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Buy AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Octa Core Processor online at Amazon. 4 GHz 8 Cores
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AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Octa Core Processor Features

  • Requires a thermal solution sold separately
  • Max turbo frequency 4.00 Ghz
  • 3.6 Ghz clock speed
  • 8 cores/16 threads unlocked
  • Cache: 4 MB/16 MB (l2/l3), socket type: AM4, extended frequency range (XFR)
  • 4 GHz
  • 8 Cores

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AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Octa Core Processor Specifications

Core & Cache Details
No.of Cores 8 Cores
Socket Type AM3+
Key Feature
Brand AMD
Warranty Details
Duration 3 Years
Warranty Available Manufacturer Warranty

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AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Octa Core Processor Reviews from YouTube

The Ryzen 7 1800X: A Look Back At AMD's First Ryzen Processor
RYZEN 7 1800X Review - A $500 CPU Worth Buying? | The Tech Chap
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Review - Finally, Competition!
AMD Ryzen R7 1800X Review: An i5 in Gaming, i7 in Production
Sold mine for $111 USD today.
Bought a 1700X for 100 on eBay! Overclocked it to 3.95ghz and it's running perfectly fine with my GTX 1080 ti
I have a ryzen 5 1600x - no OC + wraith cooler. Still kicking ass
Watercooled ryzen 7 1800x overclocked to 4.0 Ghz*Asus x470 Strix f*3200 32GB Ram*525gb team SSD*250gb Kinston SSD*4tb 7200 harddrive*Rx5700xt*3840x2160p 144hr 1ms IPSMonitorI am still happy with 1800x cod at highest setting 100 fps at 1080p
The first gen Ryzen cpus barely hit 4Ghz lol
imma get this with a b450 chip set mobo very cheap
I get 100-110 fps @ 1440p with the 1800x/x370 + 5700xt, wasn't a cheap system to build but its been chugging along for 3+ years now. i think with a ram upgrade and a big navi I wont have to upgrade for another year or two.
Still good :D. I bought 1800x right now because 8 core for 15p0 is nothing to laugh about
I got my Ryzen 1800X in October 2018 on clearance sale for $229.88 Canadian. Very happy with my purchase.
I built a computer back in 2017, I chose the 1800x and dual XFX Rx580 graphics cards. I still havent used it to this day and now I want to get my 1700 dollars I spent on it to good use.
big question time for any returning people, is it still worth a buy in 2020? i would like to pair this with my 5600xt aas it is a secondary rig for when i am doing upgrades to my primary, but i would liek to know if anyone is around to assure me its a good matching with the hardware of a 5600xt, :) (still gonna buy one as i am curious anyways)
Your overclock failed because memory speed was too high. my Ryzen 1700 runs fine at 4ghz as long as I don't turn memory past 3000. Consulting the motherboard manual specifications, two sticks of ram in dual channel is only supported up to 2667. according to the manual, speeds have to be even lower if you were to use 4 sticks.
Was upgrading to the 3600x worth it?
so he is playing without gpu only ryzen processor vega?
And I bought mine for $310 in November of that year.... New. Secondly you have NOT done your homework and it shows. 30+ year system builder. I've been building rigs when you were only a gleam in your daddy's eyes. I'm going to tag you and let my clients know not to go to this site.
got a R5 1600 build a week ago, if anyone has any tips for squeezing performance out of it please let me know!
Bad board and ram, the worst vega 64 and at 1080p with ubisoft games..... Dont feel like this was a good review for an enthusiast cpu. that cost $500
the 1800x doesnt even come with a stock cooler
ive upgraded from 1800x paired w a 1080ti to a 3800x paired w a 2080ti. the 1800x is still alive with its companion 1080ti though, currently crunching away numbers for Folding @ Home dedicated. Fuck you coronavirus!
Why is your gpu usage so low in some benchmarks? I have the same CPU and a 2080 with 32 gigs of ram and in some games when theres allot to render my gpu usage will go down to 50% but my cpu will be at like 30-40%. I need to figure out whats going on.
is it worth in 2020?
What kind of monitor do you have looks pretty clean.
What's the monitor you are using at the beginning of the video?
Just a quick question out of curiosity...why are you showing prices in dollars and not in British pounds sterling? You are a UK-based Youtube channel, out of courtesy, should you not be using British currency rather than dollars?
I wouldn't buy R7 1800x, R7 1700 has almost exactly the same specification and overclocks to 4 GHz too. If you still consider R7 1800x I would think about getting i7-7820x instead. Almost the same price and the performance is less all over the place as it is with R7 CPUs.
You should use Arma 3 when testing CPUs since the is HEAVILY CPU dependent. Just a suggestion but it would show how the 1800x compare.
Overall:1800x for Editing7700k for Gaming.
Can not find decent cooling for the Ryzen 1700x I bought today. It is turning out to be a pain. I am thinking about taking it back and going with 7770k
Great video! I'm building a PC in a few months and I'm going all out, so for me it's either the i7-7700K or one of the Ryzen chips in the $300-400 price range.
well if he wasn't watching porn on his chip he'd have gotten 18.02 with his 1800x in cinebench as I can easily enough get 18.02 or 18.03 on mine
You talk gaming, did you play any of them and if so did it play smooth? That's what you should be looking at for gaming.
did he run the tests before the update? cause if i look at linus and jayztwocents then numbers are different by quite a bit
man.. after the release of the bios updates and bump in performance, that 1800x looks yummy af!
73 degrees is likely wrong, since there's a 20 degree could have been as low as 53 degrees.
Hey Tom. I don't know if you take requests but could you do a build or just a review of the Corsair Air 240 case?I have watched loads of videos and done quite a bit of research but all seems to suggest that with a MATX board and 240 rad on the front you would be limited to only one other case fan. Would this really be enough to keep a low ambient case temp or would I essentially be limited to air cooling.I really want to do a MATX build in this case but I am not entirely sure what my options are in terms of components.
why would ypu get an 1800x if there is the 1700 ?
Anyone buying a 7700k over a Ryzen is crazy.. The overall performance you get is insane with Ryzen and it will just keep getting better over time, i also heard Amd gpu scales WAAAY better with ryzen in dx12!
Intel. Double the price, 5-10% better..
Don't forget, the human eye can't see the difference between 60 vs 70fps. The high fps numbers really don't make the difference. The south bridge on the Ryzen processor allows the gamer to add many nanoseconds advantage when you click your mouse or type on your keyboard vs the Intel processor. That's a gamers advantage for winning. Processors and gpu's don't win games, gamers do!
Whose still using this processor in 2020/21?
imaging actually paying 500 for an 8 core cputhis post was made by 2020 gang
Dont like this guy
I recieved this cpu as a gift and is freaking awesome.
What gen is ryzen 7 1800x
Id say that theyre both equal. AMD processors may not surpass Intel processors, but they are much cheaper then Intels. Id either one would be a great choice for any build, although personally a prefer AMD.
now that its $300 do you think its better than 7820x for video editing and multitasking
I still think the pentium is better :thinking:
You mainly showed the 1080p gaming benchmark results. At lower resolution, cores with higher clock speeds perform better. That's not the case for 1440p and 4k
Currently using the i7-4930K, working with Premiere Pro a lot, and play GTA5 a lot with capturing and a 1080 Ti, the 1800X looks like the one for me.
my i5 6300hq is better. single i5 cores outperform ryzen single core
I think AMD is crap i tell this because i had a processor and honestly not work like an intel .About 4 years i use I3 from Intel and works perfect (speed ,everything) .Sorry for me AMD is waste of money !!!
Finally, next week i build my Ryzen-rig. Im very exited. It truly is really good stuff.
great review
Thank you! Very Helpful review.20MB cache & 8 core in $500 (half price of i7 6950x with). AMD Ryzen is awesome.
I have to pause every half second to just look over the results for each outcome.......
Came here from a link on AMD's website. How much did you get money from this review? Just asking..
Why are they benchmarking at 1080p? No one with a $500 CPU is gonna be playing at 1080p
If Intel CPUs are only good for gaming them fanboys might as well stick with a console.
I'd say.. "a more consistent i5 with gaming, a more powerful i7 with production".. In fact it is looking at results
April 2019 here - just got this beauty for around $200. Pure Power, Precision Boost, XFR, Neural Net Prediction, Smart Prefetch are now my new toys - thinking about undervolting. I will put a four DIMM configuration with high clockspeeds and single ranked modules to this ZEN, Channel Interleaving and Rank Interleaving enabled. Intel fanboys do not even know what to do, they spend thousend dollars for a solid XE version or get the trash chips with integrated graphics - gamers these days...
overclocking the 1800x took premiere pro rendering from 67 minutes to 20 minutes? are you serious ?
now, the 1800x stands at 240 bucks. Is it still bad value for gamers?
you should revisit this exact build with bios updates and see if anything changed.
Principled Technologies interview brought me here
Steve what about 1800x now on sale @200cnd same price as 8350k for a mostly gaming machine probably with a 1070
compared to the cost to intel and the fact they dont change socket for every gen , its better to go amd for the money as its always upgradable
Lol what a shit review
holy fuck. 21:24 so pathetic from AMD..
OMG the decision is so very easy, 7700K Stock, for the win!!! Buy! Buy! Buy! =D
So Ryzen not good for gaming, not worth the switch from my i7. All I need to know.
My only question:Why is everyone pronouncing it "Rise - En"....when it should be pronounced as "Rizz - En"!.....LOL!......
Hey, can you tell what stand was used for the gaming tests? Video card, for example
nice info hope to see 1600x testing
when i overclock my ryzen CPU does the speed always stay constant because when i go to task manager to view the speed it isnt fluctuating. ive seen others task amanager through views and their change depending on work loads. thanks
pretty certain I had already subscribed to this channel. no worries tho. now we're rocking the bell.
but it's far better than an i7 in production... and outperforms any i5 in gaming.......
surprizing missing the 6850K in the render benchmarks as it seems equal as the 1800x
Yet another reviewer not comparing 1800x with 6800k/6850k in gaming, IE the CPUs that are competing on price, right now, at stock speeds, both of these CPUs are better then Ryzen in most games, and that isn't taking into account overclock-ability or current DirectX 12 games (or the probable performance of soon to be released DirectX 12 games) where the 6800k/6850k beat Ryzen across the board almost entirely.

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