3D Connexion 3DX-700028 Space Navigator Usb 3D Mouse

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3D Connexion 3DX-700028 Space Navigator Usb 3D Mouse

3D Connexion 3DX-700028 Space Navigator Usb 3D Mouse Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required Yes
Brand 3D Connexion
Colour Screen No
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
feature 3Dconnexion3DX700028
Hardware Interface USB 2.0
Has Auto Focus No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item Height 5.1 Centimeters
Item model number 3DX-700028
Item Weight 481 g
Item Width 7.6 Centimeters
Lithium Battery Energy Content 1 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Voltage 1 Volts
Lithium battery Weight 1 Grams
Manufacturer 3D Connexion
Model 3DX-700028
Model Year 2007
Number of Lithium Ion Cells 1
Processor Count 1
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 5.1 cm
Programmable Buttons No
Voltage 1 Volts

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3D Mouse Review | 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Overview
3D Mouse Review | 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Overview
3DConnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse Review
3DConnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse Review
Can you use the knob to actually transform an object in Maya or Max?
So it does a bit like like ctrl+` very intresting.
Anyone got any idea why this crap keeps orbiting by slow speed after an intentional manual orbiting, even after calibration? Really pissed off from this shit...
BUGS: very often the center of rotation does not appear on the desired part of the model, it can be located outside the screen. Latest drivers installed https://youtu.be/1a65q9uVlGw
Hi MasterSketchUp I have one since 2015 but since the last Mac upgrade (Catalina) It doesn´t work I already download the latest drives but I can´t use. Do you have any recommendation? Thank you for your video and for your help!
What about having the 3D mouse besides your 2D mouse. That way you can navigate with the 3D and model with the 2D. Try it.
Be it long hours with CATIA, Alias or Rhino...having a 3D mouse is indispensable to me.
This is biased review since you have affiliate link
não consigo trabalhar sem nouse 3D space navigator, alguém sabe informar se é possível trabalhar no windows 10 pro, com scketchup 8? já fui em todas configurações e o mouse space, não funciona no 8, preciso de ajuda. observação - nos testes do mouse funciona perfeitamente. no scketchup 15.
how this compares to lexip or swiftpoint z? have you seen those mice? they are 3d mice made in a traditional 2d mouse form factor. the lexip has the base of the mouse as a joystick and a thumb joystick. The swiftpoint Z, has accelerometers and knows when you lift the mouse, tilt, etc.
How can I leave the blue light always on in the Wireless version? Is this posible?
i was born in sketchup! Truth! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRE0kE
Excellent review, but the cad mouse is too expensive for the specs, you can find a way better high performance gaming mouse, in a famous brand for less money, (I use Razer) believe me, just pay for "cad mouse" does not worth it!
Thank you very much! Do you know what are the differences between the "3D Connexion SpaceMouse" and the "3D Connexion SpaceNavigator"?
Just bought one, very helpful video, thanks!
Does it work with the free sketchup in the browser?
Just bought one of these... and I am glad I did after seeing this review too. Thanks for this. Peace.
Glad you explained all navigation possibilities. IMHO Object camera mode is the best fit for SketchUp where you orbit around the point at the model but fly around the model like a drone/helicopter.
Update on the new mouse?!
Hey Matt, didn’t realize you had a channel; I’m now subscribed. Love your book with Nick...bought 2! Now to use that system for my next project. Question: I have a new Spacemouse with my iMac and SketchUp Pro. I’m starting to love it. I can’t get it to pan and zoom inside Layout. Any settings suggestions?
This is exactly what I wanted to know :-)
Take OFF the auto exposure you pinhead!
well i am modeling for CNC machining and it helps me a lot for the view even if i work on scetches
i am doing modeling on blender and Fusion 360 so it's very usefull to me great video :)
Less views of you, more screen and mouse views as it works...
Uhhh claptr4p?
İs it too hard to put your hand movements with the mouse while you using the software? İs'nt it the point of the whole video?
Hi, thanks for the review. I have two questions: Have you tried it with tablet? For example in ZBrush. How does it work? I am using a LOT of keyboard shortcuts and I am concerned that while working in keyboard-heavy programs (such as Blender) the benefit it brings to modeling might be offset by the need to constantly switch between this and the keyboard.
Good stuff... just bought one. Thanks. Peace.
Samwell tally
Great review dude keep it up :D
It looks like your audio track got out of sync in some places. Quick tip nº1, if you have to choose, you always prefer to be "late" (after it should be) because humans are already adapted thus sound is slower than light. Quick tip nº2, you can reupload only the audio of a youtube video, I guess it's a feature mostly used to remove copyright music but helpful in this cases. Anyhow, I don't think is needed this time and I don't hope you are willing to edit a 2016 video at any moment. Thanks for sharing.
These things are amazing. Ive used one before. I jsut sat down and i was hooked, it was an extension of my hand within 10 seconds of fiddling
8:30 mins long video, way too much talk. There was only 3 seconds of actual demo of how the device works.
seems completely unnecessary
Bought it today - I am a 3ds max user. wasted money for me. Viewport freezes every other 10-20 seconds and I have a very fast system with lots of RAM.
I think 3d connexion is owned by Logitech or something like that. Funny thing in Rhinoceros the SpaceNavigator kinda conflicts with my Logitech mouse... If I move the mouse at the same time as I pan around with the 3d mouse the view "lags" terribly. Doesn't happen when I use a cheap 20€ mouse instead of the Logitech mouse. I can't stand using 3d modeling programs without this thing, feels like I'm missing an arm.
Samwell Tarly
Nice! Cheers
Lol. “Clank”. I’m sort of surprised you used that character without being familiar.