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Buy Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Colours: Black
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Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Features

  • RMi Series High-Performance ATX Power Supply 150mm x 86mm x 180mm
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified Gold certification ensures high efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs.
  • ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2, 2.31 and ATX12V 2.01 systems
  • DC Modular cable set & DC Modular cable storage bag Cable ties
  • Corsair Link Digital interface cable & Corsair Link USB cable
  • Key specs are not available.
Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Price in India is ₹21,500 at Amazon.
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Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features USB
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Corsair
Color Yellow
feature RMi Series High-Performance ATX Power Supply 150mm x 86mm x 180mm80 PLUS Gold certified Gold certification ensures high efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs.ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2, 2.31 and ATX12V 2.01 systemsDC Modular cable set & DC Modular cable storage bag Cable tiesCorsair Link Digital interface cable & Corsair Link USB cable
Item model number CP-9020084-UK
Item Weight 2 Kg
Manufacturer Corsair
Model CP-9020084-UK
Model Year 2015
Product Dimensions 18 x 15 x 8.6 cm
Wattage 1000 Watts

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Corsair RMi RM1000i (CP-9020084-UK) SMPS - Black Reviews from YouTube

Corsair RMi RM1000i & RM750i PSU Review & Load Testing
Corsair RMi RM1000i 1000 Watt Netzteil PSU - Unboxing, Review, Einbau, Kabel, Corsair Link
Corsair RMi Series power supplies preview
Best 80 Plus Gold SMPS | Hindi
que asco que feo
7 years will outlast a rig.... but its nice to be able to use the PSU for two
Do the RMX series!
Best review ever. Thank you OC3D TV!
i still have my hx1050 5 years no issues but going to upgrade to one of these because at load the hx fan is superloud! Great products!
mine hx650 turns 6 years soon.
Another good thing about Corsair is their great aftersales. I had to RMA a RM750 that I bought 4 years ago, process was painless and easy and they decided to send me a RM750i instead.
so only the rm1000i has 2 x 8 pin cpu power connectors that top mobos need like z390 ace and godlike right?
Them old Kingwins with the METAL screw in (not plug -in) adapters for the wires (really nice) that had blue RGB before RGB was even a thing and also seem to NEVER die and feel quality even though they say "made in china" I wish these things had a link on them so I could see whats really happening as they really never die and we see them in work stations often.... I have a 1220 kingwin right now, never gave me an issue that I want to sli two older gtx cards so debating whether to use it since its fine or use my never used corsair 650 gold rated rm650i ....... wish it was a 750 least 'but its not... tough choices..... HELP!
Do you know if the USB needs to be connected to a header, or can I use an external USB port? I'm running low on int headers.
It's cables are too short for the Corsair 570x case if you want to route them behind the motherboard.
The fan speed CAN be set with the link software. It does not "just monitor" the fan speeds.Direct from the Corsair webpage.Our advanced desktop application lets you monitor and log fan speed, voltages and power consumption, as well as control fan speed and configure +12V rail operation.
Just ordered the RM650i, would love to see a video of you testing that powersupply
Awesome review, didn't know anyone does video reviews of PSUs. Much more entertaining and a hands-on experience compared to text.Two years later, and after reading A TON of PSU reviews, I believe Corsair RMi series is still by far the best PSU lineup for the money, and they give much pricier Platinum and Titanium PSUs a beating.
Hi, so I purchased this psu and got immensely angry because it says x6 pcie 6+2 cables but it only has 3 actual cables that has 2 6+2 heads in the box. so I asked the tech support of corsair if I can load 2 gpus on a single cable, and they said no. so now im lacking a cable. and 2 GPUs sitting un powered. can I take a gamble on powering up 2 gpus with one cable?
People are too picky. Gold is FINE. Hell, Bronze is FINE. And that ripple is so small that it doesn't matter if it's just below the next PSU on the list. When you get down that far into the weeds, you start splitting hairs. Will it perform? YEP.
regarding RM750i - please specify on which output power fan starts spinning? I'm was able to load it up to 380 W (output) but fun is not spinning. Fan itself works perfectly and controlled via Corsair Link. So I adjust it to 40% from full speed at low temps.But it is still not clear what conditions must be met to make fan spinning. Load it up to 400? 500? 600? watts or some temperature must be reached?Temps are really low in my case. Even in case of 380 watts loading PSU has just 34.5 degrees in passive mode.
hi, do you have any experience with be quite straight power 10 850 CM, is it better than rmi series?
Hi, I got the RM650i and one thing bothers me. When I shut down my system and turned off the switch of my UPS, the light on my motherboard immediately turns off. Unlike any other PSUs I've used, there's a small timeframe when the light turns off. Also when powering on, when I turned on my UPS, the lights immediately lights on, it kinda worries me because I think about sudden electric surge on my components as well as poor hold-up time. Any answers or opinions? Thanks!
You are spoiled by the high-end Corsair-s. My CX750 is the loudest component in the entire box (in idle)!
Perfekt das knnte das Netzteil - Reaktor - fr die iGame RTX 3080 Advanced OC werden. Zum ersten mal haben 1000 Watt Netzteile einen Sinn.Das einzige Problem an der RM-Serie ist: Die CPU Kabel ist immer soviel zu kurz fr den Alltagsgebrauch! Bei einem Big-Tower msste man das CPU Kabel ganz stramm gezogen komplett in Luftlinie vom Stecker irgendwie quer durchs Case vorm Mainboard hngend rauf zum CPU Stecker fhren, dann reicht es ganz knapp. Ansonsten ist ein weiteres 40cm Verlngerungskabel notwendig frn CPU Stecker :DUnd es gibt fr die RM(i) Serie leider keine Originalkabel zu kaufen, die lnger sind, sodass man das original Kabeldesign verwenden knnte, und auch die Corsair RM Sleeved Kabel sind sowas von viel zu kurz alle.Oh ach du hast das Problem auch, dass die Abstnde zwischen den SATA Steckern an einem SATA Kabelstrang soviel zu kurz sind, sodass z.B. rckseitig im Case nebeneinander montierte SSD Festplatten nicht mehr eingesteckt werden knnen? Ich denke Corsair msste DRINGEND diese immer gleichen aber unzulnglichen Standardkabel die sie seit fnf Jahren verwenden, berarbeiten - keine so fetten und zig Zentimeter berlangen Schrumpfschlauchstcke mehr, sodass man gar keine schn geschwungenen Schleifen und Kurven hinterm Stecker verlegen kann, viel lngere Kabel, grssere Abstnde zwischen den SATA Steckern usw. So hervorragend die Netzteile technisch sind, mit perfekter Ripple-Entstrung und solidem Schaltrelais, so unzulnglich und verbesserungsbedrftig sind die Kabel selbst.
Toller Bericht, aber die Firma heisst corsair und nicht cors air
hey,eine frage zu dem Corsair link Kabel. wozu brauche ich dies und wo muss ich dieses anstecken?danke im vorraus.
Was ist fr eine Arbeitsspeicher steht bei dir?
Warum hast du in deinem System ein 1000w Netzteil eingebaut wenn du unter last gerade mal 630w verbrauchst Ich htte da eher das Corsair RM750i genommen, oder falls du noch eine Custom-Wasserkhlung dir zulegen willst das Corsair RM850i das htte doch auch noch gelangt oder nicht?!?
Sollte ich das RMi 750 oder das Platimax 750 nehmen ?
Finde die dazugelieferten Kabel ziemlich mist. Viel zu dick an den Enden. Gibt es da Abhilfe? Und wozu braucht man das Corsair Link Kabel ?
Heftig, dass der Lfter bei 600 Watt nicht anspringt! Super Sache... Aber es ist bestimmt temperaturabhngig
I'm Extremely happy with my RM1000i, 1080ti@ 2030 and a 8700k@ 5Ghz, the fan doesn't even spin at all! Good job Corsair.
Is Corsair RM650i silence power supply compatible with Asus Prime Z370-P motherboard?
Does the 650W model include a molex power cable? I need it for my build. Thanks
I just got mine some weeks ago and when I play games I can gear coilwhine :(
You guys should really add a RM450i and RM550i version to this great line.For my system (overclocked 650i, ASRock Z170 formula, 2 x 950 pro 256GB, 850 Pro 512GB, H1415i AOI, Carbide 600Q) this PSU is overkill., but I really wanted a PSU with a LINK interface. In general it only draws 200W (230V) out of the socket..
Why would one want to switch from a "multi-rail Config" to a "single-rail"? I just got my replacement via RMA. I had a RM1000 that was a 'Single-Rail' configuration only. However, Corsair USA had none available in their warehouse stock so they shipped me a RM1000i.I must say that the RM1000 was not exactly 'revered' among the DIY system builders but I never could get a coherent answer as to why. recently, (July 4th), I had a catastrophic hardware crash which resulted in my i7-4790k CPU to stay at 800MHz and not budge from that speed, no matter what I threw at it.I can't go in to details because it's far beyond the scope of this thread but you can believe when I say that I'm experienced and applied 7 FULL days and nights into troubleshooting my system in an attempt to find the problem's source. Aside from all the different software apps I used to stress the system, I also brought an electronics expert in who had w/35 years experience.Anyway, I just want to say that I was very impressed with the Corsair Customer service reps and the way they handled the entire warranty transaction, (Top-Shelf, 5-stars, in my opinion)Rich
i just got mine in today, its great how you can monitor temps and fan speed using the built in USB. good job corsair. hope this one will last as long as my other
i have a question are the included cables the only cables i will need for a PC build or do i need separate cables besides these
If you're after good cable management forget it, unless you want to fork out extra money unnecessarily. For cable management, the 24 pin, 8 pin and PCI-e cables are a fooking joke. So you may get a bit better ripple, but if you want your system to look nice, pony up for the extra cables or look elsewhere ...
this guy's face makes me laugh. the eyes just look hilarious
Rm1000X Broken after 3 months - Absolute Piece of SHIT!
Hi there, I'm new to building PC's and upgrading and stuff like that, and I have a question for this product as I have recently bought it and have now been installing it. I am using a crappy Lenovo desktop, one that's worth around 400 dollars (store price), and my motherboard has an area where a cable labeled "P2" (according to the stock power supply in the desktop), but I can't seem to find that at all in the box that the RM750i came in. This may or may not be contributing to the fact that whenever I turn my PC on, the fans turn for about 1 second and then the entire computer shuts down. I've attempted to clean out any dust but I have no compressed air, so I had to use paper towels. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Is this my fault, or is it Corsair's fault for not including that cable in the box? Please reply soon if you can! :D
Are the cables good for sleeving?
Song name please?
Should i get a Cosair rm 650i or a EVGA supernova G2 750? which is most quiet?
Are they compatible with the Sleeved cables from corsair They say they are compatible with the RM but not the RMi.
then i can buy RMi series?
You really need to fix the MASSSIVE jump in audio level to the music at the end of your videos. PS Can't wait to get one of these puppies.
What happened to the flat 24-pin cable from the RM series?
Finally a neutral color. Took forever.
I have the rm1000x and i am facing some problems.. can you please help me?
bhai aade say jayda video package explain kiya :(
gpu ke lye kitne wire hain
Bro I have this psu but the power chord(13a) that came with it dosent work in india .Had to use my old psu power chord which dosent have an earthing .Want to buy a new chord .What should I go for ?
Pachas rupay kaat
Will this fit in Coolermaster TD500 Mesh Black
Are bhaiya is psu se mujhe ek problem dikhai deti hai.Din main first time pc on karne par MCBdown ho jati hai. Mcb uthane k baad fir se machine on kar pata hoon.Help karo plse.
Bhai sare pc components k lia jo jo cables chaiye wo sare cables psu k sath included hoga
Which cabinet you use for this RM 1000X?I have this PSU tried to use it in Corsair Karbide 175 but it bwas conjusted
And overacting
That fake accent
power cable ke liye convertor 30rs wala mat lena
bhai who corsair hai corshare nai tereko kisne diya 1000 watt ka psu haath mai
thanks sir I buy RM1000x but md computer better price, better servicesir I build a new system I am not a youtubercase- LIAN LI PC011 DynamicMOB- asus XI FourmulaRAM- G.skill Trident Z royal (3200)SSD- samsung 970 evo plus nvme m.2Power - RM1000xCPU coller -Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SESir Call Me Plz
Sir, also can you please check: RMI 1000i psu, Nzxt H500i cabinet mein fit ho jayegaa?
Sir, maine abhi just prime abgb se RMI 1000i order kiya huu. Ryzen 7 3700x, Rtx 2060 super 8gb. Main yeh psu future proofing ko mind mein rakh karr buy karliyaa! I know its overkill but fully modular, link facilities and brand trust ke wajhe se i think it is value for money!Prime Abgb reliable hai naa? Delivery time kitna liya and konse courier service se apka package aaya? Ship kitne din mein kardiyaa gaya, order place karne kee badd?
AKPro sir, appne kitne ka liya thaa? Rs12,500 worth it?
Is it working fine?

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