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Buy Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves online at Amazon. Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves . Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves available in Colours: Grey

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Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves price at Amazon - ₹8,999

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Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves available in Colours:
  • Grey

Everlast 1200001 Prime Training Gloves Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Everlast
Color Grey/Green
Height 4 Inches
Length 14 Inches
Number-of-Pieces 1
Sport Boxing
Weight 905 Grams
Width 7 Inches

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This vs twins gloves?
You saved me buying this gloves. Do you have any boxing gloves recommendation that is a good for hitting the heavy bag? Of course under 40 dollars also haha.
Those gloves fucking ugly
hye which one is more heavier?everlast prime or protex 2?
These gloves look cheap as hell and ugly af. For another $30 you can get something so much better.
Sparred a guy who used these from another gym once. I had title gloves and my gloves looked huge compated to his. We went at it but he gave me black eyes for 2 weeks.
These fucking gloves cost 96 dollars in most stores here in Norway.... So I bought the rival rb11 instead, not disappointed about that decision
hey man i love your vids keep up the good work i subscribed too
cant hear shit im dippin
In my Country there's not too many option , there are twins and venum but they are very pricey, so my choice is between everlast prime or everlast protex2 which one is better? my purpose is for the heavy bag
Anyone know some great gloves for wrist support?
Hey man I'm just now getting into boxing and was wondering if these were good gloves to start with and the hand wraps do I absolutely need them?
what is the best gloves to hit Mitts? thank you sir
I'm getting those for 20$ :D good deal or not
to spar with this gloves is a crime, I was using Winning gloves and other guy in the gym was wearing this, punches felt like bricks
can you make a video of RDX boxing gloves . thank you 😁😂😂😂
have you spared with them? if so are they any good
Man, you need to the a good mic, I need to turn my volume up to fully understand what you're saying, great review.
Does that back plate help help wrist support at all? Or are they just for good look?
These are considered economy level gloves, as is anything else you can find in your local sports store. Personally I would only use these gloves with the Winning NG2 gel knuckle guards. Those things bring life back into any pair of gloves including economy tier gloves.
Them gloves so fukin ugly
Everlast=low quality
Morbidxone Q, everybody lives how he wants.
I personally don't like Everlast but that glove is good for $50 plus tax.
what is this song name?
I'm a hard hitter and when I punch my partner I can feel my nukel push though
I had my 16 and the out side is pealing like crazy buy the rist top and bottom
considered buying them but idk now..did you ever spar with them?
They add major wrist protection because the gloves have nearly any padding! The whole weight goes to the wrist padding, these gloves are shit
never buy everlast equipment that sells at stores, the quality is simply shit and you can hurt yourself.
Mi a video alatt futo szam cime podi?
Csak egy kérdésem van. Fej vagy gyomor? :D 3:56 ez a mozdulat nekem máshonnan ismerős :P
első like első megtekintés
I was curious about these gloves so today I went to sports academy and tried them on. I wanted to compare them to the Velo gloves I recently bought, models PR15 and PR9, but only now was I able to find the 1910 in the store. Compared to the Velos these gloves felt cheap and hard on the inside. The leather didn't smell like leather and to me the leather felt a bit thinner than the Velo. The design of the 1910 is very nice and yes they are very well made. I don't mind the mesh of the Everlast as I have had Protex2 in the past and the mesh lasts the life of the glove. What i did like was that they are compact and my hand felt tight inside but so are my Velos. I think I will stick to the Velos since they are full leather, smell so nice, and are 20 bucks less expensive around 60USD shipped from UK and they are holding up very well. UK is making very affordable FULL leather good quality gloves starting at 32 LBS about 45 dollars.
Just got mine today 🥊🔥, it is a little tight on me. Hopefully they open up when I break them in.
Are these durable for power hitters? I wear a 16oz in the everlasting power locks white/gold and they are good but I wanted to change my gloves.
Are these good gloves for just bag work?
Did you try classic sparring series? Goes for $200 I am wondering how they are
Can this gloves 16oz use for sparring?
I like the look of the gloves, do the 1910s have good wrist support for hitting a heavy bag?
Can you do a review of this competing them the more expensive Everlast 1910 classic sparring gloves. The sparring gloves are priced at 200 dollars and this ones 80 dollars. Curious as to how the more expensive ones compare to this ones? Also no one has done a review of the Everlast 1910 classic sparring gloves other then some Russian dude. Which I have no idea what he is saying? You do great reviews man. Thank you. I have bought a lot of boxing gear based on your reviews. Keep up the good work 👍🏼
The 1910 are good gloves overall. I got them with discount, 16oz. The thumb attachments were really tight at first, I had to put couple rubber balls in to stretch them out overnight. I really like the protection they offer, good wrist support too. I didn’t expect much from the workmanship though, subpar. I hope they can last me couple years
These gloves good for double end bag but that’s about it
In your opinion are these gloves better than the rival rb2? In Canada the everlast 1910 is at $109.99, while the rb2 are at $89.90
Gloves are a little heavy
80? More like 53$
Let me update my response.after a week of intense use.these gloves are excellent.the thumb area loosened up the gloves are broken in.
Looks like they have no grip bar?
Do they weigh as stated?
Wrist support how is that ?.
These are 1910 training or sparring?
Do you think the 16oz would have been a better fit for you considering it was a bit tight?
These or the everlast mx gloves