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Buy Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) Colours: Steel
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Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft 80/20 Bronze ...

Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft 80/20 Bronze Acoustic String Set (10-50) : Musical Instruments.


Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) Features

  • Layer of silk between the 80/20 wrap and core
  • More mellow sound and comfortable feel
  • For acoustic guitar
  • Key specs are not available.
Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) Colours:
  • Steel

The lowest Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) Price in India is ₹1,515 at Amazon.
Buy Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) online at Amazon.
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Ernie Ball 2047 Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic String Set (10-50) Reviews from YouTube

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Thanks bro! I recently got Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla strings for my classical guitar and now planning to get their Earthwood Extra Light thanks to this video
Szmelc Anie Struny Pekają Jak Alemnium Bronze Everlast Daddario EXP Dadsario EXP 3D ELIXIR Bronze ELIXIR phosphor Bronze ELIXIR polyweb Martin Lisepan 2.0 Martin SP
Great video sir 👍I've just ordered 11 gauge string
Nice video and guitar 🎸Mr Vincent. May I know the price of the guitar. Cheers 👍
Another Beautiful video and work friend 👍👍👍(ZIO FENDER), 🙅🙅
sorry i had a question about the g1xon :p. Is it safe to power it through USB adapter with 5v 500ma DC reading or should it be something dangerous?
Cool 💯💯💯💯
The sound really good. Nice and bright. I need to change the strings on my acoustic but I don't want to, it stays in tune forever. The strings on it are over 17 years old lol
Nami tunog sang strings. Bright but soothing sa pamati. Nami lutaw sang notes. 👍👍👍👍👍
Very nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy these my friend. I like their strings! Any GHS, Earnie Ball, or Dadario have had great results so far! Nice video and great to see you! Hope all is well my friend.
Why do you have the high strings in the same nut slot? I've seen it done before but I can't remember why.
Wait...your kids dont wash there hands??
Since playability and no harsh treble - i might give these a shot - even though i am a strummer - thanks for the review and esp comment on longevity
Great little tune their man, sounds fantastic!
Yeah! Rik Emmett midsummer's daydream. Love it man, well played. And I'm seriously considering these strings anyway
Perfect review. Thanks for taking the time! Also, I'd love to know your thoughts on John Pearse's Bronze and Silk set, which I've read is not actually like a normal silk and steel type set. I recently got a 1930s parlor and tried Thomastik-Infeld's John Pearse Folk set, which was gauges 16-43. They couldn't hold enough tension on my A string not to buzz, so they might be comparable to like a 8 gauge steel set.
Great playing! You reminded me of why I chose this instrument. Do you think those strings are suitable for beginners?
i bought a epiphone hummingbird pro and the the strings seem way to heavy,i can feel it in my fingers.i need a suggestion as to what light gauge strings will give me more of a crisp sound as opposed to a medium low range sound.
Ya lost me with "mellow crisp" :)
I'm sure the strong point of these strings is the ease with which you can do big bends. Flat tops are meant to reduce noise on slides and chord changes (Good for recording)
I'm left speechless after the last section of this video. You play extremely well. Is that a Taylor also?
Can you tell me if the silk strings give the guitar a nylon sting classical sound/feel? I would like to temp convert a steel string acoustic to a classical/flamenco sound/feel guitar. Great Rik Emmett piece. Speaking of which, I've always wanted to try one of the Chet Atkins signature model acoustics, However I've yet to find any Guitar Center so equipped.
Just ordered a set for my Martin 00. S&S strings don't get the credit they deserve. My only issue was the lighter tension sometimes causes buzzing. Hopefully the 13-56 set will solve that. Thanks for the review.
well done. i'm gonna try a set for my old martin parlor.
I get it... you play well. How about show the strings' difference from regular strings rather than how well you play harmonics ?
I can use a set, and fingers that work would be nice, but maybe fingers work better without pain...
There is for sure a lot less noise on our end. Normally those slides would be much louder.
Nice video. Thanks for the review. What were you playing, something of your own? Reminded me just a little of Pierre Bensusan.
why did you use 12's against 11's?
the silk & steel are 80/20 Bronze not sure why your saying like there not
I love the tone of the earth wood.very warm,Woody,sound
I have the same guitar. Did you ever make a final decision on which strings you like best?
Have you tried or considered D'Addario EJ40 Silk & Steel Folk Guitar String? Trying to choose between those and these.
did Ernie Ball discontinue these strings? I can't find them on their web site
My go to string the Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze.....try em!  They kick ass.  They run a little light, so 12's will be more of an 11-ish feel......
personally, i have used the silk & steel extra soft (i think they're 10's but don't quote me on that) for about 5 or 6 years when i am writing, practicing, and jamming with friends at home; however, before i get on stage i almost always put on a set of phosphor bronze of some brand. i've gone through quite a few brands in that stretch but lately i've favored the martin eric clapton 12's. they're not as "tinny" as a lot of other brands and they have good bass without overpowering the treble.they are hell on your fingers if you haven't built up to them. with the silk & steel extra soft's, i find i can play/practice/write for much longer stretches, and they are plenty loud in a bedroom or den... especially if you have hardwood floors. on a side note: since the maker of this video spoke about how quickly his d'addario strings got so dirty in a hurry... well, i usually keep my strings wiped down (it takes 10 seconds) when i am done practicing on the silk & steel's and i would say i easily get 3 months from a set of strings. sometimes, i am lazy and let them go for 6+ months (i do not play live on stage that often anymore) and i actually enjoy the some of the semi-tones the develop as the strings settle with the guitar. also, i remember jumping on the elixir bandwagon a few years back. i could not hear that much difference when i was playing but they felt weird and listening back to some of the recordings i did with strings wrapped in plastic, they sounded (well, at least recorded) terribly. please avoid them. the eartwood collection from ernie ball are all good to great and seem to last longer than most non-coated strings while playing better than any coated strings. just my $.02. thanks for the video. p.s. tune that b-string! lol.
I'm sold on bronze, too. John Pearse brand is my favorite. They ring with incredible harmony. ( 12-53 ) They last longer than your average set.
I have the same guitar! Beautiful isn't she?
this silk sounds better for me, try Ernie Ball 2008 rock n blues
thx for the video , i'm getting deeper into the sound of the strings, i'm through with the 010 's. Kris
you're string price tag just reminds me of Thailand
No that’s a fake one.
I am also an acoustic lover and metalhead, and as soon as i heard your metal inlay to string replacement i subbed. Those strings have a katatonia sound, but your guitar has an utterly beautiful tone. Im checking out your albums now, im sorry i not seen your stuff before.
So I have had to replace my G chord and I did with these that you're using but it picks up on my tuner as A and not G. Any idea as of why?
Hey, just saw the video on genuine and non genuine earnie ball strings...... Seems like you got duped 🥺🥺
Sir does it last 6 months?
I prefer warmer tones in an accoustic guitar and i feel that the ernie ball failed to do so. Cool shredding though.
sound good with E Ball's.
How long can i use this sir?
Are you in Thailand ( I saw the price tag)
How do you put them on tho?
My favourite brand and gauge...
I need the 3rd string should I buy that package?
Jeeze, that's a good looking guitar!
I'm planning to buy those earthwood. But still stucked with dadario. Have to buy Ernie Ball next time. Tried Martin once n it was crisp n clear . next plan is for Ernie Ball. Elixir is in my mind. But someone told it's peal off while strumming. What's Ur opinion
is it good to pair with cort ad810 op?
What is your old string
The changing string music made me forget what the old strings sounded like unfortunately.
Sounds good buddy

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