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Buy EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera online at Amazon. IP/Network CCTV Cameras EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera Colours: White
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Buy EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi Video Security ...

About this item. Note:Please note that the Micro SD card is pre-installed in the unit. You would need to open the panel underneath the camera in order to ...


EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi Video Security ...

Amazon.in: Buy 3 Cameras Kit + 16GB SD : EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi Video Security Cameras, 3 x 16GB Micro SD– Three Pack online at low price ...


EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi Video Security ...

Amazon.in: Buy 2 Cameras Kit + 16GB SD : EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi Video Security Cameras, 2 x 16GB Micro SD– Two Pack online at low price in ...


Buy 1 Camera Kit : EZVIZ HuskyC HD 720p Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi ...

[Reliable Outdoor Security for Your Home] EZVIZ Husky surveillance camera systems are IFTTT capability for connecting to IoT smart devices and voice control ...


EZVIZ Husky Dome HD 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Video Security Camera

WIRED AND WIRELESS connection options for connecting over Wi-Fi or using PoE to power and connect through one cable. VANDALISM PROTECTED with an IK10 Rating for ...


EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera Features

  • For Support upto 128 GB Sd card of Storage.
  • VIEW anywhere anytime through the EZVIZ app, which lets you see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place. Secure and encrypted using multilayer security. Amazon Alexa compatible, the Mini C2C can also be controlled by other smart home loT devices through IFTTT.
  • HD VIEW, NIGHTVISION, AND ALERT NOTIFICATION - Get video anywhere, anytime through the EZVIZ app. Long distance night vision up to 100 feet for excellent coverage when it's dark
  • Convenient to set up, align and operate. DIY product with no requirement of installtion service. High Quality magent to attach the product on walls, doors etc. No longer requirement of cables, DVRs and moniter bringing down the overall cost of installation of CCTV . If still issue persists kindly contact on the below numbers and a call back can be arranged for you.
  • IP/Network
  • CCTV Cameras
EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera Colours:
  • White

Find the best deal on EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera Price in India is ₹4,499 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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EZVIZ Husky Wi-Fi & PoE Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Color White
feature Smart home camera with IFTTT capability for connecting to IoT smart devices and voice control with amazon echo. Always adding new features and functionality with one-click updatesView anywhere, anytime through the EZVIZ app, which lets you see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place. Night vision up to 100 feet for excellent coverage when it's darkWired and wireless connection options for connecting over Wi-Fi or using PoE to power and connect through one cableWeatherproof ip66 rated and works in
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number EZHUSKYC
Item Weight 621 g
Manufacturer EZVIZ, Inc.
Product Dimensions 19.5 x 9.8 x 14 cm
Size 1 Camera Kit

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"also aswell" :)
How days backup in 64 gb?
Hi Henry I'm a senior so I need your advise, I do have this camera installed and I find that its interfering with my mobile phone camera when I take pictures on my mobile I can't up load and it gives me an error code '' is there someway I can retrieve my mobile pictures I also have another outdoor security system 6 cameras
can you also turn off the alarm on the camera?
Hi there, thanks for a great review! I'd like to ask a question. I plan to mount the camera so that it will aim towards a tree that moves a bit when there is a windy weather. Do anybody here know even from their own experience, will this tree motions starts alarm and send me notifications even when i set up the lowest camera sensitivity? This is obviously not what I would want. Thanks in advance!
Can i disable the wif and use only the wired connectivity?
absolutely superb review. I've been searching the net for a small home cctv system and now I've found the answer, brilliant
Good job. But mine cannot configure. Mine is c3wn. Giving me a hard time to pair
Where video of where to mount it to home?
How do you hide the ethernet connection? I end up drilling a pretty big hole to get the ethernet knuckle through the wall so the camera sits flush on the wall. Any tips would be great.
How do I turn on audio if it is off by default?
Do you have to get a monthly subscription for this device?
Hi there Agreed very easy and nice product. My question is when i reach work and connect to that wifi what do i need to do to still view
That camera has a AP hotspot mode
very well explained. this video is a must see . I would also want to know where I could possibly search for an Instruction Manual ( Not the quick start guide that comes with the box) It's not available on their (Ezviz website) Also does the sd card overwrite the recording once it's full? Thanks.
Great video on setting up and what the camera does. I've bought this camera, not installed yet as I'm struggling with cables etc. Maybe I'm missing a trick but why have a water proof coupling for the Ethernet cable and not the power supply connector? If the waterproof coupling is outside then so is the power supply connector ? 2nd is the power supply isn't long enough I need to drill through a cavity wall behind camera mounting spot for power supply but I need the Ethernet to run along outside wall to another point of entry so how can this be done. Help please thanks sj.
Can the trail lead be easily disconnected and reconnected to that it can be passed through a rubber flange into a junction box to ensure the connection to the power and RJ45 cables are water proof?
Can you use it as a live cam broadcast on YouTube and earth cam?
Review without a footage? Useless.
This is one of the best product review videos I think I've ever seen, and it seems to do everything I need in a camera system. This video review is very comprehensive and easy to understand. One question, can multiple people download the app and use the camera, like myself and my wife so we can both monitor the property? Thanks so much for this video. I have been in the market for outdoor video cameras for about 6 months now, and have read and watched dozens of reviews, and you have sold me on this one.
Buy EZVIZ C3WN: https://pipl.systems/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=ezviz_c3wn EZVIZ C3WN, EZVIZ C3W EZGuard and many other different surveillance equipment are available on the Pipl Systems Store. Get your special offer by specifying you're subscribed as you order :)
Please complete your words and speak clearly.
a good thing to mention. once a camera is registered on one account, it will never be able to be used on another account, you can no longer sell it and be used by someone else
Is it normal that they get very hot? I bought 2 and the 2 get hot quantity
Night vision?
Audio quality?
Is it auto delete?
Why don't pipl tell you what their prices are. I've registered, I've logged I've requested by email, still don't know what the price of anything is. I think I'll keep away from this site. I'm hoping they don't actually have anything to do with Ajax Alarm Systems as I do fancy buying one. (Not from pipl though)
Can't understand a word he's saying
can we configure google drive for storage
What will happen if router spoils ? Do we have to remove the camera and pair it ?
What about the wifi range. And we have to continuously plug in or it will be charge by itself
my outdoor c3wn cannot connect to my nvr because too far, how can i fix this? can i use wifi extender?
Hey, can these cameras be added to an Ajax alarm system?
a ver si haces un video de la C3X y la IMOU RANGER IQ VERSION 2020 pero viendo la camara de noche si emite aguma luz roja o no que la haga detectable . muchas gracias
review C3X in the night? led infrarred in the night ?
How long 128gb MicroSd nonstop recording?
it is awesome review video for my selecting home cctv. Thanks for sharing.
podrías hacer un video con la C3X pero viendo la camara en la oscuridad para ver si se encienden los led infrarrojos (rojos) o no ? gracias.
HI Friend, I want to buy 2 cameras but I don't really understand the difference between the 3 cameras:  / / / Can you explain me camera by camera the difference of this 3 cameras? Tank YOU
Does it do motion detection?
Useless review without test video.
Does it Pan & Zoom?
how do you get the power supply to itas that white cable is very short to get thru the wall
is this camera need internet connection anytime
Special Prize on Amazon installed these cameras on a older zmodo system.>   Picture looks great and installation was simple. For the price? absolutely a deal_*
grrrrrrrrrrrr wont connect
Can the video/still picture recording be triggered by motion (like ring door-bell) and saved to SD card?
Card Micro SDXC is compatible ?
Hei great page ☺ Keep it up!
Hi, is it streaming to your phone or streaming online? Can I view the image while away from home? How much can it record on to 's say 32Gb card? Thank you
iv just got 1 and a 132gb sd card, but iv got mine set up so the video`s and photo`s I take save on my hard drive 1.5TB on my notebook.
Can you tell me WhaT are the cloud plans options are.
I wish you could speak more slowly :-(
Is it possible to connect the camera to any NVR
Hey man, wanted to ask you how exactly do you save images or video's you don't want deleted? Do you have to save them to your Phone or is there an option to keep them on the SD card so it doesn't overwrite? Also what does the camera do when the SD-card is full? Does it automatically overwrite the old data? TY.
Did you plug this into a ISP provided modem ? I had nothing but issues get mine to work. Also if you want an 128gb microsd card to work you have to call and have EZVIZ push an update to you camera.
How's the resolution quality ?
I've had this camera up for a few days now. The only point of frustration so far is that 24/7 recording to the SD card means motion detected moments are not bookmarked on the recording timeline. It seems like only way to get that is to either not have 24/7 recording on or to use their cloud service. When I click "playback" after being notified of detected motion, it doesn't take me to the time the motion was detected unless I'm using the cloud service.
This camera is very good but it’s always it is necessary it doesnt work.offline bullshit!
That snapshot if from a Eufy Cam 2C
Quick question: what does the "s" symbol on the video footage, next to the date/time, mean? In other videos there's sometimes a "w" there
Hi,is the human motion detection the same at nightmy camera detects me at about 15 meters,beyond that the motion detection falls awaycan move around and even move in front of a light and the camera does not detect me,camera is up to date
I love it,got all my answers from 1 video,that has never happen before.Thank you
I have the older version CTQ3W of these cameras it’s very annoying they get triggered by everything but I was wondering is it the same power supply and cables with this new one because was thinking about upgrading?
Great video thanks! Having trouble recording on SD card any videos would help/ thanks again
love the camera, do you still need the iclould with the sd card.
Does anyone know whether this camera allows you to record 24/7 to micro SD and record only motion alerts to cloud? Simultaneously.
would you say this is the fastest responding camera ? currently have the eufy kit and thy seem very slow :-/
Hi, will you be able to completely disable the spotlight camera and only keep the night vision LEDs? Also did it detect bugs that was flying past? My current cam picks up even the smallest bugs with only LED lights that they seem drawn to so I'm getting constant notifications and recordings of bugs :(
What is the AI Motion Detection Range like at night?
Any update on Motion Alert especially on App responsiveness? Thank you.
Reolink or Ezviz ? which one is better?
Great review. I have just ordered three for my home. I already have the indoor Eziviz C1 and although it is only 720p, the picture quality is good. I looked at Ring and Google cameras, but failings on both of those. Both require a subscription to record, these Ezviz record locally and I can download from the card and reformat in the cam. Looked at the Arlo 4K, battery life is abysmal! (Ring are no better!) If these are only half as good as the reviews I have read, they will more than fit the bill.
My problem with my current Wyze cams is false triggers from headlights scanning across the driveway. The actual car is never in view. Just the headlights shining on the ground. Can you tell me if light shining on the ground triggers this camera?
I’m a little bit confused. Can you go straight to live view from a push notification so that you can use the 2 way audio? Considering this camera instead of a video doorbell.
Eufy: I’m the best home security camera! Ezviz: hold my beer
It's a pity that it looks like they changed the tone sound ("Soft" alarm) to a voice that says "secure area - please leave immediately". I looked forward to the tone notifying me that somebody is waiting at my gate - without chasing them away! Any way to get it back?

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