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Energy Utilisation: The Opportunities and Limits: Physical Fundamentals and Technologies Book Reviews from YouTube

What is consciousness? - Michael S. A. Graziano
Postman Beginner's Course - API Testing
The sonic boom problem - Katerina Kaouri
Fluids in Motion: Crash Course Physics #15
Okey, but it doesn't really answer the question of how is that we are aware of all of that or maybe I don't get it. For me the question is what is that sense of existence, you talk about what we are aware of, about this model of attention, function of a brain, but how is that we are aware of that or anything in life, is it some function of a brain? Right, but how the heck is that we can observe/experience?
How does work for blind people?
How "I" define consciousness. 1. The ability to forecast events through direct or indirect action. 2. The ability to retain and recall stimuli from past events. 3. The ability to edit information with purpose. "We" are organic bio-suits, housing divine beings. "I" hope "We" can make the best of a bad situation in "Our" shared existential crisis. Welcome to the rabbit hole, just wait until you start perceiving time again! ...There we go! See, like riding a bike. Enjoy you're scrolling! The end???
Speaking as a software developer, we seem to have a pretty good idea of how neurons process certain kinds of information. We can build software-based neural nets that can learn using algorithms modeled after brain neurons. IMO the big answer that alludes us is how do those individual neurons add up to consciousness? In other words, why do we experience ourselves as a distinct consciousness rather than a cacophony of countless individual signals?
I Have Observed That conditional Existence Is a limit that Inherently and Necessarily Frustrates The Great (As Well As The Ultimate) Motives Of conditionally Manifested beings. Therefore, every individual Must—Through Struggle, and Through The Grace Of Sudden (or, Otherwise, Growing) Insight, or Through The Grace Of Sudden (or, Otherwise, Growing) Faith (or Tacit Certainty)—Learn and Accept A Life-Lesson That Makes ordinary (or worldly) heroes Great and Grants Wisdom To those who Seek The Ultimate. That Life-Lesson Is This: The Great “Creative” (or Even conventionally idealistic) Goals May Never Be Attained (and They Will Not Be Attained Without A Degree Of heroic Effort, or The Commitment To Struggle and self-Sacrifice)—but The Ultimate Goal (Which Is Happiness Itself) Can Never Be Attained (or Attached To the Apparently Separate self) By Any Means Whatsoever! The Import Of That Reality Lesson Is This: If You Are Devoted To Great Purposeful Seeking In the conditional worlds, You Will Inevitably Fail If You Avoid Great Struggle and self-Sacrifice, and You May Not Succeed Even If Struggle and self-Sacrifice Are Fully Engaged By You. More Than This, If Your Goal Is The Ultimate (or Happiness Itself, Full and Perfect), You Will Necessarily and Inevitably Fail—Because Happiness Is Not Objectified (or Made Present As a conditional object In the conditional worlds). Happiness Is An Inherent (or Unconditional and Perfectly Subjective—Rather Than conditional and Objective, or Objectified) Characteristic Of Existence, Reality, or Being (Itself). Therefore, Happiness Cannot Be Found (or Attained) By conditional Seeking. Even If The Great Searches and The Great Goals Are (Basically) Oriented Toward The Elimination Of the conditions that Apparently Cause Un-Happiness—When Those Great Searches Are Fully Engaged (and Even When Those Great Goals Are Actually Attained), Happiness Itself (Full, True, and Not Threatened) Is Not Attained. Therefore, All The “Glorious” Adventures Of idealistic worldly heroes and All The “Romantic” Attainments Of “Creative” cultural geniuses End In Temporary Elation, Followed (Inevitably) By Disillusionment—and Then (At Best), Unless There Is No “Recovery” From Inevitable Disillusionment, There May Be A Reawakening Of The Stressful Motive To Seek and Attain Once More. (And Such Seeking and “Attaining” Will Tend To Continue—Until Disillusionment Itself Becomes Acceptance Of The Great Life-Lesson That Undermines All Seeking.) Conventionally heroic and “Creative” personalities Tend To Grasp Only A Portion Of The Great Lesson Of conditional Existence. They Realize a genius For Struggle and self-Sacrifice, but (Unless—By Grace, and By self-Transcendence, Even By Advancing To The Ultimate Stages Of Life—they Realize The Truth Itself) they Never Realize Happiness Itself. Happiness (Like Consciousness and Existence) Is Inherent (or Perfectly Subjective). Happiness Is Not Objectified (or Made an object), and It (Therefore) Cannot Be Attained By The Effort Of Seeking. Happiness (or Inherent Love-Bliss) Cannot Be Achieved objectively (or Accomplished conditionally). You Cannot Become Happy (Any More Than You Can Become Being, or Achieve Existence, or Become Consciousness, or Be Other Than Consciousness). You Can Only Be Happy (or Realize Love-Bliss Immediately, and Inherently, or Always Already, and Perfectly Subjectively). And, Likewise (or As A Corollary To This), You Cannot Become Un-Happy—Unless, In Reaction To any particular conditional circumstance or event, You Refuse To Persist In Being Happy (and, Thus, Refuse To Persist As Always Already Existing, and Most Prior, Happiness Itself). . . . Consciousness and Happiness Are Identical and Self-Existing. Clearly, Consciousness Is Not An Object. If It Were, What Would It Be An Object To? Consciousness Is Inherently and Perfectly Subjective. It Is That To Which (and In Which) Great Objects and lesser objects arise and pass away. To Seek Consciousness As If It Were An Object Is Absurd—A Benighted (or Un-Happy) Quest, Founded On A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Reality. Just So With Happiness! Happiness Is Not An Object. If It Were, What Native (or Inherent) Quality Would It Modify or limit? Happiness Is Inherently and Perfectly Subjective. And Happiness Is Inherent To The Inherently Perfect Subject (or Consciousness Itself). Therefore, Happiness Is That Native (or Original) Quality (or Inherent Force Of Being) That Is Apparently Modified, Apparently Revealed, or Apparently Decreased By The Apparent Association Between Consciousness and Both Great Objects and lesser objects. To Seek Happiness As If It Were An Object (or To Identify It With any conditionally Manifested objects or others, or Even To Allow It To Depend Upon any conditionally Manifested objects or others) Is Absurd—An Always Already Benighted and Un-Happy Quest, Founded On A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Happiness (or Reality) Itself. To Seek Happiness (Rather Than To Realize It Inherently) Is To Be Possessed By the self-Contraction and To Be Motivated By it. Because Of the self-Contraction, What Is Inherent Ceases To Be Obvious—and (As A Result) the ego-“I” Seeks Among objects and others (and Even In the body-mind itself) For What Can Only Be Found (or Realized) Inherently, In Place, In The Well Of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual (or Love-Blissful) and Self-Evidently Divine Being. Indeed, the ego-“I” Is Always Stressfully At Effort, In The Absurd Quest For Happiness and Consciousness. Therefore, Listen To Me and Hear Me. Thoroughly Observe the self-Contraction. Understand Your Seeking and Your Separate and Separative self, Most Fundamentally. Grow (By Means Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace, and Through Counter-egoic Heart-Response To My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace) To Realize and Abide In No-Contraction (or The By-Me-Avatarically-Self-Revealed Native Love-Bliss-Happiness Of Conscious Being). In This Manner, Relax All Seeking For Happiness. All conditional objects (Including Your Own body-mind) Are themselves Contraction-Only. All Great Objects and all lesser objects Are Merely (and Only) Apparent Modifications Of The Inherent Love-Bliss-Radiance Of My Avatarically Self-Revealed (Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine) Being. — Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Big bang is nothing but projection of mind. Material world is nothing but manifestation of consciousness. Consciousness is the very source of all and beyond all. Consciousness manifests world. In reality world doesn't exist. For example..A butter or cheese are manifest and comes into existence with different form only from the milk, but in reality butter or cheese doesn't exist. The only milk exists. In the Same way consciousness alone exist nothing else.
Where is consciousness? Who is consciousness.. What is conciousness...
اكتب بالعربي الفكرة مغلوطة تماما لان اساسها خاطيء تماماً الوعي البشري يعتمد على وهم يتجدد مثلا اينشتاين وضع اسئلة السنة السابقة لطلابه وساله احدهم انها مكررة فوضح له ان الاجابات تتطور وتتجدد اما لماذا تتجدد وتتطور فهذا احتفظ به لنفسي
Will our concious exist after we die ?
Experiment Suggests That Consciousness May Be Rooted in Quantum Physics Is this where "consciousness begins?"
consciousness is not an experience. there is no you or me to experience anything. the information is the "consciousness". we are the information - mojokiss
Don’t listen to this man, he has claimed that “consciousness does not happen”. I suppose he doesn’t mind volunteering himself to endure torture then since qualia supposedly does not exist.
We could have been a cat or a dog, or even had wings, instead were born in a human, f this
....I understand the concept of models but some how all these electrochemical representations are projected in a absolutely new dimension that does not exist out there at what we call physical world and is the feelings senses colors sounds =Qualia immerging in our brain (look for the term online). So i SPECULATE that there should be 2 type of elements/sensors/translators in the brain ,the one type sensitive to electrochemical code coming from neurons and projecting Qualia senses feelings colors sounds in that qualia dimension creating the ultimate synoptic model of inner and out reality and another type of element that is sensitive to the Qualia/senses /feelings dimension that interprets current structure of the qualia dimension (all what you are feeling) to a electrochemical representation for the physicals brain ..Consciousness is the constant flow of this bidirectional flow of code that changes the structure of Qualia senses feelings experience in relation with out reality and physical body reality....The ultimate translation of out reality and body realty is in the form of Qualia colors sounds thoughts your Consciousness is observing the only thing it can observe =feelings sensations etc. It is the real time bidirectional feedback that is creating consciousness (you) because in real time what is happening in the one dimension is represented by a feeding back process that transforms the other dimension accordingly....In this way the one dimension in real time constantly SEE latest developments in the other and this is the eye observing the flow of consciousness or YOU ....apparently this is THE ULTMATE model as you described. It is because of the existence of these 2 type of mediating material that can translate the one dimension to the other that consciousness is immerging in the brain ..In the same way a photosensor triggered with light produces electric activity Qualia or your flowing senses experience triggers a type of material in the brain that produces corresponding electrochemical data in many parallel systems. That is feeding the total algorithm of procedures in your hard brain which again in real time all new conclusions are feeding back through the mediating material projections in Qualia senses dimension...... I should add that this constant flow from one dimension to other is in real time compared with a program of mandatory self preservation PLUS avoidance of pain and negative sensations and seeking of pleasure and positive type of sensations. Apparently what destroys you is made to project a type of sensations that you are forced to avoid as unbearable. These factors in combination with the constant feedback from one dimension to other creates motion and you experience your self constantly changing with meaningful sensations feelings pictures sounds in Qualia dimension {spirit soul?) In conclusion not only the electrochemical models are projected in qualia form but vice versa too ,so one dimension SEE the other creating you the immerging eye observing the flow of consciousness a meaningful qualia movie (representation)
Consciousness can just be reduced to matter in motion with evidence .
Everything is within itself
And Musk have the “nerves” to claim he can make you live through a machine…
Conscience is trained orcan be damaged..reading the Bible builds God's thoughts into a Healthy conscience
Can someone explain to me=>One day a 6 year old me gained consciousness or awarness idk what happened cuz I didn't have any recolection of the past and when my grandma came to take me home I literally didn't know who she was so I had to wait for her to call my name and when I saw her I had a feeling of deja-vu anyway the thing that matters is why did I feel suddenly"aware"in that moment???
Let me take the example of God. God has all the power, all the goodness, all the knowledge 'by default'. He hasn't worked hard for it. It's like a 'free fund'. Similarly, we have consciousness/free will as a 'free fund'. Thoughts come and go in our mind on their own. I myself don't know what thought will come into my mind, say after 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. It's a 'free fund'.
Postman is an amazing tool, thank you all for your positive reactions. 🙌 Make sure you check the course notes and do all assignments - the best way to understand is by practicing. Get in touch in the Discord channel if you get stuck. I am here to help. 🚀
while authentication to generate api token it is giving error 404 not found
Excellent course to get a good understanding . specially for starters :-) amazing video! @Valentin - Is there any course from you to configure API endpoints as well ?? ..just to get end-to-end experience..
Hi Valentin , am very beginner to postman tool and this makes helpful to understand the basics. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Can I get the course notes for practicing...
so well structured !
Where do we get a cool Postman t-shirt lol
need subtitles
this course was a pleasure - thank you sooo much
how to run collection with newman successfully along with collection variables.when I run the request individually it is getting passed but while running through newman it is getting failed..its because the request have collection variables also..
Hii Valentin, In the assignment of Lesson 24, in the test script you checked the type of only the first object of the response. Is there a way to iterate through all of the objects of the response?
Gold it is
Help me
Yooooo u need testosterone...
Masterpiece 🧡
Question: In the Path Parameters chapter, how does the path parameter :bookId map to the 'id' property of the book? The instructor mentioned that the path parameter can be anything, but how does it know to map to "id" and not "name"?
Thank you so much for the very "Detailed" and "Organized" tutorial
thanks Valetin!!!😆
Whats wrong with the game sonic boom
Anybody with the last name Yaegar does something crazy
when i searched sonic boom your video showed up but of course it acctually about the show called sonic boom a show about a blue hedgehog and his friends kinda weird
In addition, all of trials in the past to use supersonic aircrafts failed in terms of the economic trip. I knew it from my master's degree in airport engineering course.
Baywatch Berlin brought Me here
Rollin' around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow 🌈
Chuck Yegar??? Is that the son of Eren?
Thanks, bou didn't explain how far long in the back of the plane that cone goes to be heard the sonic boom. :-/
Why km/hrs u should have used m/s
Sooo. When a jet flies overhead, do we hear the sonic boom sound rapidly and slowly fade away or the jet engine sound?
0:54 Watch out, he might suddenly drop humans from his plane and transform them into titans
Real efficiency greater than 100% is described in the link
My granpappy was permanently disabled by a sonic boom. Mach 3 sonic boom severed the myelin sheath in his anterior tibialis causing foot drop resulting from deinvervation of the muscle tissue. Pappy never walked again but he still got grandma pregnant 14 times.
Mulfanction of president's plane:
We are also nature
Damn nature, you scary!
so that shrimp is thanos in real life
5:15 dammnn I was expecting that fish to go
8:37 That would totally depend on the width of the spout. If it was very narrow, water would rise far above the top of the barrel, if very wide it wouldn't shoot up at all.
What I want to know is why some spouts drip and others don't?
If you are confused about pressure energy vs kinetic energy watch fully
Let's pretend you're just... well... you! That hurt in my soul.
That's incredible work ! Thank you so much !
Can i know how u edit this video?
I am a 22-year-old still watching these videos. College isn't worth it guys
Maaan I understood more fluido dynamics in this video than what I understood in all my student career. But please,...... Stoooooop wasting water during the video
Didactical Great but tooooooo fast spoken
God bless you shawty 😘
i came here by mistake, But I Like Her !
A1V1=A2V2,so if the area shrinks, the velocity increases. but still i have a question: who provide the energy the accelarate the fluid?
U helped me with homework during the lockdown 2020 Corona
0:14 1:22 1:40 1:52 1:59 2:08 2:14 2:18 2:40 W O T A H (I'm not gonna do them all tho)
Play in 0.5x mode😅
Wish it is a bit slower
I can't concentrate because she is so gorgeous and smart, she distracts my mind! I need a dude to explain to me this!
I actually came up with the continuity formula myself but didn't take into consideration different densities as I considered the same fluid water.
Needs 5G brain to fully understand this, given the speed of this cute girl.

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