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Buy Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue Colours: Blue
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Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue Features

  • Two Standard Tele single-coil pickups offer a great range of classic and contemporary tones perfect for Country, Blues, Rock, and Pop
  • With a modern C-shaped neck, 9.5" freeboard radius and medium jumbo frets, this neck feels fast and string-bending is a breeze
  • 6-saddle strings-thru-body Tele bridge allows for improved intonation and individual string height adjustment
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue Colours:
  • Blue

The lowest Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue Price in India is ₹100,772 at Amazon.
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Fender 0145122502 Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar (6 Strings, Left Hand) - Blue Reviews from YouTube

Guitar Strings Guide
2017/2018 Fender Standard Telecaster (Made in Mexico)
Nylon String vs Steel String Guitar! - Which One Should You buy?
You’re Probably Using The WRONG Guitar Strings
I didn't know Chris Pratt plays guitar
This was insanely helpful, thank you!
Christian Bale!
finally the video ive been looking for. i am relieved. thank you so much.
And write the date on the pack.
What woiuld be the best acoustic steel strings for a beginner - something easy on the fingers?
I just buy strings and leave the store 🤷‍♂️idk what get but if it plays I'll take it
Great vid 👍🏽
hi so i’m pretty new to the whole guitar world so i’m not really sure what strings to get. i play a fender strat and i like to play a lot of indie and alt rock songs, any recommendations on what strings to get?? :)
Can I use 0.12 gauge on my Yamaha F310,a laminated guitar?Because some people said that laminated guitar cant use strings bigger than 0.10 gauge
Im totally confused....totally. i acquired an Acoustic Electric guitar. I DO NOT know what rype of strings to put on to replace the smallest string as it is broken. The guitar already has 5 strings that appear ro be in good condition....just need the smallest one. HELP!
1:41 dwight is getting real good at guitar!
What is this, Daddario advertising?
Thank you, I been playing for decades without taking lessons or learning to read music and I never knew all the differences you showed me here. Thanks again.
Great video and informative as always. What strings would you suggest for a Clearwater/Vorson Electric Ukulele - I've tried Ernie Ball 10's, but seem to be bending the chords as I fret them. Keep up the awesome work and Stay Safe.
I recently got a guitar and I'm missing one of the strings, wanted to know if string packs came with all 5 string types for acoustic guitars?
i just pick which ever one has the best looking packaging, ernie ball cause it looks like candy, and d'addario nyxls cause they look like they are top quality
The only cheesy thing about going up on guitar string gauges is having to adjust the truss rod & springs!
Me XL 10s
Come back each Tuesday for the next few weeks for a new Telecaster video! #teletuesday?
Great video! im thinking buying myself one of these, also left handed, but made in 2014 as a 18 year gift and also to be my first real guitar.
Had mine for a little under a year now, mines lefty too but candy apple red and the neck is flamey as! :P Your right about the strings too i've put my faveorite 10's to 52's on it and i love it :)
I love my MIM Tele, but I have an issue with noise, even in the middle position and playing clean. Any ideas?
I have the same guitar do you have the specs?
Hey an American standard 1991 up.for sale $1250 sounds good Shane yeah ?
OK , so I have a 3 color burst Fender American strat, which I love! I've been thinking of getting a fender professional Telecaster to match it, but everybody I talk to is raving about the player series pickups. Would I be happy with the player? Or should I try to find a Mexican standard? What do you think? It sounds fantastic!
Sounds great I will purchase a MIM
Aww jeez i thought i got a good one, but they're all good. real tone, mine was 450cdn, which is what, 25$ everywhere else in the wurld eh?
hard time getting the strings through the body
I just bought one from someone selling mint condition 2017 in butterscotch blonde $425 US!
Nice chops!
im scared of this guitar wont sound like this through my amp (blackstar id core 10)
00:17-00:20 are absolutely magical
I have the right hand version of this MIM Standard Telecaster. Great guitar and a pleasure to play.I intend to change the white pick-up plate by a black one to better highlight the three colour sunburst. And later on I’ll change the stock tuners by locking tuners.
Is this suitable for pop punk, do you think?
I played one yesterday and it was one of the most comfortable guitars i ever held
Which pickups replacemet do you recommend for achieving more vintage sound? Thank you
Why in god's name did they dip the neck in 40 coats of polyurethane?
Just bought a pristine Telecaster Standard, MIM 1999 build, in Burgundy/white today. She's a keeper. Satin finish neck. 20 years in age, 50 + years in design. Funny, I am 10 miles away from Schecter Research Guitars, 60 miles away from Fender in Corona, CA, USA 230 miles from Fender in MX. Alder wood, while porous, like ash, when in a solid body, makes for a heavy guitar. 8 to 9 #'s worth.
I think nylon sounds better when finger picking I like it as a finger picking fan
If you can't play nylon you could always use them for fishing.
7:08 DOG!!!
hi i will be happy to know what the name of the music that you play thanks "-)
Darrell, you've really set the bar this time, wow!!! Great comparison, and inspirational, impeccable playing!!! So impressed, bruh! You rule!😋
A million thanks. I am brand spanking new but you helped me make a decision at 66.
What song is he playin during the finger picking like 3 minutes in?
My steel guitar doesn't sound like that
cut your fingernail on your right thunb....grosss
Nylon strings wins over steel
I only have steel stringed acoustic guitar but I want to have nylon stringed guitars also. Both guitars have their own unique tone/sound.
What was the song used for the solo?
2:40 what is the name of this song,please
would have thought the steel, but i like the nylon a bit more
Imagine using nylon Steel string gang where u at
Appreciate Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Riddleagan Skillful Playing Remedy (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning complex guitar chords and become a pro minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy at very last got astronomical success with it.
Steel sounds great.nylon is off on some sound
I like steel one and i have steel Just nonsense
whats the Song at 4:30
Nylon sounds better to me
I’ve always been amused by metal guys thinking they need to tune down with thicker strings to sound heavy, most heavy is in the player
If a guitar monster like Rick was towering over me like that behind a beast Marshall amp giving off those Star Wars evil emperor vibes watching me play, I'm pretty sure I'd have a nervous breakdown on the spot
Doesnt this all depend on the sound you are going for...the 11s to me sounded fuller and richer...getting towards the 8s it sounded more piercing and harsher...neither one is good or bad, just depends on what your goal is....
The only thing I picked up on was the lighter the gauge, the tinnier the sound. I love my 8s, but maybe 9s or 10s would be better sound for me.
Hmmm I use light strings on my acoustic but heavy on my electric guitar.
I'm an 8s or 9s guy. The only time I preferred 11s was on my old Kay from 67 with pickups that somewhere between single coils and p90s.
Who is this "Stevie Ray Vaughan" person?
I'm just going to say YES before I even watch this video. Strings are so important and can totally change a guitar.
11 is biggest? Ha 12 Not Even Slinkys for me!
Unless you have an iron grip I could never imagine using anything above 11s. Even for super low drop tunings seems crazy to me
Use 9's and be done with it.......
Great video! When I first started I used light strings (8s or 9s can't remember which). I switched to 10s purely because I was told by a guitar tech that it would be better for the neck in the long term and for general stability. However, he may have meant it was better for the specific guitar I played at the time, which isn't very stable in the first place. I have wondered whether switching down a gauge might be worth trying. This video might be the inspiration I need to do an experiment of my own!
I’m using 13s on acoustic. Improved tolerance and warmer sound 🤪🤪🤪
I admit, smaller gauge strings tend to sound better, but I snap everything on the market except Power Slinkys.
all sound the same to me.
I ordered two lots of 8's after watching this video. By the way I love the Beano book!
Earnie Ball now has 8.5-40, the mighty Slinky's! My new favz!
Right on. But what about tuning down to D or C. I’m always getting. U need thicker strings when turning down. Cuz the strings will just be floppy and yada yada. But I say to adjust ur tension then. I’m I right or what. Lmk plz
Man what an unbelievably helpful video. Too bad this information wasn't available when I started playing 30 years ago.
I didn’t hear that much difference to make me switch strings. For me it’s always been a feel preference and playing style with string gauge choice. I play a neck like I shake a persons hand…firm with authority, .009’s feel like they are so fragile under my hands. .011’s fight back a little and I like that!

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