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Buy Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White Colours: White
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Fender Squier 302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster 6-Strings ...

Fender Squier 302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Olympic White, Rosewood Fretboard : Amazon.in: Musical ...


Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White Features

  • Basswood Body
  • Maple C Shape Neck with 21-Medium Jumbo Frets and rosewood fingerboard
  • Duncan Designed single-coil pickups
  • Vintage-style bridge with non-locking floating vibrato
  • Vintage-Style Chrome Tuning Keys
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White Colours:
  • White

Find the best deal on Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White Price in India is ₹53,233 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Fender Squier 0302100505 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - White Reviews from YouTube

Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Review
Review Vintage Modified Jazzmaster by Fender Squier
Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar | Reverb Demo Video
UNBOXING Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Review Demo
Looks like a shit Jaguar
Great reverb! Real spring reverb?
Hi mate! Firstly, I always come in your channel whenever I'm thinking about a new guitar, so thank you for that :p I have found a good deal for one of these (220£). Should I go for it? Also, is that a potential keeper to eventually upgrade and take to the level of a Fender? I'm so torn whether if to choose one of these and upgrade it or a J Mascis Squier, cause I really would like a FINE jazzmaster that's worth to keep.
Hi! it`s better get a G&L Tribute Doheny or a Squier VM jazzmaster? I want the most similar Jazzmaster-ish sound, but G&L tribute series have a really gud pickups and bridge, a really hard decision.
The jazzmaster is better than the Jag, besides they look as cool as shit without all the extra Chrome
Sweet strummin as usual, sounds great! Thanks!
Rob mate do u have any ideas when they replaced rosewood with Indian Laurel on this model. I just ran into one which made in 2018 (ICS1801XXXX) and thinking to buy it . Thank you mate. Stay safe!
Squier Vintage Modified Guitars are excellent made guitars in my experience. I have a 2012 Stratocaster model also 3 tone sb, and it has factory Duncan Designed Single coils and sounds very nice, not to hot and not too cold.? Kinda mid-scooped fr.
Man, I just pulled the trigger on a 60’s CV Squier Jazzmaster that I’m stoked little lady is not gonna be happy. Oh well!
Hey Rob! Welcome back! I liked the middle neck position. Glad to see you.
I love my 2016 squire vintage modified baritone jazzmaster! I use it all the time. I asked what you thought about it on another videothen saw this. Lol
All my Squires are Indonesia made. It has a very good Jazzy sound for a solid body guitar. I love my China made Epiphone guitars. I wonder if he has American FENDER guitars?
Lovely. Both pick ups together sound awesome
Were are you finding these rare guitars I can't even find a Kurt mustang let alone a squire
Nice score on that VM Jazzy Rob. I have a VM Jag in surf green. The VMs are great and now you'll find more of them used because guys are upgrading and buying the new CVs. The new CVs are great, but if you can get a good deal on an older VM, they're great value. The VM Mustangs are sweet too Cheers from Detroit and still say safe over there.
Surf rock is my favorite genre of music and you did it justice
What does one need a surf board when you can use a Jazzmaster
What pedal or amp were you using for that Killer Reverb?
3:18 _"The guitar is Made in INDD-EEE-OOOOOO-NIIII-ZIA"_
Nice video review. This is what I did with a regular Squier VM Jazzmaster and VM Squier Jaguar: The Squier Jazzmaster was used for the bridge.A Squier Jaguar was used for rhythm and lead in the verse and chorus.
Nice review, I picked up one last week for 299 CA$. I really like it, i like also the shape, it looks better,to me, than a Stratocaster.
Any ideas what sort of bridge would work for a string-through conversion?
Just a quick correction: this is actually the Special Edition model, which at most places nowadays cost the same as the regular models. The only difference is the Specials have a hardtail bridge and only a 3-way switch, while the Regulars have a 3-way switch and an extra Rhythm switch, a floating bridge with a tremolo, and come in 4 colors (Cherry Red, Olympic White, Sonic Blue, and 3-tone Sunburst). Hardtail's good if you don't want to worry about playing too hard and moving the strings accidentally, but the floating's good because it's more vintage and also comes with the aforementioned tremolo.
nice review of the jazzmaster
I wanna buy this guitar but i'm afraid it will be too bright, I'm thinking about changing both the pick-ups for seth lovers, because I don't want high end frequencies all over the place, I would like to get a mellower, warmer tone. Do yout think it's possible with this guitar?
great deal man, it will outlast you!
Musicians Friend has it for $199 for the next 5 days. Guitar center will match that and beat it by the 10% of the difference. So I got this for $180 +tax. Pretty nice deal for a great tonal sounding guitar.
perhapsI'll buy it.
So very Nice! Thanks for showing! We acquired a vintage I believe it was ca. 57-59 @ Very unusual and not as popular I understand it wasn't a Squire rather Fender named it Esquire. Thanks so much and will be sharing your channel! Steve
You wound me sir! My dad IS exceedingly cool and I DO wish I played more like Clapton.
Is there any chance you could review the Squier Cyclone? I'm trying to do some research on offset Squiers, and there's no guitar store near me to try em out for myself. If not, no bother!
Dude, my dad is, honestly, too cool to be bothered with your comment. On my end, I wish I played more like Clapton and looked less like him! Thanks for watching!
does this guy know his dad? maybe its eric clapton
Fantastic guitar.
Loved the review. Not to long, concise, nice! I have Telecaster Squier atm and have been playing guitar since November. I'd say around Christmas I'll be looking for another guitar, would you say this be a step up? I play in a covers band that plays a lot of blues rock and classic rock i.e Kings of Leon, the Smiths, The Blacks Keys (which I hear you played there) and Tom Petty
300 flat on Musicians F_iend
I had a 1959 fender jazz master that I paid $175 for when I was in high school in 1966. I bought it in a pawnshop and the finish was almost as bad as Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Strat. So I spray painted it white. Patina that severe just was not groovy in the 60s. my jazz master was a 59, the second year of production for the jazz master, but the first year for the tortoiseshell pick guardIt was my first good guitar. I had it up until 2015. It pretty much sat in the case from the mid-1980s until I sold it in 2015. I just didn’t like it as much after getting my first gibson, A 63 ES 330 TDC that I paid $50 for in 1969 actually I traded a bicycle that I paid $50 for to get the gibson when I was in high school. I still have the 330, but not the jazz master. It is now in Moscow Russia I put it on eBay, and about three hours after the ad was on eBay, I got a text from a guy on eBay that asked what I would take for it right now. I made up a ridiculous big number. And he texted me back, SOLD. I didn’t turn myself in for a robbery, but, I did buy myself a replacement Squier vintage modified jazz master. having owned both, I can tell you that in my opinion, the Squier vintage modified jazz master is much easier to play, has a better neck, it sounds better to me, and I don’t worry about it. Because back in the 80s, I was in a band, and we were in a rowdy bar. I had a beer bottle bounce off of my jazz master that was thrown at someone on the dance floor. it was my back up guitar sitting behind me on the stage on its stand I didn’t get really upset, but if that beer bottle had bounced off of the 330 which I was playing at the time, I would’ve been bouncing beer bottles off that guys head so anyone lusting after a 1950s or 60s jazz master, don’t. My 59 had a neck which I described as being like a fat baseball bat that someone split in half and put Frets on I had it set up by three different luthier‘s, I tried different gauge strings. Nothing made that guitar my favorite. The guy that bought it in Moscow Russia was in a surf band in Moscow. He just had to have the original jazz master sound that the Venture’s have he said he tried the reproduction JazzMasters and they just didn’t have the sound he was looking for.I hope it fits the bill, because I am really never liked that guitar that much, but I do like the Squier vintage modified jazz master.I do wish that squier would have included the chrome bridge cover of my 59Those exposed screws on the saddles of the vintage modified jazz master tear my muting fingers up
What's the scale length.? 25.5?
It causes amp buzz
These pickups are pretty shitty
Are you guys kidding with this Listen to that nut! It's off by half of a quarter tone! And if the guitarist is any good, the guitar will never let us know! Awful
what is a 'jmascis'
snap crackle hummm
These are great guitars at pretty much any price! If you a finger-picker, you'll like this review. However, I use a pick and have found the pickups to sound considerably brighter than this finger-picking style. As a result, I tend to use the rhythm circuit most often (full volume/tone) and the lead neck position (tone cut back a bit but still brighter than the rhythm circuit - like a thicker strat sound). The lead middle position has a great and unique surf sound if you like surf (much like a tele middle position sound but with a bit of a more jangly sound).
It's a great deal for the price. Not the best option if you play metal, blues, jazz or hard rock, but if you're into punk, experimental, surf or post rock, a Fender/Squier Jazzmaster is the right guitar for you.
the j masics with fender pure tone 65s upgrade and bone nut addition is
what pedals do i need to get that sound at 2:28
You can hear the guitar go out of tune as soon as he uses the whammy bar, then it quickly cuts (to retune) and it's taken off for the rest of the demo haha
bone nut ?
Nice guitar but I would definitely upgrade the wiring and pickups.
Cool, put a smile on my face
The downside to the tone of single coil pickups: 60-cycle hum. This guitar could really use a shielding job.
Yo is that guy wearing yoga pants?
What is the song on the 43 seconds in the beginning
i never realized how much a tort pickguard and witch hat knobs could make a difference on these squier jazzmasters
I have the same Guitar (Sun Burning Design) and satisfied with its performance and Price. This is nice.
What a beauty
I sold my soul for the second time
I don't know, but it seems like the neck pickup was louder and more least to my ears.
Awesome review! Where did you get those Old-School Cabinets in the background? They look great!
The guitar includes the case?
I don't know if it is the guitar or your playing. I was about to buy one of these now am not so sure
Hey man does the J mascis have the same bridge problems as you’re vintage modified?
Sounds bad on od
Stunning guitar.
Is this coming with Mastery Bridge?
Getting this but left handed. Also love Oasis ;)
Wait it came with a gator hardshell case?
Hey brotha I'm having trouble deciding between the mascis squier or the new 2019 squier jazzmaster which is better?
Great review! You have no idea how happily surprised I was to hear The Importance of Being Idle
Unpaper video - That was funny haha. Nice guitar! Which one is your favorite from your collection?
I have one too. Same color as well. Great design an awesome sound. An axe treasure indeed.
Those are nice, thinking of getting one. Believe it's an Indian Laurel fretboard, though. Rosewood is getting endangered, I think it's protected in most places so it's getting phased out. The sunburst version has the option of either IL or RW, but tbh I'm not sure there's much actual difference between them.
i really like the paper on the outsidei love how black the case isi have all your records.,.

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