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Excel Functions & Formulas in easy steps Book Reviews from YouTube

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Excel Formulas and Functions Tutorial
40 most useful excel formula and functions - excel formulas in hindi - formula tutorial
Excel Basic Formulas and Functions
I have set up my own channel for Excel videos. I'll be sharing all my tips and tricks from 20+ years using Excel. I have worked on very large and complex data sets. My channel details are below https://youtu.be/eXZysZRPKeQ
Great video , thank you somuch
The answer in sum and average is incorrect.
That what I call a very good tutorial on essential Excel functions!
This was so helpful me thinking that Microsoft Excel was so hard not knowing that there is a very useful function in Excel
Long Live Vladolf Vladolforovich Putler
This is so helpful but am using a tablet.
nice video , thank you, but using false in hookup function is weird
Some of these formulas seems like a waste of time. Like the lookup formula. It’s right in front of you so it seems like a waste of time to me.
I guess I just don’t get some things. Formula number 7 combines 2 cells like first and last names into 1 cell but why not just type the name into 1 cell to begin with? Lol. By the time you go through the trouble to create a formula for it I could just type it in 1 cell to begin with. Lol
Very good explanation
This is an awesome Excel Tutorial. I watched this video over and over, and I scored a 90% on my Excel test. Your voice is very calming and your method of teaching is excellent. Thank you so much!
Thank you for your detail instruction
Damn, Mark Whalberg just dropped a ton of Excel knowledge!
Thank you so much. This is so easy to understand.
Like Those Watching in Still in August-2022 ( Really love & Precise not like Other YOU-Tubers to Get your time in return giving you some Piece of knowledge ) Love to Watch & apply these all fx Practically , Average Function. [00:07] Sum Function. [01:25] Sum if Function. [02:31] Count Function. [05:24] Eight the if Function. [13:01] VLOOKUP Function. [22:05] To All Guys Subscribe his Channel :) :)
How to convert table into range??
Thanks a bunch!
Great job man
🏫 Watch my FREE Full Course on Excel Formulas and Functions (New for 2022): https://youtu.be/Y8xhrUa3KH4 💥 Learn the fundamentals of Excel in just 2 hours: https://kevinstratvert.thinkific.com ⏭️ Watch next - playlist with all my free tutorial videos on how to use Excel: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlKpQrBME6xLYoubjOqowzcCCd0ivQVLY
Good evening
To the point and no wastage of time . I used to see videos at 1.5x bcoz they waste a lot of time ,but here I don't need to do this
Hii Kevin Stratvert, my name is harshita. I am from India. I hope you are doing well and i appericiate your teaching skill. Anyone who dont understand the formula in the excel, this is the very excellent platform to learn excel. and also you are looking very smart. May god bless you. I pray for you. Good Bye
Can you please do a video on how to do % in excel
Hey man im really struggling with excel abd doing recipe costings and putting in the right formulas to get the right out come. Please do a video to help
Great. Love this man and his explanation.
superb Mr Kevin
Appreciate kevin your efforts ..💯🙏🏻🙂 i mean sir 🙏🏻🙂
Nice Bro!!!
This just saved me so much frustration liked and subscribed, thankyou
The end was too fast
Thank God for you! I've googled Excel formulas many times and gave up every time! You explain it so easy. I'll watch the full course too. Thank you!
Thnk you
I have no respect you do not now how to Average at all it does not work
This is very helpful thankyou so much
Thank you brother
Thank you so much I am learning this in advance so next year I don't need to learn this thank you for this amazing video.
Excellent, very useful formulas thank you so much sir❤️🙏
Hy dear, Many ak formula dakh Jo Kuch as trh tha {=ROUND()} Ab as ma curly braket q use ki ha or ya curl braket kb use krty ha.?
Thanku Bhai
One of the best tutorials I ever watched. Good Work! Keep it up
hello can you make ggogle sheet formula for me. i am trying but don't know what formula i use?
Very useful video
Excellent video for me. Thanks
ye 2010 excel progrrame hai?
Your video is a nice one. I do have plenty in my channel. Yet, its something i have ever liked to watch the method of teaching.
So useful contents in this video.....Thank u so much sir for make this video
Hi Want to join pls share detail and your mobile number
सर, नमस्कार! अध्यापन एक शास्त्र है. मैं जनता नहीं की, आपने अध्यापक की कोई पढाई की है या नहीं, लेकिन, अध्यापन करणे की अपकी पध्द्त बहोत सरल और शास्त्रीय है. आपका मन से अभिनंदन! आप एसे ही पाढाते रहो. हमे तकनिकी ज्ञान मिलता रहे. पढना-पढाने का काम आगे बढता रहे. बात है की अध्यापन विषय की. 'बहोत काम आनेवाला ज्ञान है.' आप का ज्ञान! कोई भी सीखे कमाने लगेगा. मैं अध्यापक हूँ. बहोत सारा excel ज्ञान आपके व्हिडीओसे मिळता है. मुझे तो आपके व्हिडिओ देखणे की आदत ही पडी हैं. मैं मेरे स्टुडन्ट को भी आपके व्हिडीओ देखने की सलाह देता हूँ. आपके व्हिडीओ देखने से पूर्व; मुझे excel की जाणकारी थी. थोडा काम भी करता था. जबसे आप से पढाई सुरू की विद्यालय का बहोत सारा काम असानी से करता हूँ. आपके साक्षात्कार की आशा राखता हूँ! धन्यवाद!
Nice video sir
Super very informative and useful thanks a lot and keep it up god bless you
God bless You Sir ..You are a boon for people like us who lack at Excel.. 😇your videos are incredible !
Thanks ☺️☺️☺️👍👍👍👍☺️☺️👍👍👍
Very good sir ❤❤❤🥰
Top most 10
That was really helpful .... Thanks A Lot
Thnk you
wowwwwwww AMAZING😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Too clear..............!!!
Thank u
What made you learn this now on YouTube?
This toturial was very very helpful Thanks of that
Amazing video. Thanks for the help. A cinch to understand
very helpful
12 years later and were still watching this
Thank you very much! God bless you
I have interview today thanks for this lesson
Thank you
Year check. 2022👁️👄👁️
I don’t like this

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