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Extrusion of Aluminium Alloys Book Reviews from YouTube

Aluminium and Aluminium alloy - Engineering materials :)
Aluminium Alloys Explained
[Hindi/Urdu] Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys
2020 aluminum extrusion Explained In HINDI {Science Thursday}
Copper alloy video pls pannunga sir
what is forms of supply of metal aluminum and its alloy
what alloy kind can i use for spinning process? 1050 or 1100?
Sir,Why purpose of adding sr and ti boron in aluminum while on that degassing time.
Hi what about the aluminum microstructure effects it's mechanical properties vs steel microstructure?
Thanks bro
Tq sir super....
AL-7075 alluminium alloy how effects on aeroplane
What is the work of Zinc in Aluminum Alloy production?
Sir It is very useful and I can easily understand. Thanks for your vedio and for you also
It's lot of useful for my project work.... thank you sir...
Is it Aluminium or Aluminum
I think These are properties
It's very useful
I have learn easily..
Good and clear ..But need audio to grab attention
I want to know about silver alloys
tell us the reason why 9xxx series currently not uses?
Actually good content but with the wrong title. Should put "classification" in to it
Plz make video like this
iPhone 6S brought me here
Right to the point.
Very good! Key diferences explained fast and precise.
what is the not power suppy series....
A four-digits of numerical designation is used to identify wrought Al and wrought Al alloys.the first digit indicate the alloy group for example1xxx is a 99.0% pure Al.2xxx is an Al alloy with Copper as a major alloying element.3xxx is an Al alloy with Mn as a major alloying elementand so on...
"Explained"? really?, Say" Alluminium alloys properties... listed", but to explain means something like "A behaves like that because of that"...
What up with the volume
25 kg copper ko extrusion m kintne ton ka pump lagega
2 baar dislike kare.. haha
Please share your contact details. Need your consultation
Sir how much the cost of aluminium making machine../?
Virender Raj
Job your company
Very usefull content
Great video. Very helpful
4080 aluminium extrusion India me kaha milega
Very impressive content
Good video
, .
Can you post your contacts on info@sica.in
Lotus effect ke upar ek video
Nice Me 1 project pr kam kr rha huKafi help mili Pke is vdo seThanks
Log bol Rahe ha Starlink project me internet free me Mila ga Kya ya Sach ha, and Kya ya sasta hona Bala hai current 4g internet sa
Sir micropython pr video kab aa rha hai
Sir app thora aure chote video me sumjhane ki kosis kure
Different topic

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