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Environmental Science Book Reviews from YouTube

Environmental Science
2022 AP Environmental Science Exam Cram Units 1-5
Last-Minute AP Environmental Science Exam Q&A Review
AP Environmental Science Review - Night Before the Exam with Mr. Smedes
I just finished 35 videos, and now i need to move on to solve MCQ and FRQ for the rest of the 3 weeks. Let`s see what can I get. If my score is higher than 4, I will leave a comment
What is a flipped classroom? What a positive influence and role model Mr. Paul Anderson is.
My son needed to do a timeline of environmental science for a boy scout merit badge and used the online timeline creator Time-Graphs. It was pretty easy making entries and graphically looked nice. He learned a lot putting together that timeline using the Time Graph tool.
Anyone else here for Science Olympiad?😍🤞
Thank you Mr. Anderson! I am a PhD student in Environmental Science, and having come from a slightly different background I have used your videos to get up to speed on the full range of topics in Environmental Science (not to mention physics, chemistry, and biology.) Your courses have been far and away the most important and concise in my learning thus far, and have formed the basis of my general science refresh before beginning my research. I can't thank you enough for that. And my entire family can't thank you enough for being so engaging and clear that they don't mind being subjected to my homework. Your work is amazing, thank you.
Is there a way we can get those diagrams????
Can you help me
After 40 years of bullshit...a lot of billions and more…bullshit! Accords, declarations, pacts, agreements, woke policies…and more bullshit. Is nor the earth, the atmosphere, the plants, the trees, the oceans…it is you sick woke ignorant people… Sublimely stupid people. One single volcano...and the planet cools -3 degrees centigrades. Total anthropogenic C02 emissions up to the year 2022 is 0.00001995 (4.75% of the total global 0.000420% or 420 parts per million) These assholes have their logic, “science,” and mathematics twisted and shoved up their stinky assholes. Even if you eliminate 100 % of manmade emissions it will only represent 4.75% of the total (meaning total extinction of mankind) still you'll have 95.25% of CO2!!! Is like assuming to cure your liver cancer by nipping your thumbs nails. Net zero? Zero Emissions? my ass!!!! or better yet my left ball! It's very (extremely) difficult to solve (without solutions) a CLIMATE CRISIS in a dark room, especially when there is no CLIMATE CRISIS. Woke stupid people demand that “somebody or someone” else other than themselves, SOLVE the nonexistent crisis they have created in their sick very sick mind…up there…in their deep colon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yze1YAz_LYM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAnacf4eboQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiAdYlf9SJE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqejXs7XgsU In regard to a TED Talk, I lessen to the woman speaker start her intervention by saying: "You can FIX the Climate Change".... This applies to all talking points of the WARMERS, who believe there is a knob that can control the planet's climate. (sic) One thing has been proven: The planet has more retarded assholes than humans! "FIX' the "Climate Change"???? What's next "FIX' the "Ocean Waves" ??? FIX the wind speed? FIX the Sunlight? FIX the rotation of the Galaxy? Is there “CLIMATE” without a change in temperature? It is a tautology since climate changes millions of times every day! All over the planet, there is not such a thing as “average planet temperature” Your stupidity madam (or thing) has no limit...you have reached the point where, instead of being a dogmatic brainless "activist" (whatever that means to you, and the non-binary multi mixed-gender hot'ers) You "people" are now simply "sublime, and perverse illogic assholes"! Just realize the following: If you know how to "FIX' a nonexistent crisis created by you in the solitude of a smelly, stinky, fluids dripping bathroom.....FIX IT !!!! You require a flock of retarded people to exist! In “climate change” what's really going on is this. The Scientific Method has been sequestered by: The Farting Around Dogma As long as it is practiced... in the dark, or how they call it the: NET Zero Light! You see, they love the nonexistent concept of NET-Zero....a LOT!!! When 16% to 18% of their bodies is carbon!!!
I'm here not because I have any school but because I like environmental science
This is my story : I graduated in 2018 from one of iraq's university I studied environmental science . It sucks I tried and i am trying so hard .. more than 1000 companies, organizations, private and governmental directorates..I could not find a job for a minute .. some of them made fun of me saying "huh u said environment?? Man you better clean the street it's not related to our place" 😣😣 I swear to god i was very good student &person💔.. I'm really broke now ,all i can do is crying alone in my room.. now environmental science is no longer existing in our UV ,it's dead with his student's future.
Sir, I want to become an environmental scientist. Which is a better undergrad course chemistry or biology?
How could we say the world is overpopulated if there’s some places in the world that top secrets agencies use for scientific studies and places where we are just not aloud to go to…
PALITAN tau new friend here
Hi,I like this video so much. If you don't mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website "bilibili" in China. Of course, I will give sources of the original website. Thank you very much!
I used his videos to help summarize the content and got a 5 His videos are definitely really helpful
good video, but 1:17 is most likely not the cause for the population decrease of Easter Island, for more information watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j08gxUcBgc
What is the effect of chopping down forests, colour of fields? Reflection of snow, ice or water bodies?
I love it 💖
Interaction between earth system and human system. This is exactly what I want to learn! This video gives very simple and logical explanation . I really wanted to understand how systems working, not just being altruistic. Thank you!
Thank you so much Mr. Smedes! Thanks to your last minute cram review videos, I think I got a 5 on the test. Like 95% of the things we reviewed came on the test! Couldn’t have done it without your videos
I just took the exam today and this video helped me so much, u have no idea. I think I did really well, even on the FRQs. thank u so much for some a comprehensive and well-explained video. have a great rest of the week!!
aghh omg you’re such a life saver!! trying to finish off my senior yr well and your math vids and review packet helped so much tyy
The pain
So grateful for you Mr. Smedes! I took APES virtually this year so the whole studying thing hasn’t been too efficient. I have my AP exam tomorrow and I’m tryna learn as much info as I can on. No one teaches and makes quick and easy videos like you. You’re legitimately the only reason as to why I’m not gonna fail the exam. You deserve all the subscribers in the world. Thank you!!
Last minute gang ;) 5 on the mock exam let’s see how we do
Do we need to know the Sherren Index?
16:40 hog cycle players be like
Gonna take a shower then binge all ur reviews 😍💔😭
1:36:00 El Niño
I'm coming from Singapore (so I will actually be taking the exam like 12 hours ahead of most of y'all) and my entire class loves you. I also only just realized this but my teacher has basically used all of your resources for this entire year...interesting.
14:41 is when the actual content review starts
watch my brain forget all of this the second the exam starts 😅🤣🤣
I'M SO EXCITED! I've been studying super hard since spring break and lightly since late January. I hope I get a five. I just have to do well on those FRQs
just subbed! the only reason i’m passing this year!!! thank you for the thorough explanations!!
Where’s the last-minute gang at? 🙋‍♂️
1:31:04 "Gyres" is incorrectly spelled here.
lpve you nr smedes
The frq was easy as, i struggled on getting all the mcqs questions down. But i hope the questions i did spend more time on were correct
Shit was light
Thank you so much for making all these videos, they are the reason I did well on my exam. You are awesome
Yo thanks for the help I think I got at least a 4
mcqs were hella easy thanks to these reviews!
I swear some of the stuff in your review videos (which I binged last night) was word for word the questions on the test
Hi Mr. Smedes, I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping out so much this year! Just gave the exam and I easily passed solely because of you, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
Thank you so much Mr. Smedes, I'm sure I got a 5 on the AP exam. As you predicted, the FRQ focused on the big picture topics you had specified in the live stream, and I made sure to follow all your tips! The MCQs were quite easy as well.
thank you for all the videos mr. smedes! it really helped on the exam (:
Took the test and i wanna say thank you for all the work you put into your videos and your live stream helped me a lot today taking the test
Thank you for your videos, they really helped me cram study! Without any resources from teachers (self study), good videos were really the only thing I had to work with, and your videos certainly did the trick. I think, because if your videos, I got a 5!
Took the exam, and just wanted to say thank you for your help, it really made a big difference.
I just woke up and i’m on the bus to school before my exam. All my knowledge is coming from this video.
I feel SO SO confident on my AP test score, and it’s all thanks to you Mr. Smedes! I will be so surprised if I don’t get a 5! Thank you so much for your hard to work for put amazing content out for all APES students!!! 💕
Mr. smedes today was the exam and because of u i did really well, thanks for the AMAZING videos u post!!
exams in an hour!!!
Why didn't you say they were going to give us the scores in July? 😅
my exam was actually delayed until the 17th. Thanks, I'll use this as a study tool for the next 2 weeks!
more like 20 minutes before the scan review
30 minutes until exam time and i’m Trying to cram this in
I don’t understand why they don’t give us a formula sheet
Hour before the exam I find myself here, I regret not studying now :/
the academically rigorous course i decided to take is in fact academically rigorous
Stop reading the comments and study or go to sleep
What’s sup y’all
Gang we’re all here together it’ll be ok I hope maybe
1am night before studying 💀
hoes mad
We’re all gonna make it
thanks and keep up the good work, ill let you know what i get tmrw :)
wish me luck pls
good luck yall tmmrw
Thank you so much for this! It really is beyond helpful!! :) Did anyone get the link to the slideshow by chance?
I looked on her website but I can't find her slides, has anyone found them?
I'm need a 3

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