EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) online at Amazon. Made of good quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy – corrosion proof, anti-rust and durable Universal fit flexible V-brake noodles can be bent...
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EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) Features

  • Made of good quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy – corrosion proof, anti-rust and durable
  • Universal fit flexible V-brake noodles can be bent to any degree as you need
  • The inside has a clear PE liner with a lubricant on it to reduce the friction of brake line and protect the brakes line
  • To make your brake cable routing much neater and closer to frame
  • Suitable for folding bicycle, mountain, Road bike front and rear V-brakes

The lowest EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) Price in India is ₹1,237 at Amazon.
Buy EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) online at Amazon.
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EXPORA Flexible Bicycle V Brake Noodle V-Brakes Cable Pipe Hose Guide Alloy Blue (54044550EXP) Reviews from YouTube

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Calvin and Parktool are quite simply top tier! 👏🏻👍🏻
I just received an electra cruiser bike for free and it had a missing brake and needed a little TLC. These videos helped me do my very first project on a bike and now I want to do bike projects 🤣
Very good and funny videos bring a great sense of entertainment!
Very interesting about the different cable housing I didn’t know that until I saw this, Great video by the way many thanks for sharing 😉
Hi there Cable Guise just remember if you're putting your spares kit together always have 2 spare gear cables at home and consider taking 1 cable with you when 20km away from home and yeah those clean looking cable caps if without them a tube of Liquid Nails you put a drop on the tip of the cut cable ultimately the best is leave 25-30cm of cable and loop it up like when you purchased the thing brand-new with the bit of glue on the tip, some people say "What about these spares? What about those spares?" The short answer is always answer a question with a question "Why not bring a spare bike? What if your head falls off?"
Calvin really knows his stuff.
This super great🙏
I have another YT channel, Ranging Rover, which is about the Terra Trike Rover recumbent Trike. They no longer make this model. It will become a classic Recumbent Trike, as there are many of them out there still. There are few videos out that tell us about doing specific maintenance on Trikes, let alone specific models. I too have park tools, because when I added my Bafang Mid drive to my Rover, I needed proper tools. I was a tool maker for the auto industry. I don't mind paying good money for good tools. Now I take these video's for regular bikes and apply the lessons to working on my Rover. My vids are not as professional, in fact, I they are more like a shade tree mechanic than anything as I tend to work on my trike while its sitting in my apartments small living room. But I am covering a lot of the same subjects as these videos do. And my viewers are thankful that someone is finally putting out useful vids for our specific need. Meaning us Recumbent trike riders. And I am thankful for Park Tool and Utah Trikes, both of whom put out great videos for us to learn from.
Please send me a free cable cutter , I had finally saved up to buy one from park tool and somebody nabbed it from me!
Doesn't work
Thanks Park Tool and Calvin Jones for an informative video. Will surely follow the steps on how to install these brake cables properly.
such a good tutorial.. thank you so much!
this even worked on my non flat handlebars! :) Terrific tutorial, very helpful videos. Thank you!
Could we google meet, I am so lost on how to do bike brakes, anyone please, email me at masterdude975@gmail.com, we could do a google meet or video call of some sort.
I've just invented a fantastic way of replacing an internal brake or shift cable. 1. Take the inner cable out, leaving the outer cover in situ. 2. Cut a 2" length of old inner cable and feed it into both the old and new outer cables, forming a single cable. 3. Crimp both outer cables to hold the inner cable in place. 4. Push, (Mainly) and pull the old and new cables through. 5. Once through cut off the damaged end of the new outer cable and feed the new inner cable through. Et Voila! I thank you, I thank you.
I just started riding my MTB 2 weeks ago. I was introduced to Calvin Jones through this channel and he's like PhD in Bicycle Engineering. More of Dr. Calvin please
Thanks now I have to go to store
Thank you. The information is very helpful. Hoping for more tutorials
This is very informative; much better than the $128 that the shop was going to charge to do a tune up. I feel more confidant to do the job now.
Nice and helpfull!
Bro , Which lubricant oil is this? Which lubricant oil to use ? (Keeping cost effectiveness in mind).. Request you to comment at the earliest.. If possible make a detailed video..
Good video bro!. Aaj hi dekha
Bhai video aapki mast hai or video banao.....
Disc break??? Mujhe cycle liye hue 3-4 month hua h,daily ride karta hu 20 Km up & down hill...On road....To mujhe kya kya maintance karna chahiye aur kya nhi karna chahiye??mtb 27.5 ,abhitak koi problem nhi hui h,800 - 850 km ride hi chuki...h...
Bleed Kit - https://amzn.to/3jQRyAN Fat Bike - https://amzn.to/33QCtKc LED TV - https://amzn.to/3jUBdLq Great India Sale - https://amzn.to/2GSLwRI
Very helpfull
Thanks bro
Sir where i can buy this type of hydraulic brake with gear shifter???
I want ordnary wire break in condition after removing wire chainging liver are tight. What to do to be free liver brake. Condition
Please review hercules black hunter zx cycle
Shimano oil bark
Plz suggested koro shimano parts kothai pabo
I from india in polpol
I am kishan
Cycle k disc mai agar liner ka blackish laga ho to brake thik se work karte hai kya bhaiya...?
Bhaiya maine just 2-3 din pehele Shimano hydraulic brake mangaye aur property set bhi kiye but wo properly work nahi kr rahe hai.Mere disc pe liner ka blackish kuch to laga hai uske karan to ho nahi raha hoga ye.
Where can we get low price hydraulic disc brakes say me in comments
Brother THANKS alot for this video. It happened with my new bicycle also.. My front wheel brake at left hand ..and rear wheel brake at right hand.. So I want to change my brakes by your kind help.. THANKS from west bengal
this is the dumbest video description i 've ever watched. "How To Change Hydraulic Brake Hose at Home". does anybody understand this video? there is no changing the brake hose. only swapping.
you just swap the cables, not change it.
Thank you men... Such a great help for me i really thought it is difficult .. men that was so simple
Suppose I use another oil at option of hydraulic oil can it works...?
When I tried this by mistake I press my brake and brake is not work after this what can I do...?
Yo Bruh. Before you leave some asinine comment like "whatever bruh. Try taking it on XXX black diamond trail." This video was meant specifically for road and gravel bikes. Too late to correct my mistake in not making that clear. Not too late for you not to be a dick on the internet tho. Bruh.
People referring to hydro brakes as new technology, been around since the 1950s. Not having the ability to manage a hydro brake failure on the road isn't justification for cable brakes, go learn buy the right tools
I'm using cable operated callers with set of 24 year old XT levers (bought in 1998!). I built up a bikepacking rig a few years ago using some surplus parts I had. They work fine.
Avid bb7 are the best cable disc brakes!
My issue with cable discs on drop bars, when your hands are on the hoods, it's really hard to get a good stop (for me), which isn't the same with hyrdos. Similar to your clip at 1:00, I have to drop my hands to get enough leverage to really stop with cable. I used to use flat bars for ages and never had the leverage issue so always ran cabled.
Cable brakes don't have anywhere near the power of hydraulic, I hardly have to press the brakes to stop my bike, the original brake pads lasted 5 years, I have fit a set of hydraulics on my other new bike, cable are rubbish and prehistoric 🤣
Stopping power difference is only marginal.
I'm putting BB7's on my Hanebrink, I'll probably put them on my Sasquatch in place of the hydraulic DB5's and I'm more than happy with the cable brakes on my Rove... Plenty of power for what I do & ease of use. I can't see myself ever bothering with hydraulic brakes again.
Make sense. Another great episode
love your reviews.....ty
I totally agree with Tai Lopez here🙃 Let me add that with cable brakes, you can modulate the pressure. Hydros are just binary on/off. Not all situations require maximum brake power. Sometimes you need a gradual pull back.
Hydraulics win big on modularity and tactile feel. Cables stretch, bowdens twist, and the plastic liner inside those bowdens compresses and wears out. A good hydraulic system doesn't suffer from those problems. It's about the feel under the index finger - immediate and crisp, no squishiness. For me, _that_ is the big win for hydraulics (not the maximum braking torque that the brake can produce, which can be easily upgraded by simply using a bigger brake disc.) Of course, for bikepacking applications, all of the above will matter much less than the fact that it's a pain in the ass to tweak/service hydraulic systems, or even just take them off the bike if you have internal routing (on many road bikes now)...
Just went for a new bike with cable discs over hydraulic, which was within my budget for the exact same reasons.
Micro shift is actually really good
проблема только в том, что гидравлические тормоза тормозят, а тросиковые притормаживают
Do these titles really get more click bait? They must. Nobody ever said cables were better.
Hydro brakes were a solution to a problem caused by the widespread adoption of disc brakes for road/gravel bikes (too little leverage compared to rim brakes), the adoption of which was incidentally just an industry ploy to sell people new shit they didn't need
If you can lock the wheel, you have the same stopping power, regardeless of the system. After locking the wheel, it's the tyre, the inclination and the pavement that will decide wether you stop or not.
Not a mountain biker. It’s funny how you pigeon hole mountain bikers. Steve from Hardtail Party is a big proponent of Paul Klampers. He like yourself builds and modifies bikes for review. If you watch his channel you have more in common than you think. It would be cool if you did a collaboration. The more I watch your channel the more I’m wondering why you come out swinging at air
Thanks Russ - love your channel bro. I've been looking at an urban pub-hopper/grocery-getter e.g. Dew, Verve, Indie, etc to add to my stable. I've been looking past all the cable brake bike options thinking "that's not what the cool kids want these days" LOL. But every point you made really made me stop and think - especially being realistic about my stopping power needs and part availability these days which in Canada these days is horrible in many LBSs.

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