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Buy Fabdiamond Women's Dress (1104-Bhuro_Brown_X-Large) online at Amazon. Straight Style Sexy Summer Beach Cotton Western Wear Kurti Accompaniments: It's Fully Sthiched in XL Size and Please Note there is no Bottom and Dupa...

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Fabdiamond Women's Dress (1104-Bhuro_Brown_X-Large) price at Amazon - ₹999

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  • Straight Style Sexy Summer Beach Cotton Western Wear Kurti
  • Accompaniments: It's Fully Sthiched in XL Size and Please Note there is no Bottom and Dupatta.-Sexy Mini Dress Club Party dress
  • it's Degital Print Kurti
  • Total number of items sold : only Top (Kurti) Coming
  • Wash Care : Machine Or Normal Hand Wash In Cold Water.

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Very nice collection
White colour too good
Black maxi dress ka link nhi mil Raha hai
हेलो रिया मैडम जी... मैं आपसे कुछ जरूरी बात करना चाहता हूं! कृपया आपके पास कुछ टाइम हो तो आप मुझे कॉल कर लेना...8252071616
Ap jo bhi dress pehante hai back hoke bhi dikhaya kijiye plzz
Ek bat bolu apko Kya meesho se dress gift ata Hain..ya ap khudh buy krte ho??😅😅😅
U are so cute di...😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘
Flaired maxi dresses ka review kijiye in reasonable price with sleves
Amazing collection so nice beautiful dresses.... thnk u so so muchh lots of love😘😘😘 will always share like and comment on ur videos😘
I u bengali
Site v mention Kiya kro Kaha se liya
Di aapke sarre hi hauls bahoot acche or huge ha but ek brr meeshu woolen suit material ya something aisa haul.krro na plz
Hii ria...vry nice haul😍👌👌
Nd i want to buy the yellow one
Mam m from Bhopal nd waha delivery nahi ka option ni h...pincode me service not available bata raha h
Di plz one reply 😍😍
Aapne Jo yellow top pehena hai Woh Kaha se purchase Kiya hai please share the link
Hey guys, I'm sorry for the screenshots I mean they are a little too pixelated so you may not be able see the price properly! Please check the link in the description bar below, that should help. I'm sorry again :)
All this dresses are in my wishlist haha m gonna buy that purple plain anarkali dress 😍❤
Beautiful kurtas
Loved ur earrings too . ❤️
I really love your earrings and kurta you are wearing. Please tell me from where did you buy them
Red color kurta set size kitna hai mam please reply
I think your body shape is pear one.... So do I...😉😉😉😉
Sbse End walaa mene Bhi mngwaa rkhaa h.... Littrely it looks great 😍😍😍😍
I don't like Amazon product so i purchase from this group https://chat.whatsapp.com/DJstruhUj9QGJ2b5YXg6ht
I m also following pichika on instagram🤩🤩
Guys!!! Watch my channel!!! I make videos on kurti designs!!
I liked ur fluent english
Really really really
https://youtu.be/46Pks-76xHA Kurti sets for women❤️❤️
For best fashion http://www.youtube.com/c/divyaFashiontrends
I've got 2 same same kurta's what you got..... Btw you look beautiful 😍
https://youtu.be/qtUnwHf1veI Best collections on amazon
Loved your presentation and way of talking and of course the kurtis..and yea subscribed !
Thank you for watching! I hope this video inspires you to wear your best sleepwear on a nightly basis. I have all of the brands featured linked in the description box. I also have budget equivalents linked in my amazon store. Let us know what your sleepwear style is. Do you prefer nightgowns, tailored pajama sets, casual joggers, or chemises? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon! Love, Jennifer ♥️ ⚜️ Time stamps 0:00 Introduction 0:33 Lessons from Madame Chic 1:40 My older sleepwear videos 2:14 When to get rid of sleepwear 3:58 Use your robes & dressing gowns 4:28 Slippers 5:05 Budget sleepwear dupes 5:33 Lilysilk 6:20 Lusomé 7:22 Cami NYC 7:55 Fleur't 9:02 Montelle Intimates 9:21 Rya Collection 10:24 Conclusion
You have exquisite taste. I loved this episode and the gorgeous collection of sleepwear. I must tell you that I loved your dupes as well!
I'd really like to know the difference of the term "dressing gown or robe" and bathrobe. I mean, who wouldn't chose to wear a dressing robe, as it sounds more elegant. Are they essentially the same??? I love a gown and a robe. I buy matching sets and love them. I line dry all of my clothes. Every stitch. I have for almost twenty years. My clothes look brand new- maybe the styles are questionable as to looking "brand new" but a dryer takes such a toll on clothes. Yes, even the fanciest ones do. Thanks for sharing!!!! PS, really enjoy your guest appearances on the Homemaker Chic podcast!!! XO
I've watched this video this three times with my fiance...so far none of it seems to stick. Can you do a male sleepwear video with your husband? Thank in advance!!!
Jennifer I really liked your books and your channel. When I was in college most girls wore pretty night gowns. This was in the late 70s and 80s to give you a reference. People did not wear short and t shirts to bed . Nor did we wear tshirts and jeans to school. To me it’s a shame how the style of dress was become so crummy in the US. My parents never wore jeans even on a ranch. Father wore suits and ties.I am so glad you promote wearing nice clothes all the time.
Thank you for such a wonderful video! What a blend of beauty and great wardrobe advice. I especially loved the pieces from Rya. I'm feeling inspired to add some nice pieces to my own collection now. :)
I'd agree about ditching old things that don't look as good anymore HOWEVER don't just ditch it because it has pilling on it or the edges are worn or there's a hole; get a fabric shaver to get rid of the pilling, or buy some new trim and sew it onto your garment and repair the hole. If that doesn't save it then get rid of it or get a seam ripper and turn it into fabric scraps for something else. There is no need to waste fabric and we shouldn't be getting rid of things just for the sake of it. Mend and make do is very important and learning how to sew and repair are life skills we should all know.
Cami NYC is so lovely
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I care much more about being comfortable and not wasteful than I care about being presentable (whatever that means) when I sleep. So I'll keep wearing t-shirts that I can't wear during the day anymore.
Very helpful video! I do have a question-do you wear a bra/bralette or something under your sleepwear? I wouldn’t consider my sleepwear necessarily “presentable” because they are fairly thin as that’s what I’ve found comfortable (but it is time for me to let some of it go lol), but I don’t want to wear a bra to sleep. Is the solution to just wear a robe?
Several of the links don’t work. Are they no longer available! Thank you
Sadly it is too cold where I leave to only these outfits alone. Do you have ideas for sleepwear that are elegant and very warm?
I don't care about the beauty of my PJs, but I care about modesty, because, well, sometimes my parents have guests late (at least late too me). Like, if the fabric had become transparent, it's a no-no.
Not sure why I’m watching this. I sleep naked.
You totally inspire me! Asked for some new moisture wicking nightie for Christmas!
I have to say though, I still don't get why pj's are so important according to you. Is it a "women are supposed to be feminine and adhere to 1950s beauty standards at all times" thing? Is it "if you have a high standard for yourself at all times even when at home, you will be more succesful in other areas"? Is it "feeling put together in your clothes will make your self esteem and quality of living better"? Like, I'm not sure if you're really sexist or really empowering. Do you have the same standards for men?
People don't consider how nice it is to have good sleepwear for travel and guests! I'm not throwing out the oversized comfy sleep shirt cuz that's not me... But I always feel more comfortable if I feel like I look better when I know I'm going to be, or could be seen in my sleep stuff!!!
Yo viendo el video con mis shorts aguados y playera del PRI llena de hoyos: 👁️👄👁️
Diii awesome 👌 video Dii plz shooes k liye koi video bnaiye
Size Kya Liya ho apne lather jacket ka
Suggest for beach wear
Yeh Myntra ku open ho rha likha hn flipkart hn😂😂
Hii di Face ke liye best sirum btaiye n kon sa sahi rahega
Ur jacket is soo beautyful can u plz tell me aapne kaha se liya h
No makeup makeup look
U look beautiful di..😍😍😍Wow amazing collection 😍😍♥️♥️ beautiful collection 😍 ❤ ♥ 💖
Mam Jo kurti or jeans k sth phnne wala hai plzzz uska price btaiye or link dijiye plzzz plz
White wala jacket warm hoga ya nahi
Bamboo..... Not bambu.... Work on ur pronunciation.. U really think about this
Mam Allen soly mustard blazer ka size kya mangawaya aapne... Plz btaye
Apne jo jacket phna h vo kha se lia h plz btao
Di apne jo jacket wear keya h uska link share kijiye pisss
Aap kuch kurti pe phne k liye winter sweater ya coat ya blazer ka haul kre jise kurti pe phna jaye
Athena ka same maroon coat flipkart pe 2700 ka hai
didi black leather jacket m aapka size kya hai hai plz bata degiye..
Hey dear jo aapne Jegging wear kiya hai kaha se buy kiya plz rply me