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Fender Squier 0310603503 Affinity Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric ...

Fender Squier 0310603503 Affinity Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, 2-Color Sunburst, Maple Fretboard : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Fender Squier 0310603503 Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Body Finish: Polyurethane
  • Neck Finish: Polyurethane
  • Neck Shape: "C" Shape
  • Number of Frets: 21
  • Fret Size: Medium Jumbo
  • Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Standard
  • Bridge Pickup: Standard Single-Coil Strat
  • Bridge: 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Pickguard: 1-Ply White
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Fender Squier 0310603503 Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Price in India is ₹21,990 at Amazon.
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Fender Squier 0310603503 Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Squier Affinity Stratocaster Review (2020) - How Good is it?
Unboxing The Squier Stratocaster Pack | Fender
Is a SQUIER STRAT the Best FIRST GUITAR? - Demo / Review
UNBOXING/Guitar Review Fender SQUIER Affinity Stratocaster HSS in Montego Black Metallic, w/Tone Dem
Let me know what you think of the Affinity Series Strats! 😀 Links to stores: ► Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/SquierAffinit... ► Thomann: https://bit.ly/2C1PKUD (Affiliate links to Thomman and Sweetwater) A massive thanks to Sky Music for the loan of this guitar. https://skymusic.com.au
Nice tones as always mate. Rock on! (from Sydney).
I’ve got a fender affinity from the 90s which I bought new and I love it. Guitar is not my first instrument I’m a drummer, I use it for recording demos it’s more then good enough for that and I’m left-handed it’s exactly same as yours
I love it! Ceramic pickups sound a little harsh for cleans but they’re great for dirt
I have been wanting to buy the Squier Affinity guitar to add to my Acoustic-electric guitar. I was debating it or the Pacifica
Got to say this sounds awesome…just goes to show, it’s usually the hardware that let’s guitars at this price point down but I’m suitably impressed with this :) thx Shane
Not sure about the offerings in Oz, but here in the states, if it says 'stratocaster' instead of just 'strat', then I think it's a step up from the base Affinity model. They cost a few bucks more and usually have a little better hardware. Was this one made in China or Indonesia? What's the body thickness? It's hard to keep tabs on all of the versions. I guess they don't make a 'deluxe' anymore, but this one is closer to a deluxe. Perhaps between an entry Affinity and a Classic Vibe.
Are they smaller ??? Can someone answer
Your so helpful what great person you the snoring I was watching YouTube videos I don't know what happened but somehow the damn subtitles was appearing on my videos so I went google how to get it off I found it and there off that's annoying when they appear on the video
Since 1990 I am a semi pro guitar player. Shane is right, It looks good, sounds good, , tunning well, and has the most comfortable neck. I have Fender Strat Elite, EC Strat Signature and Player Deluxe and I do not have any problem or shame to play the Affinity in any gig. The only mod I did was put DiMarzio noiseless PU's, but I did the same things with the fancy ones. So my fiends, you can rock and enjoy with the Affinity
whats the diffrence between the plain squire vs the affinity strat
The cat in the back groud lol, wants to do some shredding
Does anyone know the song Shane plays at 7:02. It sounds great and so familiar! Thanks
Can you give me your honest opinion on which amp between the Kantana and Mustang you’d recommend a guy that’s not rich to get between the two ?
I plan to buy one.. With maple fretboard as my second guitar and down the line upgrade it with some nice parts.. :)
Gonna use this as an upgrade guitar
can we all agree that 2020 entry level Squiers are WAY over what we saw with the same names 15,20 years ago? they were fugly and terrible settings... now they are aok.
I got an Affinity strat on a whim and I was absolutely floored by how well it played and felt. Setup was fantastic. Whatever Chinese factory they're made in has some pretty great QA/QC now, and they really hit above their weight class. I thought the pickups were pretty servicable if a bit thin, but loaded pickguards are pretty cheap and they make an excellent mod platform. For an extra hundred bucks you've got a fantastic playing and sounding strat for peanuts. The new 2021 Affinites all look like they have two-point trems in them too, which is pretty cool. Squier and Epiphone have been KILLING IT lately
Great guitars. Great action. Great tone. Plays just like a Fender. Just put a strip of duct tape over "Squier" and write "Findur". If the elitists can't handle the humor you know you've won. And you saved hundreds of dollars. It is not the guitar, it is the guitarist.
Had a squire once it was not great 300 for the thing. When I get good I am buying a better acoustic than what I've got now.
2:05 why my nut's there?
Can i buy this whole set from turkey?????
This pack could really use a clip on tuner in it, besides that it seems alright
if i twist the wammy bar too much tight will it break the guitar or something
Guys I need help putting on the whammy like it won’t go into the hole I’m using the exact pack but with a different color
no sirve ni la guitarra m,ucho menos el ecualizador es de carton la guitarra no de madera
I want this guitar now
The guitar from Fender company is very much good but the amplifier is just lol!!!
This pack is full shit, never buy this. I am using it almost one year, and it already broke.
"this is your nut here"
Me: Uhh idk maybe theres other options. Them: And we even threw in some guitar picks! Me: Sold
I have the affinity series idk what’s the difference but hey the name sounds cooler so
I bought this guitar recently. I`m a beginner. I`m learning to set up the Amp, and I realize, the Treble and Bass knob on the guitar seems to have no effect when I try to adjust (But The control knobs on the Amp works). Can someone tell me if I`m doing something wrong or its broken. Also Why is the picture on the box is different then the actual guitar. The box says Squier Stratocaster, but the actual guitar says just Squier Strat? did I buy a fake stratocaster?
I see a lot of ppl saying that the amp sucks. I'm a beginner and have never touched an instrument b4 in my life so idk what's good or not. Can some more seasoned players recommend a good amp for someone like me?
me crying in mg10 amp
I have one of these and it's old, looks new still. Im a first time player tho. I never knew that you could take the tremolo off! You don't know how happy I am😆
I play donner electric guitar and amp with fender tuning app
Do you have to put the tremolo on or can you play without it?
Perfection he didn't even stutter once straight to the point so smooth man
I found this guitar in my garage so call it fate
Would the epiphone guitar be a better first guitar for its quality
Forget the guitar, what's your shampoo brand?
I'm using my Squier bullet strat for more than 3 years things that I'm not happy that are the pickups, tuners, and the trem system. Currently, my budget is only limited to upgrade the pickups and the bridge but in the future, I hope to purchase a Harley Benton fusion guitar with Floyd trem but I'm happy with my guitar build quality because it's comfortable to play.
I have a Butterscotch Blonde Affinity Telecaster that I like a lot.
Mandalorian: "This is not the way". Ibanez H/H or RGA H/H / Harley Bently Fusion-III HH EB BK.  Your Squier H/H with locking Trem, actives, is a Professional setup.
thank you for the info! I’m new to electric guitars and I was looking to get this guitar and now i know i’m getting it, also are humbuckers hard to adjust?
Wish you could still get that
I've got this exact guitar except it's all black. I went to a guitar store to check out an actual strat hss and it was amazing. But my squire came close
Very first was a Dean Daytona acoustic, first electric was a Fender Squire. What's crazy is I had failing grades once upon a time and my Dad smashed my Squire into about 200 different pieces in one swing. I remember how it feeled, how it played. Broke the cheap whammy bar, would recommend not playing whammy on them (they definitely break easy.) If it hadn't broke, I probably would have had a completely different style of playing. The universe had other plans for me-my style-what was necessary to make me able to rock to the FULLEST. Much twang, and solo preciseness out of a cheap model that had a decent zerod out trust rod. Because of that incident with the fender, I would smoke with friends----who all played Epiphone/Gibson. (So I naturally started to enjoy the Epiphone actions a little more, it's what was around; and I played.) I'm a big fan of the natural Mahogany-NON LAMINATED NECK Traditional Pro II by Epiphone. Big fan of the Gibson Explorer. NON LAMINATED. So for all of you starting out on a Squire thinking. "Am I a rookie? Am i the sea weanie at the slops with the improper attire, (most certainly not.) You're getting a beginners full weighted guitar, that has a (NON LAMINATED NECK) #!!!! And I can't stress that enough. As I grew older out of highschool and kept trying to scrape my cash and make things work as I got better and better-----Laminated necks are slung from the 9th layer of Hell, approved by modern day Satan, for sucker chumps that are blindly shooting themselves in the foot, limiting understanding. (Any company that tries to sell you a Laminate is a cheap car salesmsn, which Fender refused to follow suite. The Fender Squire always make me smile a little bit. Keep rockin, Greenhorn. I'
He has, what my communications professor calls “Radio Voice” good guitar player to! - Thanks for the review and advice man. I’m trying not to be the guy who bought pricey acoustic-electric guitar and now it site next to my office desk - rarely practice it... you woke me up to my reality. Now I’ll get my guitar teacher back and resume practicing regularly.🙏🏽
No he is so handsome and looks like a part Indian blood maybe Italian, man, with great guitar knowledge and voice !
I don't need, the name of all the songs You are playing, I NEED Them!!!
I fully agree that higher end Squiers are great guitars and an excellent value. I’m a bass player that has owned 3 Squiers and two Fenders. I currently have a Fender Player Series P bass and a 4 and 5 String Classic Vibe Jazz Squier basses. They are my favorites, and to me as good as the Fenders. I have or had, Yamahas, Sire Marcus Miller’s and others. I’m currently looking for an HSS style guitar. Thanks for the demo on the Contemporary model. I will definitely consider it.
Yup just bought this guitar 2 weeks ago brilliant
I just found a red Squier Strat HSS, with a black pickguard at a pawn shop for $60. I love it!....P. S.... Maxx, I think you could string a rubber band on a yard stick, mounted on a soup can and make it sound great! Also, thanks for playing some clean tones on this guitar. That's the one thing I think is lacking in most guitar reviews.
Can it play snow by rhcp?
For some reason, you look like you'd be a vampire from Twilight. I mean this in the best way possible.
I came to like this video because you deserve the love.
Thanks for the information provided. I will buy it.
Um, is it possible to remove that red circle thingy which looks like a sticker?
BGM Black Guitars Matter ☺
Hi, what do you think about ibanez grg170dx? Which one is better? I will play rock generally,not for metal. And which is more comfortable?
hi i wanna buy my first ever guitar, should i go with this or the affinity jazzmaster?
i'm getting an affinity strat for my bday because of this video! i got the one with a candy apple red body and a black pickguard with black hss pickups. super excited :)
I have the same model in white, I bought it in 2015 for $180, since then I've had Fender, LTD, Ibanez etc, I'll never sell my Affinity !
I have this exact one and i’m new to the guitar scene and everything i’m still learning but i don’t know how to lower the action on this because i’m afraid i’ll mess something up but i want to learn how to do it so i can adjust it on my own and have that in my arsenal of guitar knowledge
Tengo la misma guitarra, y suena muy bien.
i just ordered ,the surf green hss,reboxed deal,should arrive in 6-7 days,i have a 97,sss\mex maple neck,squier,on its last fret job,my fav out of many strats i've tried.nit pickin a bit or a touch of ocd,at the 7:30 mark noticed the squier label is right in the corner,where the hook is,guitar on the right its further away,reveiewed my order and its sort of between close and far.this will drive the fake label spotters bonkers.hoping my new one will be my daily player,fret wear is a issue on most guitars,saw reveiw of a 150$us strat copy with stainless,might be the future thing.
Oh hell no I made a huge mistake mine's a bullet which in my opinion is way better even though they're cheaper because my friend has the affinity and it just doesn't really compare to this bullet I have no idea why only thing that sucks on the bullet is the tuners but they are good once you're in tune
I have the exact same guitar I got it with a Fender Champion 20 amplifier for 100 US dollars on Facebook Marketplace. I can't complain about either piece of equipment and I have plenty of expensive gear to compare it with. Inexpensive guitar gear is fantastic these days if you buy the right stuff
great video is this a c shape neck
I'm a bit relieved to see that this is the crafted in China model. I saw another reviewer that advised to avoid affinities that aren't crafted in Indonesia and I was actually hesitant to get this model to the point of getting a completely different guitar because of it. Your review and demo put that notion to rest. Thanks!
The website makes it look shitty but it looks nice in this video. Def getting this color
ahh that red sticker 🤦🏼‍♂️ infuriating
I'm gonna buy this next... I'm down on my knees for black guitars, I have a sentimental illness for the color black, nice video, liked the way you talk, subbed
I got the same guitar but white so excited for it to arrive!
hi! this month i will be getting my first guitar and i’m indecisive between the squier bullet strat hss hardtail and this strat in the video. which one would be a better choice? also, i really liked this review!! :)

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