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Fatigue Of Materials Book Reviews from YouTube

Fatigue failure Hindi || Fatigue failure examples || Fatigue failure test || SN Curve Hindi
Understanding Fatigue Failure and S-N Curves
Lecture 35: Fatigue

Great teaching
hum engineers baithe hai logo ki jaan bachane ke liye
Axle of running train me bhi hota h Cyclic loading
Waaah explanation style seriously amazing sirThank you so much
Sir....aap kya btate..hai...mja.aa jata hai akdammm...aapke jaise concept clear krane...lge sabhi teacher to iit,gate, aaram se nikal jayega .....
Very nice explain and informative video's keep it up.Thank you very much
Great sr ji
u explain very well.
Sir, can you explain this - "Stress -Time diagrams for variable stresses"
Fatigueman ka kya kam rehta hia army mai
You are great teacher sir always be happy
Sir DESIGNATION par ek video banado ...plz sir
Best explanation
Learning level .....
Waah sir
Sir explanation ke sath nots bhi add karo video me plz
Thanks sir
Sir does it come total under fatique failure sir just confirm it
Thanks, Really good explanation and great examples.
Sir why stress amplitude is taken in S-N curve why not mean stress
Clarity from the root
neat explanation of all required concepts...
Thank you sir from Bangladesh
Couldn't ask for more ... No unnecessary talks .. .only to the point pure explanation
Ak number...
Thank you from Italy for posting this interesting video
Thanks sir
Sir what should be the grain size to avoid high temperature fatigue
Dear Sir,Last day I had an interview at IIT Jammu, Professor asked me why non-ferrous materials don't show a real endurance limit(Horizontal S-N Curve). I'd no answer, later I searched in Dieter but they had no reason for it. May I get some help?
me likey how indians pronounce "fatigueee"
ghanta bhi nhi smjhaya...isse 10x better book me diya h
sir thank you sir, good video sir
Nicely explaination how about for rubber material is it the same
but why does fatigue occurs? on microscopic levdl?
HELLO, I have an exam in 2 and a half hours. Can you tell me why the initial fatigue results are scattered? Cant find the answer anywhere. Great video otherwise!! Thankyou!!
Thank you very much. This video helped me a lot to understand what is fatigue failure. Your explanation is fantastic.
Just excellent, buddy. I use your videos to freshen up or sometimes even clear the concepts up in my mind. Thank you. :)
please explain in detail rainflow counting in vibration
Nice explanation
okay but why are you yelling
Best video
Can't wait for the Strain Life video. Outstanding presentation of the concepts as always! Thanks a ton mate
Very easy to understand
Thanks for the videos. They're all great!
so clear, ty ty ty :DDD
We would for more vidz..
Thank you !
at 1:28 timestamp, when you said "different applied stress ranges" what does that actually means at the current timestamp? I did not get that part.
Where was YouTube in 1982?!
Please make a video on static theories of failure
please make video on Stokes law and venturimeter
please , do not stop blowing our minds with this amazing videos, keep it up and you can really do much better and download more videos on different topics in engineering, man itd be amazing for all of us in the industry
Great video introducing fatigue! Could mention that damage summation by Miner is only approximation as for variable loading actual loading history can make huge difference. Fun fact initial high loading (even partial yielding) for steels can improve high cycle fatigue.
I am totally grateful for ur videos!!!KEEP GOING!
Good vidio
enjoyed, thank you.
Nice material sir. Explained in simple way.
@20:39, Y needs to remain in the equation
Thank you sir....nice session!
why endurance limit exists for Fe and not for Al?
Excellent quality lectures. Expecting more such lectures from you. These videos helped me with my Mtech .Thank you so much
Sir, why fatigue failure occurs if the applied stress is well below the yield stress?
Any Nandi Sir student here
I don't understand instead of this much quality lecture on YouTube why people are wasting money on coaching centre in India?

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