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Eureka Mighty Mite Dlx 3671A Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Lightweight & Liftable Conveniently lighweight at less than 9 lbs. and easy to carry around the whole home
  • Powerful Clean A 12-amp motor provides continuous, powerful suction for a deep clean
  • Blower Port Conveniently blows away dirt and debris to easily clean garages and outdoor spaces
  • Multisurface Cleaning Tools A crevice tool and a dual purpose dusting brush and upholstery nozzle clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy Empty Dust Bag Remove the dust bag easily for a no-mess clean
  • Extension Wands Provides extra-long reach to remove dirt from every surface
  • Convenient Cord Storage Stores the cord to prevent tangles
  • Useful Carrying Strap Allows you to carry the unit over your shoulder instead of rolling it on the ground
  • Includes Tools Crevice Too and Turbo Nozzle Tool
Eureka Mighty Mite Dlx 3671A Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The lowest Eureka Mighty Mite Dlx 3671A Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price in India is ₹21,905 at Amazon.
Buy Eureka Mighty Mite Dlx 3671A Canister Vacuum Cleaner online at Amazon.
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Eureka Mighty Mite Dlx 3671A Canister Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Technical Details
Capacity As shown in the image
Color As shown in the image
Is Assembly Required Yes
Item model number 3671A
Item part number 3671A
Item Weight 4 Kg
Primary material As shown in the image
Product Dimensions 44.4 x 22.9 x 28.7 cm
Shipping Weight 5.4 Kilograms
What is in the box? 1

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I can't imagine a review being any better than this one. You covered everything. My only point of question is the weight - you say 8.6 lbs whereas the Amazon website lists the weight as 11.6 lbs. Time to get out the scale. Another reviewer eliminated the Bissell Zing I was considering by saying that the components were made of cheap plastic compared to the metal components of the Eureka Whirlwind. So, now I'm down to two Eurekas - the Whirlwind and the Mighty Mite. Since the description of the Whirlwind doesn't mention anything about power (8A, 960W from the question section) and it has less 5 star ratings than the other two vacuums, I think I'll go with the Eureka Mighty Mite (10A, 1400W). Even if the Whirlwind weighs 11.6 lbs compared to your estimate of 8.6 lbs that is still a lot less than the 18 lbs of my 40 year old Sears canister vacuum. Thanks for narrowing down my list. It would be interesting to hear a comparison of vacuums that use bags versus vacuums that have those washable, removable filters. The Mighty Mite is bagged whereas the Whirlwind is washable. I get the feeling that the higher end vacuums use bags.
does the air reverse so you can use it as a light leaf blower around the front entry way.
Thank you for your review! I have one of these on order and I'm looking forward to getting to try tomorrow. Concerning the HEPA filter issue... Does it change anything to use a HEPA replacement bag? I see that they are actually available for purchase for a little more than the standard bags. Would they work in this vacuum, or does it not even make a difference to use a HEPA bag in a " non-HEPA" vacuum? Also-- what are your thoughts on how important HE PA filters are to a family who does not have pets, no allergies or respiratory issues to deal with, and have a fairly clean house that is vacuumed and dusted rather often. Do you think it's even an issue to be concerned with? Thanks a lot!
Hi do you know how many watts this is ? Looking for a small but powerful vacuum , 1300w-1500w do you have any in mind ?? Thank you for a good review !!!
On the link you provided, there are 2 models 3670G w/2 bags @ $81.99 & 3670M w/5 bags $74.99. Do you know the difference between the 2 models. I tried to do a side by side comparison but did not see a difference other than the price and amount of bags. Actually, the product description for the 3670M references 3670G. Otherwise, it makes the most sense to purchase the model with more bags at a cheaper price.
Excellent professional review. Please learn the pronunciation of dirt called debris, not “dabreeze”
cool. no prob. thanks for the reply.
hey. good review. question: a few inches up from the floor cleaning head there appears to be a "park feature"...only I cannot find the 'slot' on the machine to insert it into. Do you get what I mean? on some vc models you can slide this head into the body of the canister and the head of the sweeper in fixed and not leaning on a wall or just on the floor. thanks, Joe
First time I've watched a review by you and am impressed by the professionalism shown by such a young man. I'm leaning heavily towards a canister vacuum, although I've never had one. My advancing age, and a medical condition, means I need to push/pull something a bit lighter. That Hoover is great, but also heavy. If a lighter vacuum will do the job, I'm going for it.
You should have addressed the clogging issue with the bend and the nozzle aggravating it if the hose were designed to separate from the angular nozzle it could have been cleared easily
It would be useful to actually see it in action than just speaking about!
In the 80's I was in college and supported myself with house cleaning. Even though all my customer supplied me with a vacuum cleaner I ended up buying the mighty mite. It was easier to use a canister vacuum then the sweeping. Mighty mite is the best canister vacuum ever.
Why in the world did you film this entire video with the cord wrapped around the canister, when this vacuum features a designated cord wind?
I have one on order. Great to know it was a good choice for light duty in my RV.
Does it suck up pet hair on floors?
Thanks for posting your review! Very informative.
Is the Eureka Mighty Mite a brushless vacuum ?
Use the cord wrap on the bottom.
Nicely done! Very informative - the noise level reading is especially useful. More information on the hose would be helpful: is it flexible or stiff; does it feel well made or cheap? The wheels look very cheap: do they roll or just slide around?
Really nice review. Also, that woman was super hot! Nothing better than a woman cleaning. LOL
I just bought one about year ago now is not turn on don't know why anyone does know What it could be?
How Do u turn it on....
I notice that the vacuum has 82 inches of water column on the suction gauge. It is good but not the best. Dyson has 120 inches of water columns of suction. And I think there are better canister vacuum with higher suction out there. However for the price, it is a good deal with decent suction for the price.
The small brush was jammed in the back of the vacuum at the factory. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get it out?
I can't just dump the old bag and re-use it? Does the vacuum come with free bags? If not, how much are they?
Great concise review and presentation. I'm off to buy one to do the 'little jobs' in concert with my weekly vac. Thanking you with a thumb up review. You were very thorough.
I have a Miele
My cleaning lady said that vacuum is the best
*This is a great vacuum cleaner>>>****   It is efficient, versatile and powerful. It cleans carpets and hardwood floors equally as good.*
That vacuum is for vacuuming the garage
At 2:21, "quite light" is just 9 pounds. I like that.
I have one of those.
Great review !!!
These are great machines that are simple and last a long time. Eureka, Sanitaire and Wessel Werks all have a wide array of attachments to fit it min listing a HEPA filter that is CRI certified.
it has the same floor brush as my bosch!
What is the difference in the SC3638E and SC3638B?
I have that same eureka in my tool box at work. It’s ok I wish it had more power though
I love these. Great bang for the buck. I wish they would put regular wheels in the back with ball bearings. These would be killer if they had that
I can imagine lots of places where I would rather use the strap: stairs, anything up high ...
I bought the Eureka Mighty Mite bc it was recommended by The Wirecutter. I wish I had watched this video beforehand.
Correction I have the Yellow Version
I have the elevators and then it has good suction but the bend in the nozzle makes it prone to clogging I wish you the address to clogging and clearing given the poor design with a bend in the nozzle
that suction relief valve pinches ..Ouch!..its a rocker though..
I have this vacuum, it's just not made for carpets, it's good for the garage and car cleaning, I don't use it in my house. I use it instead of a shop vac. I guess it's ok for upholstery cleaning, it's too loud and doesn't handle well either.
Not sure if you were already mentioned it, but there is a better canister made by Sanitaire, the SC 3700A. I just wanna get your take. Not sure if you’ve ever worked with that particular vacuum?
Link to tu mini turbo brush? Is turbo brush a wessell werk?
I have the black commercial version one I love it!! It’s got super suction!!
How does the Hoover Hushtone Canister compare?
One day you’ll have to do a demonstration of your Electrolux model 30.
So honest question, what's with the cfm ratings for the different Sanitaire canisters? The red and blue (purple?) Ones on their site are rated @135, but the grey one is rated for 65. I know that's not the waterlift spec, but yeah, why is the grey version so much lower? That aside, I miss the late 80's design of these, my grandparents one is older than me and still being used today!
I have to laugh because I know the wand so well. On the top is an indentation where you can store the tool clip and have your tools close to the hose end at the top of the adjustable wand. It makes it very easy.
I say that you put silicone on the back wheels, buy some aftermarket HEPA bags, use the turbonozzle and use it as a Vacuum if the Month. PS the shoulder strap is great for when you’re vacuuming ceilings and stairwells.
The E2 Rainbow still has a blower port too, and the function is for machines with a spray bottle or inflator nozzle, which both the Kirby and Rainbow have as included or optional accessories.
I found a few especially good uses for this small unit with the shoulder strap. One is edge vacuuming before breaking out the upright. Another is cleaning hard floor stairwells. I clean a place where there are three story stairwells that are all hard surface. With a long extension cord, I can vacuum all three floors very quickly with this strapped over my shoulder. The vacuum also comes in handy for car cleaning. Nevertheless, this unit definitely has its limitations.

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