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Engineering Design Book Reviews from YouTube

Industrial Design Books that Made Me a Better Designer
12 Books Every Engineer Must Read | Read These Books Once in Your Lifetime 👌
Books on System Design and System Design Interviews | System Architecture | Top 5 recommendations
STEEL STRUCTURE BOOK REVIEW | S K Duggal | B.Tech | Civil Engineering Book |
I think some of these books will help me to better understand design generally :D Thanks! (I am a industrial engineer.)
do you think its easy to get a job in the product design field ? im unsure if theres any other jobs i can do other than being an industrial/product designer. with an education background in product design, is it possible to have other pathways too?
Hi, I love your videos. I’m an engineer and never thought design would be so complex. Always thought it was only a matter of being creative. I was so wrong and I learned it by watching your videos. Thanks and congratulations! I would like to see a video about paint scheme design. Is it anything similar to the physical design of pieces? I’m building an airplane and I started to design the paint scheme for it. It’s turned out to be a big challenge. Appreciate any thoughts on that. If you like, I could send some pictures of the design so you can make a video about it. There is a huge community in aircraft home building that would love to see it! Thanks
The design of everyday things Designing for growth Value proposition Elements of design
My favorite channel of 2021 Gracias John
Hey, nice content...Please make some videos on How should I design mechanical joints in product design...
Hey John why are you switching to Pc?
Going through the archives, thanks for the suggestions
Thanks for sharing
Very nice video, thank you. For the love of God, don't switch to PC, unless you're planning to use Solidworks or Inventor :).
Thank You So much
Hey can you suggest books for improving aesthetic 3d forms or how we can improve look and feel of product.
Your channel perfectly fits my needs. Cant thank you enough. Got a good job and your advice helps me out a lot.
You failed to sell me the pen
Design Expertise, Bryan Lawson
Scott robertson is so talented in sketching and rendering, also he has a great channel here on youtube. Thanks for the recommendations, so useful since I want to develop a reading habit asap.
thank you
I think also you could make a video about channels, pages and people to follow for learning and inspiration
Thanks you soo much ...this is Great and useful, I did read How to Draw and How to render and they are great for teaching drawing and rendering skills, and now on the design of everday things. Will continue with the other books you mentioned
Nice! Was just asking for some books on Reddit. I'd add Less is More by Dieter Rams. I know, it's not an essential book, but damn how inspiring it is!
This list would be really helpful l m really thankful for your support and efforts
Thanks 💕 Brothers
engineer to win introduction to flight the war of art structures OR WHY THINGS DON'T FALL DOWN THE DESIGN OF EVERYDAY THINGS introduction to algorithms how to fail at almost everythingand still win big zero to one to engineer is human the extenstential pleasures of engineering set phasers on stun thing explainer
Glad I started at 16.
Sir can you recommend some books for electrical engineers because most of book you mention are for civil or architecture engineers.
Everyone who has come here has come by searching for a purpose. Same here. Glad to be here
Can a class 8th student understand those books?
6:45 bro could you please send me other books for engineer? I loved these books bro pls tell me in comment reply
Quite Useful👍
Any book for smartphone technology and its components and functions plzz reply
I want to make a bike and some existed thinks like laser alarm etc but I don't know about mechanism and Mechanical Engineering so I want to get knowledge from books but which book should.
Can you suggest a book in physics good in theory. I love this subject but cant find any book that has theory well explained. Well i am a student now so please suggest in order of basic to advanced
Thanks ....😍
Thank you so much brother
Any books for marine engineer plz I need it
Can anyone tell me where can i get pdf of engineer to win. Nowhere on the internet...
#Hustle TV did you read all the books?
Proud to be 1000th subscriber
very useful Yogita : - )
Shaadi kar lo mere se
Kya item ho yaar tum..jabardast
An intro to microservices
Really helpful video! Thanks Can you suggest some resources (books/courses) to learn in detail about database?
Does Data intensive book outdated? Since it released in 2018 i believe..
Hai ma'am I am DHANANJAYA from Karnataka, India so I would like to share my decision in my life ..I completed my I want to become a system designer..pls suggest how to prepare and what to do next and how to take first..step..I don't know pls say something about this..I hope u I'll understand..what I asking pls..
Best Books for microservices?
what is the difference between system design and architecture?
Did you do your masters in comp sci? Also, what advice would you give for people who are aspiring to achieve your level of technical muscle?
Ma'am, Could You Make A Review Video About " Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software, Second Edition " 👈🏻 this Book ??? Or Anyone from The Comment Section can Add Your Opinions, That Might be very Helpful... Thanks..
Thank you, that was quite useful. What would be a good insight to have is what order do you recommend going through these books in given someone is just a beginner starting out ?
You have a nice content. Keep going
Thanks a ton. I was actually looking for an os book that lets you build intuition
Can you suggest a book specifically for LLD
Can you suggest a good book for Java multithreading
Thanks! For recommendations of Solutions Architect Handbook .You put essence of the book beautifully. 2nd Edition coming soon with some more advance topic’s.
Summary - Books to read 1. Designing data-intensive applications 2. System Design Interview - Alex Xu 3. Solution's Architect's Handbook 4. Fundamentals to Software Architecture 5. Three Easy Pieces
I think "Web scalability for start up engineers" is the best book for system design I have read till date
Wow j feel so old with 15 yrs experience and still only a tech lead..
Please send S Ramamrutham book pdf ( in Limit State method)
Price kitna hai ...
thanks a lot .great book
thank you brother
Design of steel structure by SK Duggal Download kaise kare please please bata dijiye
Bro plz pdf ho to send kr skte ho ky
bhai itna bada watermaek kyu dala muskil hota hee
Madeasy cilvil hand book drive link not working no access plz provide mega link
Bhai a download nahi ho raha he
Bhai tos ka s.chand ka review kijiye
Bro also provide PDF of this book plzzz bruh 🙏😍😍 Steel structure by sk duggal Plzz bhai
Bhai is book ka PDF provide karo na ... Plzz bhai

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