s rude, but maybe try again? This should not be a Rosetta Stone ... not everyone can afford a roadie or guitar tech
thank you phil anselmo, next round of white wine is on me
4:14 1.Don't take them all off at once 2. Cut the slack off the string AFTER it has been wound. 3. Give the string 1 fret worth of slack, then wind. 4. Tune, gently stretch the string, then tune again. 5. after all strings have been installed stretch them, GENTLY because I know how you like to thrash, then tune again.
my string snapped while i was playing and i dunno what asshole stringed my guitar but i can’t get the string out 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is a new guitar and i’ve had it for 5 months never changed the strings before and never had too bc these are nice strings and now when i’m trying to change the string it won’t come out
If Phil never did drugs or smoked
Probably should have watched this video before I ripped the strings out and left the circle things in the thing now I am trying to fish them out
I have a hard time deciding if my strings are too loose, then end up snapping them when I wind around an octave.
Clipping strings before winding? That reminds me of people who pour the milk first and then the cereal.
I will show you how to change guitar strings? Things you need Fender guitar Fender guitar strings Fender guitar winder Fender string clippers Fender screw driver and only Fender TUNER.
You might want to explain for the beginners that you DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE BACK PLATE
Cut it to short what do I do
I opened the back plate of my guitar and discovered it is rusty. Is it okay if I shave off the rust on it and how does it affect the guitar? 🤔
I’m STILL shit at re-stringing guitars after playing 24 years and being a pretty good guitarist 😆
how do i know which string is which?
Thanks just ordered new strings
Why the heck did you skip all the strings winding except for the first one? That's the only thing I wanted to see. String by string how to do it.
@ 3: 39 LOL what is he referencing. I am so dumb
What about on acoustic?
You got me to take my Tele to be checked out. Thanks
Imagine spending all day making this guitar good just so your store owner can undo everything youve done 🤣 great video boys
Good info. 1:55 👍🏼 nice
I was very stressed out about my guitar setup before this video, but I think it's made some really useful points. The truss rod hint was especially useful. I think I might restring my guitar and do a new setup with this advice in mind. Wish me luck!
I’ve been trying to track down the cause of buzzing on my D string only. Can’t be the warp, because none of the other strings are affected, and the bridge saddle is already set higher than the others. Thanks for the tip that it might be a damaged string. I’m gonna try changing out just that one string and see if that fixes it. If I just cannot fix it, at least it helps to hear a pro say that a little buzz is OK.
I’ve noticed a big difference between dry summer and wet winters. Humidity on the neck - get the truss rod adjustment and sting level out. Great channel 👍
Your guitar is buzzing because it wants to sound like Angus Young of ACDC . . . hahaha 😂😂😂
crikey ! I thought it was paul gilbert moonlighting in a guitar store ...Ben looks and sounds like him !
I would love to be trained in how to be a luthier. I would like to build my own guitars and have them dialed in to my preference.
Something tells me this shop is super honest, but you are going to have to pay for it.
i thought this was a me only problem i feel a lot better now
Because she’s just like neon
I don't mind fret buzz
Rhett do a video on AMP BUZZ. Lot of ppl have done it but only grounding issues How about pedals and the amp itself and all problems that aren't grounding
Thank you. I was obsessed with this...
HEY ! That´s like a really cool name for a rockstar... Johnny Fretbuzz ;)
I've read guitar forum posts saying that there should be zero buzz at all and it's nice to hear an actual professional debunk that. If it sounds great through the amp who cares, even more so when performing live on stage when the amps are on blast.
Ah so that's what it's called 👍 so I don't need to throw my guitar away then.
and what if it makes a high pitched buzz behind where you fret?

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