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Buy Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours: Red
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Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Basswood Body
  • Maple C Shape Neck with 22-Medium Jumbo Frets and rosewood fingerboard
  • Duncan Designed single-coil pickups
  • Vintage-style bridge with non-locking floating vibrato
  • Vintage-Style Chrome Tuning Keys
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours:
  • Red

The lowest Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Price in India is ₹52,937 at Amazon.
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Fender Squier 0302000509 Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Guitar Review
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Guitar | Reverb Demo Video
Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar | Review Demo
Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster & Jaguar Demo
Get the new Classic Vibe Jaguar here: https://imp.i114863.net/q1EyL Mustang Bridge: https://amzn.to/3m0INoo Fender Adjustable Bridge: https://amzn.to/3dL7YZo
Awesome thank you
The action is too low. I can hear it.
Mine is over 9 lbs. It's heavy. Having said that, I love it.
A Squier is a piece of fucking shit!!!!
I like more the jazzmaster guitar
Looks like the father of podcastage
What song did you play in the very beginning.?
That mic you are using sounds very detailed. However, it's hot/hard sounding. There's a peak at around 4khz that makes not only your voice, but more importantly the guitar sound a bit thin and clanggy. Reminds me of a modern ribbon mic.
What a comment pro, you are so patient and respond so well. Not a guitar for me, lol. I’m a bass player anyway. Don’t like the out of tune bridge thing, that would drive me crazy, but great demo. Squire should be paying you commission. Lot of buyers here.
Thanks ! Mark !
really nice sounds! pretty good player
I have a gut also. . It's cool. You do play great though. That's all that matters. Stay away from the covid!!!
Nice Gut bro
Just spent my monthly wage on this guitar absolutely buzzing🤣
how did that mustang bridge you ordered work out? Since the Squier is made in china, which bridge did you order? was it a drop in?
R-I-N-G every fender collection needs one of these😎
Name of the sound
I gotta say this is one of the best gear videos I've seen. The playing and program show this guitar perfectly. Thanks, you made my day!
R-I-N-G. every fender collection needs one of these😎
Bought one. Since people doesn’t seem to be where my happiness is, I felt in need of a new toy to keep me alive. It seems to be a great musical instrument. Now my Grunge-like, 90s flavored noise will find news ways of bothering idiots everywhere.
Super grunge styling with a Jag AND a cardie...! I think this might just be Kurt Cobain reincarnated!! Lol. Sweet guitar n playing dude.
take the distortion off when playing jazz chords
mustang or jaguar?
What overdrive was used to get that wombats "im moving to new york" type sound?
i think squier have good tone too, if we compare this sibling
*Cardigan not included.
where the hell do you get an orange squier VM jag?? i didn't even know they made it in that color
This is what you can do with your Squier Jaguar: https://open.spotify.com/track/6ClZwc95jNtCeCgs2ZAl6G The Squier Jaguar was used for rhythm and lead in the verse and chorus. A Squier Jazzmaster was used for the bridge.
does fender still make the modified series ??
does this have the vintage style bridge? did you have any problems with the bridge
thanks for this vid most of the other ones are all low quality and/or just not the color red
Sound's Nice Great Blues Guitar !!!!!!!!!
Squier rules.
Is that candy apple red? It seems really orange
Where can I find this guitar in candy Apple red color? I Wanna buy it but i can’t find it anywhere . Thanks
I can' find this guitar, is it no longer produced?
Found one of these for 350, should I pick it up? Is it good for shoegaze?
Would any sort of tremolo bar fit on this guitar?
Great Video! Can anyone tell me what is "modified" about this guitar. Thanks
Is this the Jaguar with the bridge issue?
Yes, i have just bought one! Amped!
Alright Rob , just got one of these a few weeks ago...AND i LOVE IT...oh and the Mustang bridge for 21 quid sorted it , nice one :)
Nice review dude! I was just sitting here admiring mine and wanted to listen to someone on YouTube talk about it. Lol. I’ve had this guitar for about 4 years now, and after modding it out a bit (Seymour Duncan pickups, fender pots, stay trem bridge) , it’s become my favorite guitar. I like it even better than my MIM strat and my buddy’s MIM tele. And with my purple pick-guard it looks majestic as fuck. If you want a jaguar but don’t have 800+ dollars to spend on a new fender, or haven’t been able to track a used one, this is a damn good alternative. Don’t let the “Squier” name fool ya, this is a quality guitar. And if you invest a little bit of money into customizing it, it’ll play just as good as any of the MIM fenders, in my opinion.
Just ordered a sunburst one I'm so excited to give it some work and all the TLC
I got the same colour...bridge kept dropping through vibration. Swapped it for mustang bridge....real tone killer...put original bridge back on...loctited height screws on bridge posts. (put 11s on it straight from box...i play CIJ jazzmaster too...and had CIJ jag) ...this thing plays lovely now...stays in tune....and i have a Dick Dale style for surf......GET ONE....theyre great guitars
Is it correct that the vibrato system is poor quality and makes the whole guitar out of tune if used?
What bridge replacement would you recommend?
So its either this or the J Mascis jazzmaster for my first guitar ... what would you recommend?
At 2:19--regrets not attaching the tremolo arm.
Don't you always think these beauties look very "Steampunk" in design ?
Would any squier guitar relic well at all? I love the look of a sunburst fender, with some relicing.
dude instead of changing the bridge just use thiccer strings
I have this and its surf green under the white lol
Your review made me pick one of these up yesterday and I LOVE IT OH MY GOD you can do almost anything with this thing
I've never before heard the upper tone controls described as the 'lead circuit'. I believe it was always the 'rhythm' circuit'.
Look at that fucking gear that twat Rob is wearing. Holy fuck.
Top selling cause everyone wants to look like Kurt Cobain. I don't see the use of them over other models. The price is so low because it's a fucking Squier and it doesn't matter what model you get it's the part's that make a difference. Owe and get a better fucking guitar player to show them off if you want to sell them.
Jag looks cheap and shit.
these same guitars are now £379 fucking hell talk about a price increase.
Is it Norwich????
P90s in jazz master ??
they played polly chords but they it turns to j mascis songs style ha ha xd
A bit late to the party, but still....The J Mascis sig model has the tunomatic/adjustomatic bridge as standard, and also with super high action lol. JM said he likes high action, which is certainly a result from doing the straight bridge mod. Action on mine is high, as was another I played in a store. Going by youtube vids it looks like you need to counter sink the anchors, or shave off the top bit of metal so the studs and bridge all sit a bit lower and closer to the guitar, in turn lowering the action of the strings. That seems to work, and I may try. Hoping to get lucky first cos the strings are too high off the nut, filing the slots to the correct height should allow the bridge to be lowered too. That might be enough for my personal tastes as it's already a joy to play, I'd just prefer slightly lower action and it'd be an extremely slick guitar. A high end player for a mid range price.
Got the mustang bridge for mine. Helps to wrap the posts with electrical tape for a tight fit. Uses a 1.5 mm hex wrench for height adjustment. Due to 24" I use 11s.
Mustang bridge is a different radius than these bridges. Not a great Idea.
The new models have the mustang bridge and block inlays
For those people who don't know what a Jaguar is,- either do we...
This trem is so noisy!! Squier have to upgrade their trem systems, on this model as well as on their strat classic vibe...
So cool to see this and know that this model has been upgraded with the Mustang bridge
I know this video clip is 7 years old, but I am seeing this for the 1st time today, I bought that exact Sonic Blue VM Squier Jazzmaster in Mint condition for $275 USD with shipping in 2018. It was copper shielded and had the Mustang Bridge revision. Previous owner had the bridge turned around incorrectly with the screws facing the pickups, so her or she probably got frustrated with trying to tune the guitar and it landed in my hands ( thank god ). I took the guitar in my local guitar center and did a side by side comparison with the $1100 MIM Jazzmaster running through a Fender Deluxe and was very happy that my Squire model sounded crisper and better in my hands that the MIM that had the Fender Vintage pickups, perhaps that's due to the stock Seymour Duncan P/Us in the Squire version. Long story short the Vintage Modified series is outstanding and if you can overcome the logo disparity, you will love the VM series. The only other other mod I did was upgrade to CTS pot and did a light sanding on the back of the neck as the glossy finish is not for me. Now looking for a VM Tele Version as we speak, thanks for the great video !!
If you like the Jaguar/Jazz master, then you need to see the GT handmade version. Available on E-Bay.
That intro made me do the Butthead “uhhhhh” face.
You have the switching on the Jag completely wrong.

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