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3D Connexion 3DX-700052 Mouse

3D Connexion 3DX-700052 Mouse Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Ergonomic, Laser
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand 3D Connexion
Colour Screen No
feature 3Dconnexion3DX700052
Has Auto Focus No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item Height 5.1 Centimeters
Item model number 3DX-700052
Item Weight 340 g
Item Width 10.2 Centimeters
Manufacturer 3D Connexion
Model 3DX-700052
Product Dimensions 20.3 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm
Programmable Buttons No

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3DConnexion CadMouse | Full Review
3DConnexion CadMouse | Full Review
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3Dconnexion CadMouse Hands On Review
he gets to the point at 18:25 everything before that is just padding.
Very nice Mouse in your hand for working with CAD all day making thousands of mouse clicks per day, very very comfy, middle button is a god send the most important feature of the mouse. Also the radial menu button is really good to bring up auxiliary functions. However this is a really expensive mouse & unfortunately the wheel has stopped working properly on mine after 3 yrs. not what I expected for a premium item, like many people I have a box of old gear, there are mice in there that could be 20yrs old and still work. My 3D spacepilot is still going strong, plating has come off the boss but that doesn't stop it working. Just can't justify that much money on Mice every couple of years, I'm back on a £15 gaming mouse.
In my opinion your videos suck. Get to the [email protected] point.
Use paint with the backgrounds filled yellow
What a waste of time, poorly lit video, rambling narration. Dislike.
I have a Logitech G600, which very similar to the Razer Naga, and it also has a "middle button". It's out of production nowadays, and has gotten a little worn out over the years. That means I'll have to look elsewhere for this feature. The way I view it is, there's an extra button for the ring finger, rather than a button in the middle of Left/Right. The most fortunate thing is that the buttons on these are rebindable. That being said, my usecase is actually gaming, and I have the rightmost button bound yo spacebar. Apart from a day of adjusting to it, I'd say a three top-button mouse like that is essential to me, and pairs very well with my custom controlscheme on the Razer Orbweaver. The CadMouse is what I want to try and see how it substitutes my G600. Just my two cents.
I have been looking for a mouse with a real middle button for many years, not for CAD usage but for Unix/Linux platforms where the middle mouse button is used to paste text. I have worn out so many mice on their center wheel button because the manufacturers always skimp on the microswitch used here. I will be purchasing this mouse specifically for this feature. The one thing I don't get is why the wheel is not relocated to where the side buttons are? I never use the side buttons, but it would be very natural for the wheel to be located here instead.
I am the owner of CAD Mouse from 3D Connection. In total, it's already the second, because the first one was replaced with a guarantee. The left button has been damaged. He began to double click with a single press. The first symptom that something begins to happen was that I had to press harder and harder to work even I heard a distinct ''click''. The second drawback of this mouse is the pseudo-chrome part. After more or less a year she had a abrasion at the points where hand and a small finger touched her. In the new one, the same happens with this pseudo-chrome part. Unfortunately, I noticed again that the left button begins to pace and the guarantee is gone now. Generally, functionality of CAD Mouse is very good, unfortunately it can not withstand daily work conditions. The quality of performance and durability of key elements is very poor in comparison to, for example, Razer or Logitech.
hey thanks for the review.. i have no use of my left arm so i need something like this, i have a lexip cad mouse that works perfectly with inventor but it will not work with fusion360.. have you by chance tried this mouse with fusion..
use an array of 3D software so the middle-mouse-click was critical in my search for a good mouse. Most mice rock when clicked which leads to unpredictable movements. I ended with a Logitech G602 since it was the only cost effective solution found at the time. It would've nice if I'd known about this mouse when I was researching the purchase. That said, the G602 has been awesome. The G602 replaced a Razer Mamba since the rechargeable battery was awful (replaced 3 times). Otherwise the Mamba was also a great solution for digital content creation. BTW, Wacom has been using app specific button assignments for well over a decade. Albeit, I don't believe it's tied into the API (which would be very useful).
Excellent review. I appreciate the time and effort you took to make the video. I am about to return a Wacom Intuos which I thought would be advantageous to my basic mouse I am using for CAD (IMSI TurboCad), The Intuos is just NOT meant for CAD--excellent for sketching etc. I just thought I would be able to draw intricate shapes better but that cheap plastic pen was just not designed for CAD. Based on your excellent review I am confident that this 3D Connexion CADMouse is going to work, or at least worth the try.
As a professional Catia user, a proper 3 button mouse is a must have. It allows you to easily move around and manipulate the 3D environment. To me it is second nature. Not fussed with having a scroll wheel as i have been using a 3 button non scroll wheel mouse for 18 years.
They would have been better-off creating a split "mouse-1", so it has a TOP and a BOTTOM button, as a rocker, split along the axis of the wheel, so you can actually "rest" your finger, without "phantom-clicking", and gain a natural "reachable" second function. Adding a in/out tilt for added functions. It is more natural to do 20 individual things with one finger, than it is to try and use each finger individually, with four functions each. Proof is in the pudding... 80% of the world still "hunts and pecks" to type, and use game-controllers and use remote-controls. Designers need to stop trying to fight nature, and embrace it more.
Quick tip... Use your pointer-finger for button-1 and scroll-wheel and button-2... Use your middle-finger for button-3. Try this too... Set the middle-button (2) as mouse-1 click. SO you shift your finger OVER to the left, hopping over the scroll-wheel, for the "extra function"... That also places your thumbs in a more idea position to use those two thumb-buttons. (Normally, the fore-button is hard to reach, with a "normal" grip. You have to force your hand to straddle the mouse, unnaturally, to reach it. It is a horrible setup. (They just copied other poor designs.)
The middle finger and ring finger are connected to each other, so it is fisically more difficult to separate their movements than for the index and middle finger. Therefore, I think this CAD mouse is not designed ideally, even if you were to use it since being little. As an alternative, I would sugest to make a button for the thumb that can be used as the 'middle click'. It's easy to get used to, and it's easily accessible. My Razer Basilisk (gaming mouse) already has exactly those functions, and the thumb button is a lever that has two possible sizes and can be even removed if you don't need it. Comfort is a very personal thing, so I would still recommend that if the possibility is there: try before you buy.
I can't understand why you are knocking the middle scroll wheel. It has been the norm for more than 10 years. I am right handed but use the mouse in my left hand so that it does not interfere with my pad and pen under my right hand. It is natural for me to use the wheel with my index finger that only has to move over to the right button when needed. As for using it for 3D cad work, it works a treat. My mouse is a normal Logitech that also has the sideways movement on the scroll wheel to give two more actions.
I have been using this mouse for a while. Generally a good product, but the left mouse button can fail prematurely. I just had my 2nd mouse quit working. The left button will randomly double click, no click, single click. Not great for productivity, lol Not sure I want a 3rd one , maybe will go back to a Logitech mouse .
As a user, I took a few days to get used to it. However, once you get used to the middle mouse button, it is a huge improvement as a user and it helps me in my 3D models on a regular basis.
How precise is this mouse. I find I have to try try to "aim" my mouse(s) to select what I need. And I'm trying to find something that reduces fatigue.
would the gestures work with catia??
Thanks for the review. Does the driver include an acceleration setting? I run CAD with dual monitors, so keeping the speed slower and increasing the acceleration works well. Also, it would be good to hear about how well the CadMouse holds up under heavy work use. I have had to use a Razer Ouroboros (wireless / wired gaming mouse) in order to get the robust button switches I need. It works well at 1600DPI plus acceleration.