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Devizer DAD174 Sound Amplifier - Black Colours:
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The lowest Devizer DAD174 Sound Amplifier - Black Price in India is ₹5,939 at Shopclues.
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Devizer DAD174 Sound Amplifier - Black Reviews from YouTube

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Ebay 'Breeze Audio' TPA3116 Mini Amplifier Review
Google Sound Amplifier Review: Can an app turn your phone into a hearing aid?
Crown Xti 6002 Audio Amplifier
13001 ic ka board ka review
Sir dynamic mic is circuit board pe kaise connect kia jaaye
Tera Koi Dharm hai
Sir ye 1230 ic bord kanha se kgariden
purani yade taja kar di apane sir 1185/ 1230 ka apna alaghi maja hai
Nice videoBhai mere pass year 1995 ka deck ( cassette player) hai usme original 1230 ic hai or uska sound Aaj bhi jabardast hai or Usme 8" Ke 4 speakers Chal jate the.. Wo bhi kya din the...,. Aajkal to home theater Ghar me Sirf pade rahte hai.......
Naye jugaad ( woofer) me koi dam nahi...jab se ye woofer aaye hain almari me pade rahte hain...sunta koi nahi...
Brother,LA4440 and uPC1230, which one is better?
Kya isko 4440 ke bass treble kit ke sath chla skte hai kya plzz reply yarrr
I am a fan of 1230
hello sir mera ek chargable speaker ka audio ic jalke kharab hogaya sir meri IC me koe number nahi dikhaya ic k niche sirf (CHINA E 25) likha he bas so.l, kya me eske jagha CD5888CB laga sakta ic bikul same meei jali huyi ic ki trha hi dikhti he.sir please
Spikar bahut achcha he
Sir please tell which is better 4440 or uPC1230.
Bhai upc1230 vs tda 7294 konsa best ic hai ek video banadhijiye
Bc capacitor wala board hi aacha performance de raha hai , mujhe toh headphon se yeh lagta hai 1230 ic.
Mere pass 1230 NEC UPC Japan Hai
Im trying to figure out what those giant Wima caps are for. Surely theyre not using polypropylene film caps for filtering the DC supply after all those Sanyos?
TPA3116D2 is a good chip (if a real one). The Chinese amp designs tend to fail in the design of the output filters. Get a good TPA3116 and they work great.
Good vid, You want to make them both identical with the same mods and then turn them into micro bi amplifier monoblocs, I'm sure I've seen these chassis cases for sale on Ebay- you could buy 2 cases and turn one into a psu and the other into a preamp with a few switchable inputs,bass,treble with the 2way output... Kewl, I think I just got my next project. :)
Very nice!
Currently I set up a class AB stereo amplifier with 2 x 18 W (rail to rail opamp AD820 with TIP120 / TIP125 Darlington booster stage). The power dissipation of each power transistor goes up to 5 W and I use a heat sink specified with 9 K/W for each of them. So the chip temperature will stay below 100 C in each case. Thermal design and stabilization of the quiescent bias current is crucial.
I guess they have replaced the original 35 V version of the caps by 25 V version because most of the people operate such amplifiers at 12 Vdc, especially when they use 4 Ohm speakers. It was clearly visible, that the PCB was originally designed to use the larger diameter 35 V versions of the caps. In general it is recommented to use electrolytic caps, which have at least 20% more voltage capability than the maximum voltage which is used across the cap.Is is also not recommented to exceed 20 W per channel. So a power supply of 12 Vdc and 4 Ohm speakers is ok. The problem is, even with an efficiency of 90% you have to transfer 4 W of heat flow across this very tiny heat sink. I guess you will not get less than 20 K/W transfer resistance inside this housing. Considering an inner temperature of 50 C you will end up at 150 C at the chip. You can forget about more than 20 W continuous power per channel in each case.
How about if you did make any changes and just plugged in and play, probably nothing would have popped sometimes things run best untouched
NFM. New this capacitor mach better sound performens whithoud old capacitor ?
I think the capacitors in the amplifier where fake Sony capacitors
Aluminum electrical capacitors should not be operated at full voltage - they should be only run to about 70% of the rated voltage. Temperature with ripple current are factors, so running any parameter to max will likely pop a cap. Nice video - thank you!
If you're a typical consumer, it's a pile of crap.Is the new revision really 35V or did they do that just for you? Don't know. Don't trust them.
Need cool breeze all the time for these. That's the issue here.
I used those Breeze Audio amps, they are junk. (Fosi is terrible too). I switched to Nobsound (newer ones). Their caps are Sanyo 30v. I run the amp at issues. Running these at higher voltages causes clipping and cut out (but, I never popped a cap). They come with a 19v AC/DC power adapter...but, if one wants more power, they run fine at 25-26v. I also have the Nobsound 160w x 2 amplifier (TDA7498E chip) and run it at 35v...quite a power beast. No issues with heat, output, sound quality. Good video and explanation...a buyer needs to check those caps on any mini Class D amp they decide to go with.
Should always run caps double the voltage
Sounds like a dart Cannon
It's the speakers
ive got a Breeze amp and a little Bear Valve buffer pre amp.I've seen a video on here where a guy has connected the Little bear pre to the Breeze amp.I was thinking of doing the same but im worried in case it pops or blows.Would i be ok connecting the two together without any problems? watch and comment
Exploding caps! You did say that would happen. It seemed quite grippy when it was working. What does it sound like with live instruments?
Wow thanks, things are getting harder to hear and volumes are going up. I will try this.
Do v need data for v need pone on no
Works with plugged in heafphones, not ear bids
Found it on my Pixel 4a by accident
Great , got a new sub.. will try on my Pixel phone, keep up the good contents, IMO you should more subscribers...MARANATHA
Hey! It says to me that not is not available... what should i do?
Juan, I'd just like to say I really appreciate you making videos like this. I am a viewer who suffers from severe hearing loss, it has definitely been quite a difficult obstacle to tackle throughout my life. I was honestly so happy to find your video as this is an app that I've actually never heard about until I saw you, and it's an extremely helpful tool for me. So thank you, I really look forward to tech vids just like this that assist people like me.
I've found another use for Sound Amplifier. I bought a MicroClimate Air and no noise-cancelling earbuds, no matter how advanced, can work properly in that enclosed dome. I needed an external audio passthrough solution and Sound Amplifier was a welcome solution. Although, the built-in mic on my Pixel 2 XL drops off quickly with distance, so I'm going to try a USB-C lav mic next to see if I can't get a bit more sensitivity. Next step, attach a small Bluetooth audio DAC to the helmet and attach the channel outputs to a couple 4 or 8 Dayton Audio exciter transducers to pump audio into the dome from the outside.
I took a hearing test for work not too long ago. I thought I'd do poorly on it. It turns out my hearing is fine, I just don't pay attention.
Seems silly posting to a week old video..but having tried the app for a week on my Huawei p20 pro,I can honestly say my mic pick up on my phone is bad..very..very..very..bad.
It would be a good spy tool to amplify voices, sounds and record it.
They need a small, QUALITY Bluetooth Mic. that you can put closer to the desired source so we can keep our phons on us.
happy new year Juan!
New subscriber, new subscribe in 01-01-2021 20:40 from north Africa. Thanks and happy new year with blessings to come.
Great video! Good detail man!
from salah
Please make review about airpods max
Thanks for sharing this Juan! Google has done a great thing by making better hearing accessible to the masses. Also check out how AirPods Pros can function like hearing aids using transparency mode with headphone accommodations.
Just tried it on my V20, this phone's microphone is unmatched well at least against the newest V60 it's not
Cant wait to get RTX voice mobile
Sir ji studiomaster orb 1222 mixer ka review kre
Sir Mackie mixer v 30 pro ka review kariye
Need some information about the Nx Audio N10K MK II.
CROWN amps works best with JBL! I can attest it. I've been using the Xti series with the SRX 700 Series for the last 5 years. You can even use it as a home cinema system!
Jbl and crown
100 % right
Xti machin aur JBL bass lena hai
Sir merko lena hai
Hamre yaha Ulhasnagar Mai Kam Pagar Jada kam karte he sound wale
Crown microtech 12000 amplifier video
QSC rmx 4050 amplifier Ka kya price hoga
Crown amplifier Kitna Ghanta chalta hai
Sar aap ka number pata chahie
Aap sub harmonic dbx510 k baare me baataye ki iski instalation kaise kre
Sir aap replay bhut km deete h comments ka
Konsa DJ sethuap aacha bajta hai
Aleen heath qu mixer ka video bnao sir

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