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Buy Fossil Collider Hybrid Hr Smartwatch Black Dial Men's Watch ...

Hybrid Smartwatch HR (Heart Rate) works with iPhone and Android Phones · Enjoy 2+ weeks of battery life on a single charge · Heart Rate, Activity & Sleep Tracking ...


FOSSIL Collider Hybrid HR Smartwatch Smartwatch Price in India ...

FOSSIL Collider Hybrid HR Smartwatch Smartwatch (Grey Strap, Regular) ; Water Resistant. Yes ; Water Resistance Depth. 30 m ; Usage. Fitness & Outdoor ; Dial ...


Buy Fossil Hybrid HR Collider Smart Watch (42 mm) (Water ...

Provides with Notifications for Alarm Clock, App Alerts, Calendar Alerts, Email, Multiple Time Zones, Social Media, Text · 3 ATM Water Resistant offers long- ...


Buy Fossil Collider Hybrid Hr Smartwatch Black Dial Men's Watch ...

Hybrid smartwatch hr (heart rate) works with iPhone and Android phones · Enjoy 2+ weeks of Battery life on a single charge · Heart rate, activity and sleep ...


Fossil Hydrid HR Features

  • Android & IOS

Find the best deal on Fossil Hydrid HR at Croma, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Fossil Hydrid HR Price in India is ₹8,995 at Croma.
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Fossil Hydrid HR Specifications

Expected Life 14 Days
Warranty 2 Years
Wireless Connectivity GPS, Bluetooth
Display Screen
Shape Circular
Features & Trackers
Activity Trackers Yes, Active Minutes, Calories Intake/ burned, Heart Rate, Hours Slept, Sleep quality, Steps
Durability Water Resistant
Find My Phone Yes
Notifications Yes
Sensors Accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
Stopwatch Yes
Water resistant Water resistant Up to 50 metres
Operating System Android

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It says it can show SPO2 details but I didn't see how it looks in your demo. Can you send me the link where I can see
I've had this one on my watchlist for a while, wonder if I can buy it now for christmas.
In 2021 Im switching from smartwatch to hybrid watch as I care more about basic fitness tracking and wearing something that looks beautiful and not just a large screen on wrist.
just bought this watch today for 75 , am very excited tbh :D
Thanks for the video......
I first heard of this watch here and am so happy with it!
what is the watch at 2:37? thank you
I have the LG watch W7 I love it but I do autre with Mr. Mobile on it. I still use it to this very day.
Somewhere between a top tech youtuber like MKBHD and the "one take" tech reviewer lies a peculiar techie called a Hybrid reviewed named Mr Mobile. And its the kind of reviewer I've largely ignored to this point.
Been using one of these for a year or so now. Often the battery will go months without draining, and I rarely need to charge it.Only complaint is the app on your phone is clunky, and a bit unintuitive at first. Still recommend
Very well done review.
Titan hybrid is better at this price
Which is that phone bdw?
The problem im finding is if you want accurate sensors you need overly techie, short battery life, features I don't care about watches. If they could take this design and track fitness metrics as accurately as the venue 2/apple watch I'd buy it for 300.
I bought this watch 3 weeks ago and I love it. I have a bad habit of having my phone on vibrate and I don't feel it most times. With the HR I get a massage and it's right on my face before I take out my phone. It has a great look that's classy and technological.
Have u tried the noise hybrid watch ?
I love the watch, its exactly what I wanted, a smartwatch that isn't quite a smartwatch, I can See the messages easily without taking my Phone out it works perfectly I love it
TRY TITAN X.......
Hi, nice and quick video btw. very helpful to get quick insights about the watch. i have question regarding the message notification. is it possible to turn off so its not vibrate all the time? thank you!
Hey! I faced the same issue regarding the phone not always being in sync.But I fixed it!I went to my phone app settings and removed the option to battery optimize the fossil app and so far its always been in sync always!
a few videos talk of inaccuracy on the step counter. did you find that in your experience?
Hej MarkCan I get a stronger light on the watch ?It is hard to see on a Dark screen.
How do I manually update temperature reading
It can connect with Bluetooth headset and change songe with the help of this watch without taking the phone
I love this watch with minimul teach
Very important question; can you see the digital time on the watch?
Wish they were 44mm
Notification is not the problem for me, i prefer the analogue look and this is just perfect for me thanks for the on point review, I'm new to ur channel but i love your video quality and ur efforts..Take a bow
Are you Nate's cousin?
The worst thing about those watches (I own a Commuter Hybrid) are the bands. They are leather, yes, but it's not a normal massive leather strip, but it consists of many thin layers of leather that after only a few monthes tend to loosen up and disconnect from each other, ultimately ripping one after the next. I didn't even shower or wash my hands with this band, but it still occurred. Fossil said, this was supposed to be normal.
Does mechanical part of the watch run by the rechargeable battery or it is running with a separate one?
Who tf wears a watch when they sleep?
I feel I was scammed by this Fossil expensive yet it not work first the battery then the match watch my phone
I hate it the fossil hybrid fuck this
I really like the idea of these watches as I like having an analog watch but also having the basic smart watch functionality of being notified of txt msgs/who is calling (ideal if you are working and dont want to be always checking your phone but need to know if your partner/child is trying to contact you). My only issue is (along with it seems all hybrid watches) is NO seconds hand - Im a healthcare worker so need this function. I have read issues regarding the e-ink fading as well as condensation occurring inside if exercising. If they add a seconds hand, up the water proofing and reliable screen and software it will be perfect. Hopefully Fossil might read these comments
How well to texts show? I use 2 Factor Authentications a lot so would be nice if the watch would show the text codes.
Zo much just easy to fix with software updates
Wtf, it only has 3 ATM water resistance? Never saw anyone or Fossil mentioning that before, but now saw that it was a question on their website. That's incredibly disappointing.
My only complain goes for the notifications, like you said on the video the watch makes notifications that you dont really want to see. For example when whatsapp web is on the watch gives you a notification repeatedly, you should be able to turn this kind of notifications off. Despite this, its a great watch, I am happy with my purchase.
This Fossil Collider HR is GREAT it does all I need and looks great not like mini iPhone ;-)
Does it show the call notification? From the phone ..That who's calling.?
Wow. Youre amazing
I am 66yo, I now understand Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR FTW7017 from your presentation. I think it would be helpful not to take my phone out of my pocket to deal with notifications and all messages. Thankyou. About showing 1,000 less steps than the smaller female with a shorter step Your step number would satisfy me in those circumstances
How different is it from the fossil hybrid?
I am OK with smartwatches design but battery life is terrible
The Fitbit Versa 2 actually tends to overmeasure. Id say that your measurement was more accurate.
I just ordered one rn hopefully it was worth it. I wanted to get something different from my apple watch.
Hey! Does this watch sync well with the calendar app on iOS? Will I get notification of an upcoming meeting if my phone is not around?
Can you tell me why I get vibrations and no notification shows up?
I think you made me decide to buy it for my partner. My only concern. He is going to be fifty and I worry the writings might be a little small for his aging eyes.
So my husband and I have tracked our steps while we hiked and I had more steps then him I do believe that us ladies take extra steps then the men do.
Handsome watch...i luv it!
Handsome watch...i luv it!
I luv da style ...
Any black people who own one here? I have successively bought and returned 2 hybrid watches, because the hr sensor does not work on black skins (racist tech?) I am still looking for one and would welcome some feedback...
You don't have the promised links in the description and your camera focus is fucked up.
Can it show u the digital time
"It's about time"... Yes, we know good one.
can u review Garmin vivomove style hybrid smart watch?
I just got one, and love it so far. Retains a classic look without the need of a super bright display.- Minimalistic- Long Battery- All the necessary smart features
Haych R
Hej Mark.Great video. How can I get a stronger light on the watch ?
I agree that when on my dominant hand, it over counted my steps. Looking at the instructions it says to place on the non dominant hand. Since I am a lefty, I moved it to my right hand and now counts a little less than my note 20 ultra does on same walk.
I once saw it selling for rm600 which is around $140. Idk if I should buy it, I love the concept and all I want is something to track my steps and something to give me a heads up notification to see if I get any important messages without checking my phone.
thanks for this!!!
I so miss my pebble time. Im a huge fan of e-ink and love analog watches. This watch looks like it has the best of both worlds. My wife got me one for my birthday should be delivered in two days, I can't wait.
what size of the watch do you have?
"" looks cheap for Japanese lol. let's keep "FOSSIL".
I reeeeally want to get this. But does it store music in it? I don't want to have to bring my phone when I go for a stroll, but would love to have my music.
Y iam watching these again and again
Unfortunately here in August of 2021 it's up to $200 for one now.
I want a watch like this, but with a quick reply, even if it is just a "thumbs up" to answer. What watch am I looking for?
Absolutely loved my Pebble Time Steel
I picked this watch up right after seeing this video. This needs more press. It's fantastic. I can read the time and get notified about things I select like texts. The heart and sleep tracking is fine but the battery life and all time display of time is the winner. Thanks for bringing this watch to our attention.
is it 42mm? I would prefer a bit bigger (I have big wrists and use fossil townsman 48mm wide now). is there anything similar but bigger?
You said "haitch" and "aitch."
Why are you pronouncing your H's like you're British? Good review but that was distracting LOL
Hey is it worth buying it in today's date? Because this seems to be like over a year old will something new replace this anytime soon? Or is it is still a good one to go with
Love the hybrid watches (fossil, vivomove), but my biggest problem still remains: when you clear a notification from the watch you still have to clear it again from the phone.The moment they fix this I'll buy one.

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