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Buy Eurostyle Stylish Waterproof Black Light Weight 24 Liters ...

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Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack Features

  • BAG MATERIAL - This Bagpack is made up of using Polyester material.
  • BAG DIMENSIONS - Capacity: 24 L, Weight: 670 Gm, Dimensions: 34.5 cms x 17 cms x 41 cms (L x W x H)
  • BAG FEATURES - No. of Compartments: 3, Laptop Compatibility: No, Strap Type: Adjustable
  • BAG USE - Its stylish Compartments and Pockets makes it perfect for college going students. Best for casual use.
  • BAG WARRANTY TYPE - Manufacturer; 12 months against manufacturing defects of bagpack bag.
  • Camping & Hiking Bags &Packs
Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack Price in India is ₹935 at Amazon.
Buy Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack online at Amazon.
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Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Eurostyle
Color orange&black
feature Made of High Density - 820 Denier Nylon.Full inside LiningSoft Cushion Handle & shoulder belt.Incredible, Stunning & Amazing Design with utility side pockets
Manufacturer Metro Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Model ES - 10010

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Eurostyle 10010 Trekking Backpack Reviews from YouTube

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Osprey aura 4lbs. But carry weight weightlessly. Antigravity frame is awesome. One of the only bags I could find in an xs frame and straps. Love it
In the campsites below, until what time can the generator be on? A-iPower SUA4000i portable inverter generator, Gas Powered. Yosemite Valley – Lower Pines: Yosemite Valley – North Pines: Yosemite Valley – Upper Pines: I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷
Thanks for this informative video, Recently I was planning to buy a trekking bag and did some research on the internet, so sharing the insights with you guys here - But before buying a hiking backpack, remember one golden rule: Always buy a bag according to your height! It’s very important and if not followed properly, then it may result in some injury during the trek plus, you’ll look like a kid carrying the weight of this world on your shoulders. The golden rule before selecting any trekking bag is that the bag should end above your bumps. The height of the trekking bag can be according to your requirement but just make sure it ends above your bumps. **1. Skybags Weekender 57 cms Black Hiking Backpack (TROP45BLK)** **About:** * This amazing bag from safari comes in a capacity of 49 liters which makes it a perfect suit for short heighted people. * This bag comes with two openings for the main compartment. * The best price to buy this item: **Rs. 3300**. **2. Skybags Unisex Grey & Green Echo Rucksack** **About:** * This bag has a capacity of 50 liters and for this reason, short heighted people can avoid this option. * Comes with one opening for the main compartment and has many zip pockets. * The best price to buy this item: **Rs. 1800**. **3. Aristocrat Hike Rucksack 45 L Backpack (Black)** **About:** * Want to have a bag that should be multipurpose? Then this product will satisfy your needs. * This amazing bag from aristocrat will be a spacious laptop that can also be used for trekking. * The capacity of this bag is 45 liters. * The best price to buy this item: **Rs. 1200**. **4. Quechua By Decathlon Unisex Olive Green Solid Backpack** **About:** * Quechua is famous for short bags which will be very useful if you’re going for rock climbing or some not so aggressive trekking. * Perfect fit for short heighted people. * As it comes from the house of the decathlon, it comes with great quality at cheap rates. * This bag comes with a capacity of 30 liters. * The best price to buy this item: Rs. 1700. For the complete collection, you can refer - Best Trekking Bags under 3500rs in 2021? - The Trends Tradition (
Very amazing video,last week I order the best quality one from
Wowww nice video !!!
Carísimas todas!!!
i used aether ag 70 for 3 years, the back system was the best, but it weighs about 2.5kg and it's not ultralight at all....
The aether/aerial ag series is being discontinued and replaced woth the aether/aerial plus series
Do you know what ULTRALIGHT means ? Piece of trash misleading title 45l laptop backpack
Very helpful video,two days ago I purchased the wonderful product from
Nice, very informative video. Great views too! Thank you.
Where is eiger?
10 best ❌ 10 dear ⭕
Where is wildcraft??
And deuter futura vario too
As far as I know, the best Osprey Atmos Ag, just lack only the price
please help to subscribe to my channel Daniel j 8711
Consina nyimak aja lh asw
This bag is a masterpiece, using since 2 years
great review.
Der Rucksack ist echt top und für 155€ relativ günstig einziges Manko sind die Schnüre... Die Schutz Abdeckung unter dem deckelfach lässt sich auf Grund dieser schnürbänder schlecht zuschnüren aber das ist so ziemlich das einzige Manko
I just bought this today for a projected 4 day hike to the Grand Canyon. I immediately put into it: a tent, a sleeping bag, a rolled up sleeping pad, a cooking pot. When I actually take the hike, i still have to carry hiking socks, shorts, extra pair of shoes for night-time, hiking poles, food, water bladder, first-aid/cleaning hygiene, jackets. It seemed to carry lightly, without effort. It seems spacious and durable.
bro im 175 cm tall, is this backpack large for me?
I do have this bag 50+10. Symbium technology good. It has a outer frame. Paddings are excellent. Has both front and top loading facilities. Came with a water bladder as well. Height adjustable. However downside is, its little heavier. 2.4 kg. Otherwise it's an excellent backpack .
We need this in Egypt please
The weight vanishes wen put on my back and has great and simple featers. Very comfortable aswell I love this backpack
Does 70+10 L model have a detachable top, if yes, does it have a shoulder strap ?
I am looking to buy model 70 + 10... does it have detachable top bag?
Thank you a lot for your helpful review! I would like to ask you if the specific backpack can be locked and how? thanks again a lot for your help!
Hi Ravi, This is an excellent bag review. I am an extensive traveler and I do take a lot of flights where I might have to check this bag in. The video doesn't show how the main bag looks like after detaching the top sling bag. Will the rest of the main bag be exposed with just the tethers to tighten it or it should be acceptable to check-in at the airport? I'm not too concerned if it will be safe from theft because virtually all bags, even with locks are not safe. I am only concerned if airlines refuse to check in the baggage because of the top part which may look very open with just tethers to tighten it and may not hold the content within. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much!
Nice pack. I have checked the specs on a Decathlon website. This pack has a volume of 100 L but can carry only about 15-20 kg. Anyhow these numbers don't make sense, unless I fill up this pack with instant noodles, or two or three uncompressed sleeping bags.I have to do some more research about this pack.
Hi ! What's the HEIGHT of the main compartment/pocket (maybe a close view of it, from the top...?), WITHOUT the "cap" ? I want to "fit" well an 80 cm high object into it . Is it waterproof ? Thank you !
please make a video on how pack a bagpack before going for a seven days high altitude trek in winter
Very nice review. It would have been nice if you would have shown us how to adjust the height of the strap. Is lowe alpine diran better than this in terms of comfort for carrying a loaded pack on your back?
Does it have facilities to lock the zippers? Can somebody please tell if this backpack can be locked, as it is quite necessary while travelling on trains or buses.
Is it possible to take a lock to close up the main pocket?
Can u review the forclaz 70+10 I just bought one yesterday. Need to understand more about its features thanku
Hi, thanks you for your review ! Do you know if bottles slots are large enough to carry nalgene bottles ?
Links to the best hiking backpacks we listed in this hiking backpack review video: 1. Osprey Atmos AG65 Backpack US: CA: UK: ********************************* 2. TETON Sports Explorer 4000 US: CA: UK: ********************************* 3. Gregory Zulu Backpack 55L US: CA: UK: ********************************* 4. Osprey Packs Aether US: CA: UK: ********************************* 5. TETON Sports Scout 3400 US: CA: UK: ********************************* 6. Mooedcoe Mountaineering Backpack US: CA: UK:
Wowww nice hiking !!! 👍
Very good clip!
Nice content :) what about the osprey farpoint trek 75 ?
Great Video! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see more content 👍
85l multi dayhike and 36L for my dayhike pack (i always pack waaay tooo much)
Wonderful video!! Really enjoyed the video style and review, you are very clear and thorough. Also yes, I would like to buy that 65 L for myself. For a 5 day trip we are aiming for. What would you recommend in terms of real budget if we are beginner backpacks?? Thanks for your advice!
Excellent information, much appreciated. I've done day and weekend trips for years. Now branching out to multi-week trips. Having a hard time deciding "light vs enough"
I'm getting started, but I'm the opposite. I want the smallest bag that can carry my stuff. Probably going to get all my stuff first lay it out and decide the pack.
Ask the Indians what they used. Or maybe some Mexican's that just crossed the Sonoran desert on foot to get across the border. Most that I saw carried a milk jug filled with water. The Indians would probably call that kinda spoiled. We get carried away really. The real packers, the one's who lived by it, not sure if they'd go the same route.
What's wrong with just leaning up against a tree to take a crap and leaving it and the toilet paper? Toilet paper is pretty biodegradable isn't it?
Can you add the word in the video?
Wow nice n informative video. I created a video on same topic but differently presented with other necessary information.
Hi what do you think about Osprey bags? Specifically the Osprey Rook 65ltr for a beginner?
What is the name of that red backpack that has 50 L
Cool vid!
My first and only (so far) backpack is a 70l. I love this thing! I am 5'7 with a long torso, so the 40l - 65l just didn't work well for me. Ironically, my Hubby is 6'1 and also uses a 70l. Says a lot about torso size, doesn't it?! Any who, for longer trips, 5-7 days, I can carry everything (including a bear canister) with my total weight coming in at under 40lbs and for shorter trips, 2-4 days, I am carrying right around 30lbs...depending on my "culinary backpacking meals", of course ;-). I really wanted a smaller backpack, like 40l -55l, but they just didn't fit my body correctly. On days when I am nearing the stretch of a long hike, I tend to look tuckered out because of altitude, heat, exhaustion, etc. and I occasionally get those "expert hikers" that love to tell me " need a different backpack and to also lessen that heavy load". UGH....I usually move on and ignore "their opinions" knowing that I am reaching another milestone goal despite how pooped out I might look! We all need to "Hike Our Own Hike" and hopefully by others viewing this informative video, they will stick to that motto too. Happy Trails!
Great video man! Love the style. And also thanks for the useful advices.
Say what you want, nothing beats a 60L barrel with straps tied to it.
Cool video! I found my perfect backpack, 40+10 with removable lid. Very versatile and confort with load 35lbs (16kg)
One of the things I really like about your channel is that it never comes across as though UL is the only way to backpack. As someone who is an intermediate hiker but a beginner backpacker on a tightish budget, it can feel really discouraging when you see all these hiking/backpacking gurus on youtube with their UL set-ups. Carrying more than 10 pounds on your back doesn't make you less of a backpacker.
Cool video, unless its an 8000m peak, a 65L liter should be adequate. The 85L is unnecessary for 99% of trips. Thanks for the content. Have you ever visited Colorado? I film mountaineering/hiking videos out here. Keep at it!
Check out if you haven't already Boreas packs out of Sanfransico, amazing quality!
Good advice! I use a Eberlestock F65 Little Big Top pack for shorter 3 day trips and an Eberlestock G4 Operator pack for longer 5-7+ day trips, which also has a removable top lid that doubles as a fanny pack. I also wear a Hill People Gear chest pouch which I carry my "PPE", a basic survival kit, cell phone, binos, etc. Being an Army Veteran, I still have that mindset which is why I gravitate toward military-style packs with natural colors, vs the blues, yellows, etc.
Thanks for sharing. Like the thumbnail

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