EXPORA 6X Bicycle Stem Screw Anti-Rust M5x18mm Bolt Cycle Screws Hardware Red (54052148EXP) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy EXPORA 6X Bicycle Stem Screw Anti-Rust M5x18mm Bolt Cycle Screws Hardware Red (54052148EXP) online at Amazon. Made of premium aluminium alloy, high strength, high intensity, strong, lightweight, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and durable 6 Pi...
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EXPORA 6X Bicycle Stem Screw Anti-Rust M5x18mm Bolt Cycle Screws Hardware Red (54052148EXP) Features

  • Made of premium aluminium alloy, high strength, high intensity, strong, lightweight, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and durable
  • 6 Pieces high performance bicycle handlebar stem screws bolts with gasket for convenient using
  • Extra deep screw thread and reinforced gasket for safety mounting
  • Great replacement accessories for your old worn screws
  • Suitable for MTB, Mountain, Road, Fixed Gear bike bicycle stems, handlebars repair

The lowest EXPORA 6X Bicycle Stem Screw Anti-Rust M5x18mm Bolt Cycle Screws Hardware Red (54052148EXP) Price in India is ₹798 at Amazon.
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EXPORA 6X Bicycle Stem Screw Anti-Rust M5x18mm Bolt Cycle Screws Hardware Red (54052148EXP) Reviews from YouTube

Titanium Bolts for Bikes Review
How I Removed a Stripped Torx Bolt From A Carbon Fibre Bike Tube
Ask a Mechanic: Adding Style and Saving Weight with Custom Bolts
Remove snapped off bolts
GR5 titanuim bolts? ano po masasabi orig ?
Install on your bike for better review
Hindi po ba sya kumukupas?
Hindi ba madaling bumilog yan?
For brake caliper ito diba?
Anong size ng para sa bottle cage at bolts sa carrier sir?
tunay ba boss yung titanuim na bolts?
thank you sir sa pagturo pano manukat ng bolts hahaha ngayon ko lang nalaman
Thank you for this 🙏
Bro when you drill you need to commit and fully press the trigger lmao I gagged when you scratched your frame 😩
I have staring at my stripped hex nut for four months lol
You should have sent your bike to the professional!
Would have been cheaper to buy a new frame
feeling your pain on this one
Most stressful thing I have ever seen.
Thanks for sharing ur fails!
Thank You so much~!! had a stripped bolt in my 2020 domane - the ryobi set worked like a charm~!! such a relief :)
This gave me so much anxiety, and it was so satisfying when you finally got it out.
god bless you sir
Best vid ever. Know what I need to do to finish my project.
I have an issue with an allen bolt which is in my carbon fork on my CX bike. i changed the disc rotors and I had to finetune the brakes and during this process one of the allen bolts has been rounded... I will try your solution and let you knoe soon. Thanks for the video.
Hey Pez, a couple things that have been handy for me... On every new bike build, I exchange all the bolts I know are going to be subject to wear and tear with titanium counterparts. I've found too many disk brake, stem and seat binder bolts to be made out of substandard metal that's either prone to stripping out or corrosion. Sure, it's an extra spend, but on a bike that costs thousands, $15 in bolts should be no big deal. Just be sure to use ti-prep, anti seize or grease where necessary. As well, as it pertains to seat posts, I use carbon friction paste so I don't have to over torque the binder bolt to keep it from moving.
Руки этому горе ремонтнику надо отрубить по самую шею! Велик жалко(
Left handed drill bits are your friend. You can't get them at the local hardware store. Usually the reverse direction and the pressure of the drill bit gets the bolt out. Actually the CT ones work fairly well. Almost every bolt I have used it on comes out with the pressure from the drill bit alone. The trick is to use the right size drill; smaller than the diameter of the bolt, not the head. The problem with extractors is that they expand the bolt so they are not useful. There are a lot of Youtube videos on bolt extraction made by experienced machinists. Although they make it look easy, it still beats trying to learn on your own. The real problem is holding the bike frame steady enough to drill out the bolt. The steadier the frame the more pressure you can apply to the bolt.
Easy-outs suck on small bolts, as the bolt's heads, or their shafts are not big enough to drill a large or deep enough hole for the easy-outs threads to catch. Next time try this. First soak the screw/bolt with penetrating spray (Liquid Wrench). Wait 15 minutes. Then try to gently tap (using a plastic no-blow hammer) an allen wrench into the damaged Torx bolt head, if it's the right size, it'll be a very tight fit (try a few different metric and sae ones). The Alen should hold fast in the damaged Torx and enable you to easily unscrew the bolt. If that doesn't work, use a hardened pin punch to make a small mark off center on the bolt, outside of the damaged torx area (halfway between the Torx and the edge of the bolt/screw). Then using that "dent" as a starter hole, carefully drill a small shallow hole with a small hardened drill bit. Bit should be no larger than half the width of the bolt's flat area you have to work with. As the drill bites in, drill in a bit less then a millimeter or so in, then start very slowly angling the drill to the right to carve out the right side of hole a bit (90 degrees relative to a radius from bolt head's center to your new hole). What you want is a nice solid "stop" for a small nail (or, better, an old similar sized drill bit) to push against, and some room so when it's placed in the hole it can be at the correct off-set angle to turn the bolt CCW when tapped gently with a very small hammer.
Great job, ten out of ten for perseverance. Well done that man!
I would like to make the following *suggestion*: IF the head of a bolt/screw is sticking above the surface *gently* try to grind a slot by first just cutting the line on top of the bolt/screw and then go progressively deeper with succeeding cuts. If this does not work then you you will have to go with drilling into the screw and using an easy-out bit.
Is there any place a Ti or alloy bolt is not recommend. I had a stem bold snap at my LBS when a very experienced mechanic was tightening by hand.
what make is that adjustable torque wrench tool your using... I need one :.)
Aluminium bolts are lighter than titanium bolts.
Fab video, pointless task...
Torx bolts all the way
sort of unrelated down under do you say a bolt is ceased instead of seized?
Thank you sir
The specialised carpenter's bit can be achieved by simply finding a suitable diameter piece of pipe for the hole. Left hand drill bits are so good that usually you will not need an easy out to finish the extraction : the bolt will extract itself as you're drilling it out. Excellent presentation. I would advise clamping the work, though, whenever possible.
I bought a used bmx bike and the stem bolts were rusted on, I got all of them off except for one and this one is stripped. The worst thing ever is a rusted on and stripped bolt. The worst part is I can’t even ride the bike until I get the stem off to replace the fork with the new one I bought.
Coalas and duck for a 'grand finalle' kkkkk very good video i like it so much
I've got brand new ultegra rim brakes. Need to change the pads to carbon specific ones... One of the cartridge retainer bolts is rounded from the factory. FFS. It's so tiny! If I try and use a tiny bolt extractor and it goes wrong I might invalidate the warranty. I can send the brake caliper off for inspection but that seems like a total hassle
harika bir çözüm teşekkürler
Hi !! very insteresting , but What could be done if the bar threads are damaged by excessive tightening? so that the screw slips when tightened, that crankset is dead ? any solution ?
If the bolts have been properly torqued to specs there shouldn't be any need for butchered allen key heads. I've had my XT crankset for over a decade and the bolts still look like new. But if faced with stripped allen key heads this set would be better IMO. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Broken-Bolt-Damage-Screw-Remover-4X-Extractor-Drill-Bits-Easy-Out-Stud-Reverse/372689593460?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3D8c5aac2671d0465fbadf13bb67a257c4%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D312733405685%26itm%3D372689593460%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
I love tools like that, but hope I never haver to buy them.
Number one man, no doubt about it🤙🤙🤙
Acid works marvelously on stainless
Needless to say that some white grease would have helped avoiding this problem, i guess. If the bolt is stuck heat it up to 120 - 140 Celsius and let ist cool down several time. I know that it will take up all your patience. The tension and release in the metal might make your job easier.
i tryed to drill it out free hand it did not end well
Great video as always, thanks. When running a tap through an already threaded hole, does the tap naturally find its way into the existing thread and clean it up? Or is there a risk it will try and cut a whole new thread and you end up with a mess?
Hello. Thanks for video. This gadget wich you used is very expensive! It is possible to get similar on Aliexpress or Ebay (mayby quality is not the same) called "Self Centering Hinge Drill Bit"
I bought damaged screw extractor from aliexpress just in case. Nice koala-duck ending :)
Good job mate i stripped the thread on my saddle clamp bolt on my Giant propel the shop used the same method as you. I have now invested in a torque wrench so it does not happen again.
Love that hinge centring tool thing.. I'm gunna hunt one down. Not because I need one, because I have to have one..
How hard is the metal in the drill in the "hinge mate"? Will it work on most bolts on bikes? This video is timely for me since I have a broken cleat bolt on some shoes that I like.

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