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Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50 Electric Guitar, Sunburst ...

Neck Material Type, ‎Maple ; Number of Strings, ‎6 ; Size, ‎Full Size ; Item Weight, ‎5 kg 300 g ; Manufacturer, ‎Squier ...


Fender Squier 0303000503 Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Color/Finish: 2-tone sunburst
  • Technology: Solid body
  • Body Shape: Strat shape
  • Strings: 6 string
  • Neck Construction: Bolt on neck
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Fender Squier 0303000503 Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Price in India is ₹75,881 at Amazon.
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Fender Squier 0303000503 Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster
Pure Sunshine! - the Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster in Two Tone Sunburst
Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s Demo
PLAYER'S REVIEW: Squier Classic Vibe 50s Strat (white blonde) Review by Steffen Brix
Thanks for watching! Please remember to like and subscribe, and join me on Spotify for some tunes, including the intro piece from this demo called “Shoreline” ~ Listen: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6RLQFre2Qp5T454mFR5Ol4 Download: http://jackfossett.bandcamp.com
Squier classic vibe or fender player/mim standard??
If it had the 50's finish I would get one.
Wich String gauge r u using 10 or 9
I currently have an affinity tele, but I’m looking at a classic vibe red strat, and I’m also looking at an Ibanez artcore as73, which would you guy’s recommend?
Great Demo
This is a fantastic guitar. Especially the older ones made of Alder.I've been playing since 1963 and owned a 63 Strat. This is the closest thing to that bell tone there is. Nice touch on the guitar my friend.
You know inside are the pots them small Chinese ones with the little green capasitor or full size cts pots? Also does the trem return to pitch?
hi, is a squier 1994 korean close with this?(sound and quality)
Seems like a good guitar. Do you own any Jazzmaster? I have a white Squirer Jazzmaster that I use quite a bit when I don't use any of my 3 awesome Epiphone Casinos.
Considering between this and an used mexican fender classic 50s with gibson humbuckers on the neck and the bridge. They’re about the same price and i don’t know which one to buy. Any comments?
Can anyone please tell me, this guitar or squier deluxe strat is better?
Great clip Jack, I just dropped in a new set of the CV 50's pickups in a 1988 MIJ Strat and I feel like I have a whole new guitar. It's a bit bright but has nice mid range harmonics. Wanted to ask I noticed on the SS you're playing through it looks like you have the treble all the way down ? Is that correct and if so is that due to the brightness of the pickups ? I need to get my hands on a GE-7 to see if that will help me trim down some of the top end and keep the midrange focus. Thx and Happy New Year
Shut Up and Take my Money!
About to order mine, gonna swap for a brass block and a mini humbucker in bridge and it’ll be perfect lol
You do the same thing as me with your mouth while playing my mum keeps teasing me about it lmaoo
Rumor has it that the pickups are made by Tonerider ? Any thoughts on that ? Thx for the demo and great playing
I have the cv 50's tele in butterscotch 19' model.upgraded pots,switch,jack.pickups are great.kept those.its a great guitar.the neck is super nice..almost rolled fretboard edges.my biggest beef is i like 10's and thats what i put on.adjusted action etc.still doesn't play like it did with 9's but they are just too slinky for me..to twangy and no low end response on the E's.maybe a new nut might help with the 10's. Or a set of 9.5's.haven't tried that yet.great playing by the way!
Beginner to intermediate? But you sound like an advanced player. Why is not for you?
Just ordered this guitar with a Marshall combo amp (cant remember the name) and is coming on Monday I can't wait!!!
Had the one with goldish hardware today - Hank Marvin like. It is a beatifull instrument, which is very playable out of the box. I allready have an American Custom Shop Strat tagged almost 5 times the price here in Europe. Honestly, I can't tell which one, I prefere. Well, the CV is a bit heavy, but if that's the "price", I have to carry for an awesome sound and sustain........it's okay with me. I'm in love with my new guitar. Cheers from Denmark. Thanks for a great review, Landon - subscribed
Can you tell me what the difference is between tall narrow frets and medium wide frets are. I never hear anyone talk about this.
I have this exact model ... bought about the same time as yours, actually. It is my first electric so I can't say that it is better or worse than others. But, I do very much enjoy playing it ... great sound and easy to play. I run it through a Fender Mustang II amp. I do agree that the neck needs a little sanding but otherwise I am very happy with the guitar.
Buddy Holly guitar!
I'm so inlove with guitars 😭😭 but I don't have one so I'm stuck watching people play superb ones. I recently subscribed and also new to guitar -- I just know the basics. Thank you for your videos 🤩 such a candy for my eyes
Let me just state something here . That vox sounds well bad. Put it through a Marshall jvm and it will come alive I have two now and they’re better to my ears than my fenders.
My classic vibe 50 s strat is the best strat I have ever played and that includes American models.
I found one of the older Chinese models for $300 last week. I have the butterscotch 50s tele too. They aren't the same quality as higher end Fenders, but for $300 it is something special.
Bought a 60’s CV strat and found the pickups to be sterile. No mojo. I immediately upgraded the whole pickguard and electronics from a 2017 Fender Professional V-Mod. Now it’s got a unique identity. Thanks for the vids. Fellow Canadian
Just bought one today! I can't make it sing like you can just yet but I'll get there
Fender doesn't actually own it. They license production to a 3rd party. The only guitar Fender manufactures are the Mexican and american lines.
5:49 Hi Landon, they are Roswell Pickups.
Great review bro
Looks like my first new guitar in 2021.
I really love this guitar.
That thing is sweet!!
I love it looks and sounds great hope I know how it plays
my guitar got stolen this year bro. And this seems so cool man. It would be a christmas miracle!
Got this guitar but in sunburst and its amazing
Want one now!!!
Your review made me order one! Great review! Cheers
Is this the 2020 model? Cheers
Great playing man! Fender should compensate you for services rendered. You're a great picker and salesman!
Damn, fender should pay you. How not to buy one of these after that good playing?, i think im going to get one in the same color it is beautiful
great playing man ! are you running into fender amp ?
@10:44 Can we get a full cover of this?? I keep coming back to this video for those 10 seconds 😅
U deserve a billion likes my friend
It's a good c. Vibe but it's you hav to make sound good and u r very very good Man u play perfect
These guitars have better fit and finish than some US made Fenders.
This video inspired my buddy to get this exact model. After watching this you really see how big of a difference talent can make. Not only is this guys playing a pleasure to listen to, it’s a testament that you don’t need an expensive guitar to sound good. I fix guitars for a living. These are great instruments. Very well made. Thanks for the review!!
Let me say a harsh truth....this guitar is sounding good cause he is playing like magic❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
You are a legend! I just had to comment, great info and very entertaining!
Real good playing. Like + subbed. Ordered this guitar after seeing this tube. I LOVE THE SOUND!
Great review! Not over the top. Very tastefully done. I have a 2016 model 50's CV and it just made me appreciate mine that much more. Buy one~
Sir is it true that bone nut? Not a plastic? Reply please sir!
Dip and drip
Sowing neddle ?
Awesome review man, and great playing too! The reason that some players prefer the bridge pickup w/o a tone control is cuz it gives you a little more treble and volume for lead playing on the back pickup. Even a tone control on 10 will cut some gain and high end from a pickup, and for certain vintage styles of playing that screaming bridge pickup is crucial.

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