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Engineering Thermodynamics Book Reviews from YouTube

FE Review - Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics | Introduction to Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics In Just 30 Minutes! | REVISION - Super Quick! JEE & NEET Chemistry | Pahul Sir
Thermodynamics, PV Diagrams, Internal Energy, Heat, Work, Isothermal, Adiabatic, Isobaric, Physics
Sir kya isme chemical engineering ke bhi syllabus cover hain
Thank you so much for providing such a great platform to learn engineering courses.
Is this video's are helpful for chemical engineering thermodynamics
Can i follow these lecture? I am in mechanical engineering 2nd semester? Please reply
Who watching in 2022 like plzz
Very helpful for students sir. Thank you
how i wish this lecture is in pure english hahaha. i'm not from india but i love lectures from indian professors.
watching this video in 2022 and its still help full thank you sir
thank you so much sir
Very helpful sir
nic vid sir thnx
Sir kya ye thermodynamics ke sabhee video SSC je mechanical engineering ke liye sufficient hai
Sir ,Thanku for quality content provided by you.
I am in class 11 and i am more intrested on thermodynamics
Watching in 2020 let's do attention here
Good video but pls suggest in which lecture thermodynamics cycle covered ?? E.g otto cycle , diesel cycle etc…
Sir ye Applied thermodynamics alegh se padheyenge yha isme cover ho jayegi ?????
Sir , is it sufficient for ssc je ND rrb je
Dynamics is study of motion with the cause
Sir u have to tell in fluent english
According to him: 30 minute fastest revision. Then here we are playing the whole video in 2x.
The Most calm mentor I have ever seen ❣ we love u sir. Thanks for each an ever lecture
Thank you so much sir
Voh jalaadowala term op tha 😅😂👍🔥
bachoo dhyan se padho btech first year ka yaha aya hu....UG tak kaam ayega ye topic
you saved my life thanks sir
It's only named 30min . If you note everything it's about 2 hours
Thanks ♥️
Thankyou sir
Thanks a lot sir
🥰🥰🥰thank you so much sir🥰😁😁
Arre bhailog mobile phone Quantum physics pe chalta hai naaki thermodynamics pe😂
Nice video sir and very helpful video for us sir jii ❤️🙏
Thanks sir for the video is very helpful content ..🙏❤️
Abee bosdike hindi bolke padaya ker😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
work done by the system +ve..
Sr plz need pdf of this notes
If you could show how a thermo engine works that would go well with this information. Seeing heat created energy is so cool! This video is great because it helps to understand the difference between systems. + @ - systems. Both zero energy & thermo dynamics play together well. This engine exists. No one has ever seem it work. People will see this new technology in 20-30 years.
Thank you so much sir , This video saved my life from getting fail 😅🙂in upcoming exams ... Thanks for your support sir !

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