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Buy Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar online at Flipkart Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Colours: Black
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Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Body Style: Fender Style Dreadnought
  • Finish: Gloss (Polyurethane) Top: laminated spruce back and sides: laminated mahogany
  • Neck: Nato Fingerboard: Sonokeling Number of Frets: 20
  • Genuine Imported Products from USA, prices include import custom duties and taxes with free shipping to your doorstep
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Colours:
  • Black

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Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

Fender CD60 V3 Dreadnought Acoustic - Review & Demo
Fender cd 60 v3 (version 3)|Unboxing and Review | Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar | Affordable Premium |
Return Of The Classic !! | Fender CD60 V3 Unboxing And Review
Fender CD 60 review
The sound is kinda "fuzzy" (or, rather "gritty"), as if the strings are wrapped with some material (other than that bronze on lower 3 ones). Or is it a fret buzz?
get an older one, rosewood all the way
This or Yamaha F310?
Did you play Cast No Shadow? Nice!
Black star?
Howd you know I was looking to play radiohead songs? hahaha
Black Star, cheers mate
Sounds great, might get one of those :)
and the most important bit of information. What strings are on it?
Nice review and demo ! I have reviewed it myself on my channel as well.
Fender cd60 vs fa 125 Which one is best ??
Just spotted the Portsmouth Football Club Guitar in the background!! You need to DEMO that bad boy SAM!! haha
Are the strings steel or nylon?
3:12 can please anyone tell which song is that?? I want to play it please help me out. #PMTVUK
What song does he play?
Hola , recientemente he comprado una fender cd-60 v3 nueva y cual ha sido mi sorpresa que la selleta del puente va pegada o encajada de tal modo que no puedo sacarla para poder sustituirla por una de hueso, ¿me podrias decir si eso es normal y la forma de sacarla? un saludo
Ok Iam a beginner player is this one better then the FA125 Iam confused I want this one it comes with a great package
I'm getting mine today, glad to hear about the low action , I bought the Epiphone dr100 in black , but after ten minutes my fingertips were hurting like hell as the action was so high especially round 12th fret ! So hoping this will be better ! Will keep you posted ( if anyone's interested 😯!) Update ! Excellent , have had it 3 days and only had to tweak the tuning once , action very playable , finish is really nice . My worry was / is the fret board , I bought a Squire Sa150n from argos but the black finish on the fretboard had started to come off after 2 weeks , I'm presuming it was just cheap wood stained black to look good ? Anyway up to now all good !🤠
were those some radiohead demo songs? haha sweet
Cd60 vs cd60v3 which is better.please comment
Can you please suggest me Yamaha f310 or cort ad810?
What is the country of origin?
You seem like a really cool, down to earth kinda dude.
It's dimensions is same as Cort add810
bhai iski total length kitni haa?? google pe 37 inches dikhai ha ..and u told 41 inches??? plis hellp
Thanks for the unboxing bro! Is it made in Indonesia or China?
Bro...please tell me the Strings Spacing of this guitar...cuz i want to buy a guitar for finger style
Thank you sir! im getting this today😍
How much time does bajaoo took to delivered this. after your placement of order ..?
Yesterday i bought a yamaha f280...My finger is an big issue for me because my finger is big and some basic chord are difficult to play in yahama f 280.. that's why I returned it...bt now i am looking for fender cd60 v3...is it good for me according to my review.. pls help me ???
I didn't like this model. I ordered it today and found the sound to be too metallic.
If I've a budget of 10k then why going for fender..?? Yamaha F310 is a best and better option and it's a most famous Accoustic guiter in last 6/7 yrs...
Hi bro i was thinking of buying the same, may i know how long it took for you to get the product shipped to you from Bajaao and how were their services considering corona as a factor?
A little tip for buyers: Don’t buy from online stores rather purchase it offline because of authenticity. I have been tricked by amazon for selling me duplicate brand.
Allen key* truss rod is inside the guitar😂😂😂
Nice explanation! 🖤 But what is your review if you compare this guitar from Fender Fa 125. I want to buy a guitar and I am confused in these two. The bridge and fretboard of CD60 V3 is made up of walnut and Fender FA125 bridge and fretboard are made up of rosewood both have diecast tuner. So which one is better? And why? I am confused plzz solve my issue!
Did you pay anything extra for shipping charges ?
Great review ! I have reviewed this guitar in Hindi on my channel as well !👍
Please give buy link .....jisse apne ye guitar mangwaya h ...
Epiphone ej 200 sce guitar, performance bathaiye sir
What are the string spacing of both the Guitar....
How much would it be good as an intermediate guitarist
Hi there... really appreciate your content. Can you recommend a guitar between CD60 v3 and Kepma EDC (sound being the major parameter, personally like a nice warm/neutral sound)... thank you :)
Could u be anymore perfect 😉
This one vs kepma edc for a beginner?
Sir .....its hardly request from me sir can you the fingerstyle lesson with capo tht you play...the first..
Fender cd60 V3. Vs grail d500c which is better
What's the difference between cort ad810 vs cd60 V3 ?
Sir aapki video dekh kar maine cort ad810 kharid liya over 310 mere friend ko bhi kharidna hai ab guitar toh kya cd 60v3 uske lie best option ho skta hai or ho sakta hai toh kyu ?
Which one would you prefer? - This one or grail 500c in terms of sound quality (assume no prefence in shape)
Brother, I'm so confused between this Fender CD60 V3 and Cort AD810. What would you recommend? Help me. Cort is going to get delivered in 35-40 approx 2 months. Fender is going to get delivered early.
fender cd 60 or Cort AD810?
Fender and Yamaha budget acoustic guitars has very dry sound , mid frequency are to hyped up, in same price range Washburn and cort/Ibanez has better tone.
8:33 nice blue sir !!!
Suggests strings for CD60 Mahagony
Walnut or rosewood fretboard is good?
What iwll be the prise if i baught it from offlinr store??
Maine ye guitar order kiya aur kafi aacha guitar hai. iski fit and finish bahoot hi premium hai. lekin muzhe ye guitar thoda sharp toned laga.
Hey! Really NiCe review but i have a question..im trying to find a loud guitar with a nice Bass.. would you suggest me this guitar or epiphone dr100💖
Awesome! thank you...i was wondering why when i hear some people play they are buzzing all over the place ...now thanks to you i know
You should review a Redding one day. They're really good and cheap.
That's a great review
I needed a second acoustic and went to my local guitar store strictly to buy an Epiphone DR100 - while I was waiting for the guy to grab the Epi from the store room I picked up the Fender CD60 and started to strum. Long story short, I came home with the Fender, and I love it!!
I played one in a store...sounds flat.
The way he played, blew my mind 🔥
you include so much info. A good luck at the guitar, a sam;le of the wood and the sound. I really like you man Im gonna watch more of your stuff.
Thank you so much for that. All guitar reviews should be that useful and concise!
highly useful review as I have the same guitar on order. Thanks Sir
good vid mate, thank you
Just got mine. Needed little tuning. Good base sound. Plays well. Only thing is I don’t like needing to wipe smudges off because so shiny.
you’re awesome and i can see you have a big heart and passion 😎
This thing looks like something Johnny Cash would use.
I have this guitar, and have played it for over 10 years. I bought a Taylor, and as crazy as it sounds, I felt like I was "cheating" on my Fender every time I played it.. Sure, there are better guitars out there, but for the money, these play and sound great.
you even cut off one chunk of the guitar to show us the kind of wood it is made of, thats passion bro
Always wondered what mr doubtfire sounded like ‘help is on the way dear...’ lol jokes aside good review :)
Song 3:40?
I have it and I love it great guitar!

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