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Essentials of Radiation Heat Transfer Book Reviews from YouTube

Lecture #11 | Radiation Heat Transfer | Heat Transfer | ME | Free Crash Course
Understanding Thermal Radiation
Part 1 Radiation Heat Transfer for FE Mechanical Exam Review Session by Dr. Languri
Physics - Thermodynamics: Radiation: Heat Transfer (1 of 11) Basics of Radiation
What is the Future of Online Education & Career Scope as Online Educator? What You Think?Must Watch : Steps for Accessing Crash Course Test Series for GATE 20211) Visit : 2) Login(if already registered)/ New Registration(New User)3) Go to Buy Product4) Choose test package Crash Course Test series for GATE 2021 pricing Rs 300.To Download Heat Transfer Crash Course Booklet : Post your doubts / queries on our official telegram channel : Download our Learning App for free Demo Classes : For Newly Launched Handbook for Mechanical Engineering, Please visit : For Mechanical Engineering Books, Please visit : For Mechanical Engineering Live Classes, Please visit : For Mechanical Engineering PD/GD/VoD/Tablet Courses, Please visit : For Online Test Series of Mechanical Engineering, Please visit : sir super just awsome.....
Hi, I'm pursuing AMIE Mechanical Engineering and found this lecture very helpful to understand Radiation heat transfer.. Thanks to Gate Academy... Keep it up
Nice lecture sir
jai corona
Thank you sir
Thank you sir
Urs way of teaching, speedness , handwriting, talking, explaining all r cooool , good and Osm
Thank you sir
Superb explanation by Venugopal sir.....
Does this playlist cover complete heat transfer in 12 videos ?
Incredible sir
thank you sir !! you are the best
i need help for tomorrow exam about heat transfer. 10 $ i will pay
Maza aa gaya sir
sir static electricity ko bhi radiation HT bolenge kya
Just awesome
Thanks for watching! Remember you can catch the bonus video Understanding Dimensional Analysis over on Nebula - and the best way to sign up for Nebula is by getting the bundle with CuriosityStream, just $15 for 2 streaming services for a whole year! Sign up here - this was one of the best science videos i've ever seen
a beautiful, make sense video
This is basically a nice video summary of the radiation chapter in incropera fundamentals of heat and mass transfer Very usefull!!
Thank you
Great video
Great channel for revision.
Please make one video on (rotational mechanics)
Please do a video on explaining more fluid mechanics concepts..Where one need visual explanation for clarity about the topic.Hope you do
why the next masterpiece is not coming when you are providing us a new video sir , daily i just used to visit here! please upload videos
Your videos are a life saver for an engineering student like me. Before I even read lecture slides I check if you have a video on the topics, you truss and material sciense videos are amazing. Pls don't stop and thanks you
. 12:31 (L/R1) (R1/L).
Hey when is your next video coming? We've been waiting.
Best animated video on thermal radiation with proper explanation. Thanks a lot.
Nice video
Should make one on CFD
Hey bro can you please explain soil mechanics and foundation engineering. I will be glad to see these explaination. Please
can u please tell me how u make those schematics i realy need it for my master publish
Your lectures have been instrumental in helping me catch up and understand on topics while trying to get another degree while balancing work... Its been more than 20 years since I've encountered this in my undergraduate physics class! Thank You so much, you have a true gift at breaking down topics in digestible "bites"!
this is perfect thank you very much sir
When referring to the area of the heat source, say a grow light, would the area of the light element, or the area of the Deflector around the element?
Best part of this excellent tutorial for me is the specific example showing the math.
We did aluminum thermal Spray on boiler wall, after the coating the emissivity reduced from 0.9 to 0.4 but we observed the temperature of the surface got increased from 220 to 250.How it happened please explain
that was like an hour of our lecture condensed to a 7 min video
interesting knowledge. However, how to calculate solar heat flux if we have value of solar radiation and solar absorptivity of wire?
Hi, I'm in the planning phase of building a small(ish) hardening furnace heated with kanthal a1 wire . This will be used to heat a specific product, and I have a pretty rough calculation of wattage needed as per the specific heat capacity of steel. My question is regarding cycle time; the calculations I have done is based on watt, mass and target temp, but I have yet to find a formula that accounts for surface area in regards to heat up time.For sure it will be considerably faster heating up a 10kg and 1 m2 "disc" than a cube of the same weight, but exactly how much faster.In my case the part will only be exposed to radiant and natural convection heat. I found an emissivity number for oxididized steel at 0.79, but can't figure out how to use that factor in a meaningful way.Help is much appreciated
Wow. Again. Wow. Of all the tutorials I've watched. This is the most understandable. Thanks tho.
The radiation spectrum depends on the material, because it is usually different from a so called black body and therefore it can vary a lot from the planck spectrum! It would require an integration of the real measured spectrum for a given material in order to calculate the corrective factor in front of Stefan's law. Here is the explaination from Prof. Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille:
clear and simple explanation. Thanks
What is heat radiation and is it like electromagnetic radiation? Heat can transfer in vacuum also but how? When anything is heated then its molecules vibrate rapidly but why anything that comes near that object also heats up? Is it something like electromagnetic radiation?
Have to decide between ceiling and under floor radiant heating.1. Ceiling radiant panel T=373 K, S=0.9 m22. Under floor T=300 K, S=12 m2Q1= 1*5.67x10-8 *0.9x373*373*373*373= 987 wQ2= 1*5.67x10-8 *12x300*300*300*300= 5511 wIt means that heated with same amount of power (lets say electric 1500w )under floor heating will transfer much, much easier power to the room.According to this calculation, recommend under floor heating.
pretty good overview. Thanks.
I'm Mastering in Architecture, this is the part I hated the most: learn this part.
why we don't consider environment temperature during calculating heat transfer per second ?
Isn't that the Stefan-Boltzmann equation? {P= A[(T^4(1)-T^4(2)]}
thank you so much sir
sir your videos are just awsm i wanna ask something sir why you have taken t power 4 why not only t without any power

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