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The lowest Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned The Tide in the Second World War Book Price in India is ₹1,278 at Amazon.
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Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned The Tide in the Second World War Book Reviews from YouTube

Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned the Tide in the Second World War - audiobook
World War II - Ten Essential Books
7 Books on World War II | My Recommendations
Dr. Paul Kennedy- Victory at Sea: Naval Power and the Transformation of the Global Order
Thanks for the recommendations, I’m 20 years old, Im at the age where I’m finally really starting to understand the position of privilege we are in because our ancestors fought so bravely for us. My great grandfather was in Italy during ww2, it’s crazy to think he went all the way from New Zealand to Italy to fight. My nana showed me his dog tags the other day, was both awesome and scary knowing those tags had served in ww2!
Dr. Carlson, What do you think the turning point of wwii is?
Cody, I would add the Queen Of The Flat Tops: The U.S.S. Lexington And The Coral Sea Battle because it is a story written about the folks and their experiences. I know it is a tiny bit of the war, but the story seems so real when you read it. So maybe top 20? I will try to read this list. I have a few already down.
Hello cody, i am a new fan, i loved this video, but i was wondering if i can buy a ww2 book that consists of germans vs soviets in full detail, thank you.
Hey Cody... I always have some good thoughts about you, when I find a pretty good WWII book. Last time I went "shopping" I ended up with TORPEDO JUNCTION, a good BIO of the SS, and a book called "IF the Allies had fallen"... fascinating reads... today I was buzzing around Half-Price-Books and dug up some real good selections, though THEY WEREN"T CHEAP!!! My prize pickup was a photo book on THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR... these photos are NOT easy to find... can't believe the book cost $24.00. My second book was VL... a history of the Concentration Camps by Wachsmann. I have two other boring books on the subject, but this one is research gold! The last book I snagged was a memoir of the 507th Tiger Korps... by Helmut Schneider... really great research about how they trained, where they were sent, and all that. ** I was passing by the "Vintage" books... they were selling a hardcover copy of "Mein Kampt" for $220.00!!! It got me to thinking ... IF I was a GI marching around Berlin in 1945... and half a mind to be picking stuff up... I could have collected almost a million dollars worth of reich's flags, helmets, and probably a SIGNED copy of MEIN KAMPF by Hitler himself... weird how hidden fortunes end up in the ruins. ANYWAY.. hope you're well... looking forward to your review of UNDAUNTED STALINGRAD...
I read two books I liked on "Anzio" by Martin Blumenson and Lloyd Clark, I liked the Clark book a little more.....
I'm looking for some war books for my Kindle.
Bringing back Japanese skulls isnt racism. It’s Marines being Marines
Thank you so much for all these recommendations!
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich...?
Maple Leaf Against the Axis - David J Bercuson The Necessary War - Tim Cook Fight to the Finish - Tim Cook In Peril on the Sea - Donald E. Graves The Regiment - Farley Mowat
Hey Cody - you on Goodreads? care to share your handle if so as I'd love to follow and see your suggestions, reviews, etc. Can always use recommendations considering the sheer volume of books out there on subjects suchs as WW2 and the ACW.
Love the new channel. I would throw in a suggestion for World at Arms: A Global History of World War II by Gerhard Weinberg. IMO this is the quintessential history if you want to understand the motivations behind the major strategic and political decisions of the war and their impacts (such as the motivation for dropping the atomic bomb). It's a huge book but well worth the effort.
Second World War - antony beevor The most comprehensive and detailed account of world War 2
Thanks for another thought provoking video. You mentioned in passing that you thought the turning point in Russia occurred before Stalingrad, I'd be interested to hear what you were referring to. In terms of books I'd mention Niall Ferguson's War of the World. I think he makes a good case for including the Sino-Japanese conflict within the scope of what we call "World War II" which would pre date it by a couple of years or even more if you include Japan's invasion of Manchuria. I don't think its just an academic point. I'm British and throughout my life I can't recall much if any mention that this war was even taking place alongside the far more familiar accounts of what was happening in the Pacific and other theatres where the Allied armies were active.
Hi Cody, can I ask you a suggestion for a book that digs into the origins of WWII? the social, economical and political reasons that generated the conflict in Europe? I started following your bg channel, but this ona has been an amazing surprise. I really appreciate your job! You are great! Dario
What did you think of Thunder in the East?
ty for this
I have a couple new titles to chase now! However, I disagree (almost violently) with 2 of your choices, the Overy and the Kennedy books. Overy's analysis of the U boat war is completely wrong and some of his assessment of the German production priorities is wrong as well. See my second disagreement for details on the Battle of the Atlantic. So far as dedicating resources to the Flak 88 and focusing fighter units on home territories, go, it simply ignores the gross reality that from a manpower perspective the Germans had nothing left to offer against the tide of humanity both the Soviets and the Western Allies could throw against them. When you have to organize women and old men into Volksturm detachments... you're saying you lost. No matter how many Flak 88's they put on the Ostfront there was no way to stop the Soviets short of using an atomic weapon. That's a cold, hard truth. Second, Kennedy. I was insulted from start to finish by every propostition he put forth, but the U boat war is the most egregious example. Has no one else read Clay Blair's two volume account, Hitler's U Boat War? Published in the late 90's, he settles the argument once and for all about the U boats. He did the research and crunched the numbers: 2% of all Allied merchant sailings for the entire war were sunk by Axis forces: surface, air and U boats. 2%. It wasn't even a contest with the outcome possibly in doubt, it was just a delaying action and he makes that point clear time and time again over nearly 1400 pages of main body text. Against that tidal wave of truth, Kennedy cannot be taken seriously.
I enjoyed your video. My favorite book is about the battle of Midway 'Shattered Sword' by John Lundftrum. It covers the prewar period, Japanese doctrine as well as the battle itself.
Question – Have you read any book on World War 2? If yes, then which one?
The brothers of Auschwitz is just awesome💥
Didi mein kamph ka link de digiye
Mam makeup krne se koi gora nahi ho jata...anyways nice video
LMFAO 😂😂😂😂... These books are capitulating to the core of 20th century milieu.
I don't know why but after class 9 ncert Hitler and Nasism chapter, i got addicted to WW2
Boy in the striped pyjamas is a masterpiece I’ve seen movie on it, it made me cry at the end , we people are sooo lucky that we were not born in that period
I am looking for books on World War 2 or the Holocaust, but I’m looking for books that are specifically aimed to the student of the era not the historical fiction.
That's Ayshe Kulin . 😊
Are any of these written in verse
I love your book recommendations a lot..😍💓 I have a request..please do a video about books (fiction/non-fiction) on Srilankan civil war...🙏
10:52 u said non of her family members survive but? Otto franke came out from concentration camp? Isn't u read the book yet?
Boys in striped pajamas left me speechless .... The friendship The torture The tragedy...
I recently read The Paris Orphan by Natasha Lester, and it is wonderful, about an American model/turned wartime on WWII. The difficulties she faced getting to the Front in France, the people she met and loved, are all beautifully drawn. It is a dual-timeline book. Also I recommend From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon, set in WWII Italy. Tells about how Jews were gradually harassed and persecuted there, and how the Catholic Church hid many of them and tried to help.
The diary of Anne Frank
Can't understand a word u said 😂
Night by Elie Wiesel
I've watched the movie potato peel society, will i enjoy the book? P. S. Though I didn't watch the end of the movie, so that I'll be Inttiguied while reading the book. 😄
You should add "The Nightingale- Kristen Hannah" for sure! It's a beautiful book with phenomenal writing!!!

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