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Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design Book Reviews from YouTube

Read this book before starting Design | Head First : Design Patterns Book Review | Vikas Kerni
Books on System Design and System Design Interviews | System Architecture | Top 5 recommendations
What is small scale architecture? A book review
it was nice and informative , thnks,it's a request -- make an arrangement to hold the camera , and make a script before making the vedio, as the flow and continuity will not hamper ,,nice review by the way ,
I love the way u talk...feels like u enjoyed it
Honestly man, I don't want to brag but this book took me to another level.
It's really funny book that cover a hard topic like Desing Patterns , I am reading the second edition of this book it's out now.
@Subscribe to this channel for your regular updates by clicking the following linkhttps://rb.gy/u1z0k0
I need it for free do you have it
thank you for this video, i am definitely getting the book: head first design patterns :)
very useful Yogita : - )
Shaadi kar lo mere se
Kya item ho yaar tum..jabardast
An intro to microservices
Really helpful video! ThanksCan you suggest some resources (books/courses) to learn in detail about database?
Does Data intensive book outdated? Since it released in 2018 i believe..
Hai ma'am I am DHANANJAYA from Karnataka, India so I would like to share my decision in my life ..I completed my graduation..so I want to become a system designer..pls suggest how to prepare and what to do next and how to take first..step..I don't know pls say something about this..I hope u I'll understand..what I asking u..so pls..
Best Books for microservices?
what is the difference between system design and architecture?
Did you do your masters in comp sci? Also, what advice would you give for people who are aspiring to achieve your level of technical muscle?
Ma'am, Could You Make A Review Video About " Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software, Second Edition " this Book ?Or Anyone from The Comment Section can Add Your Opinions, That Might be very Helpful... Thanks..
Thank you, that was quite useful. What would be a good insight to have is what order do you recommend going through these books in given someone is just a beginner starting out ?
You have a nice content. Keep going
Thanks a ton. I was actually looking for an os book that lets you build intuition
Can you suggest a book specifically for LLD
Can you suggest a good book for Java multithreading
Thanks! For recommendations of Solutions Architect Handbook .You put essence of the book beautifully. 2nd Edition coming soon with some more advance topics.
Summary - Books to read1. Designing data-intensive applications2. System Design Interview - Alex Xu3. Solution's Architect's Handbook4. Fundamentals to Software Architecture5. Three Easy Pieces
I think "Web scalability for start up engineers" is the best book for system design I have read till date
Wow j feel so old with 15 yrs experience and still only a tech lead..
Amazing review.I'm really thrilled to see my article "The Umbrella Colony" as part of your reviews and mentioned as your favourite essay.Thank you!
nice review, if you could get promo codes for books would be Amazing!!!
Happy to see my project Nest - A Treehouse for Meditation was included in your review :)A very nice boor review!
Can you tell me how to participate in competitions?
Can this book send to Colombia?
I want to buy your 4 courses but need spanish version when will be available for your 4 courses?
Great! Thank you for the review and please do make more.Can I ask what was the book about architecture elements you went through when talking about balconies? Thank you.
I was pleasantly surprised to see my project The COMPACT HOUSE featured in your review! I remember watching your channel for inspiration when i was doing this project!Very good book review!Thank you
Can you make review of SCALE BY Steven holl
It was great! Please keep reviewing architecture books. Plus, please don't forget the landscape architecture ones.
great knowledge
This is soooooo cool content! Are you able to share the powerpoint presentation?
For more details on CBAP Certification Prep - https://techcanvass.com/Courses/IIBA-CBAP-certification-training.aspxCCBA Certification Preparation -https://techcanvass.com/Courses/IIBA-CCBA-Certification-course.aspx

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