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Electron Correlations and Materials Properties Book Reviews from YouTube

Introduction to Correlated Materials. Lecture 1: Beyond Band Theory
#bookreview#AFO#mains #agricoachingchandigarh#Study material
Book Review # Strength of Materials by U C Jindal , For ME & CE # LIROCK EDUCATION
unboxing PW NEET 2022 study material
Dear Dr. Nicola Spaldin,Thank you very much for your lecture. It helps me a lot.
I had read your book on magnetic material. Hope to see you one lecture series on magnetism.
Lecture is fantastic. Thank you so much for helping to get the clarity of the concept.
Thank you so much for the beautiful lecture. Can you please provide some references too, that would be a really great help?
Thank you so much for explaning the difficult physics in such a simple way! I have confusions about the Mott transition, why it is so abrupt and there is no semiconductor state in between?
I have one confusion, in the case particle in a box, in Mott Hubbard picture, how you wrote the ground state energy since both electrons are on different energy level. How the ground state energy equal to h^2/4ml^2 +U ... U part is clear but first one is not.
Great video Nicola! Just one small point of criticism: i am watching the video at 2x speed but the writing is still too slow... (speech is fine though)
Thank you, Nicola. The lecture is pretty good and the explanation is clear!
I am a bit confused about the energy level diagram of the Mott-Hubbard picture. For a H atom (only 1 electron) the energy is -13.6 eV, and for a H- ion (2 electrons) the energy is -13.6*2 + 12.8 = -14.4 eV. I expected one level at -13.6 eV and the other one at -14.4 eV on the right side of the slide. I guess what is drawn in the diagram is somewhat close to an excitation spectrum of a H atom (+13.6 eV for taking out one electron to vacuum and -0.8 eV for adding another electron). What am I missing?Also, I guess there seems to be another factor to consider: An electron can also take a 2s orbital state for a H- ion. In this case, we need to compare energies of 1s^1+2s^1 state (assuming naively that there's no interaction between 1s and 2s states) and 1s^2 state with Coulomb repulsion.
Hey there, How are these books?Are these suffecient for mains?
Hello bro
Trustworthy material
Please review4. Limit State Design - Ram Chandra6. Strength of Material - V. N. Vazaram10. Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics-Garde12. Concrete Technology - M.S. Shetty13. R.C.C. (WSM) - Shyal and Goyal14.R.C.C. (LSM) - A.K. Jain15. Steel Structure - L.S. Negi16. Soil Mechanics - K.R. Arora17. Fluid Mechanics - Modi & Seth18.Theory of Structure (Vol - II) - Vazirani and Ratwani20. Prestress Concrete - N. Krishna Rajee
Instagram : @sachinonline
Book se pdhna bhi hota
Read ncert bro...
mere ko Book bs unboxing krna acha lagta he padna nhi
Study material aur reference book me kya difference hota hai?
Which song ?
These many books
You already had aakash module
Do they provide notebook? Or only books?
Ye Pakistan me available milega?
hey bro how we can buy this book?
Physics wala ka gaana bhi agaya... Hume to pata bhi nahi bhai
Other institutions charges this amount just for providing books .
Bhai if you are neet student why do you have india map on your study board
And next few years u delevery product every form vehicle
You must join Allen coaching .
Aap ye book pw ke app se order kiye the please reply me
English be like l - mera hua
Haa to bachoo log isee dekhoo neet aspirants an jee aspirants k liye gift from NTA.....BEST TOPICWISE QUESTIONS AN NOTES ..

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