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Buy Electric Bike Controller, Clear Backlit Bike Controller Display for Cycling for Outdoor online at Amazon. Made of good materials with fine craftsmanship, which ensures good toughness and waterproof feature, which provides better protection for inner circu...
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Scooter Controller Display, Clear Backlit Electric Bike Controller ...

Scooter Controller Display, Clear Backlit Electric Bike Controller Premium Material Easy Installation for Outdoor for Cycling : Amazon.in: Sports, ...


Electric Bike Controller, Scooter Controller Display Premium ...

Electric Bike Controller, Scooter Controller Display Premium Material Clear Backlit for Outdoor for Cycling : Amazon.in: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors.


Electric Bike Controller, Clear Backlit Bike Controller Display for Cycling for Outdoor Features

  • Made of good materials with fine craftsmanship, which ensures good toughness and waterproof feature, which provides better protection for inner circuit and makes it more durable.
  • Perfect for electric bike, scooter, etc. Easy to install and use.
  • It allows you to easily have a look at the basic state of electric bike about speed, gear, power, mode, lamp, etc. With backlit, the data is clear in night or dark environment.
  • Very practical accessories kit to modify your electric bike and scooter, with thumb throttle for adjusting the speed.
  • Uses brushless motor controller, stable and silent, sensitive to the working state of bike.

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Electric Bike Controller, Clear Backlit Bike Controller Display for Cycling for Outdoor Reviews from YouTube

Brainpower Controller with S866 Display for Ebike/Scooter
How to make a Speed Controller for Electric Bike
E bikes 2021: Improve your Ebike's performance programming the S830 LCD and SW-900 LCD
Try a hydraulic shop like perfect for your break hose
I hope your ebay listing stated "does not work"
Hello,, will this display work with 96v? Thank you...
Awesome thanks you smart A** really informative thanks I love all the lights you've put on your bike it looks great I wish I could do the same thing to my first time building an ebike once again appreciate your effort to explain and me and others
why are you whispering?
I have the same CT 22 display, do you know how to program the speedometer parameters correctly?
Pls can you help me with the diagram?, I bought a display and I want to wire it
Your a bit nuts for me . Lol but I like the display.. QS motors is coming out with a Ebike motor. Have a great day my brother.. God bless
Hello, I bought a 22 ct display, unfortunately I can't connect it to my sabvoton controller could you help me please? would you have the electrical diagram 2 how to connect the screen
I like the display looks Nice !Thanks for the video Mate
The size of GPS chips these days I'm really surprised that speedometers don't just use that
I've got my Sabvoton controller with LCD screen with the same error. Bought also from Resin Motor. Already bought screen like your and will need to wire that up. Do you have (maybe) how you was finding which wire is which and how connect it to Sabvoton controller or is that info on endless sphere forum? Thanks
very cool .. my next bike will use 50H QS V3 motor . and i may go with a vector framethe stealth bomber frame has bad geometry for my body size
Awesome video ! Going to try fitting one of these to our go kart
I know what u mean about the bolt i did the same thing now we know
Strange, you usually get error 30H when you disconnect the 3pin connector to the screen for bluetooth to work.. You had that connected and still got that error?
I Like your bike, nice work and good luck
Nice progress and again thanks for the shoutout . With the reverse/low brake ground issue surely all the 0v points are the same as the battery and controller are a complete system? That's going to be a pain for me wiring it up and doesn't make much sense but if you've tested it I'll take your word for it!
Loving the build on this. Great channel.
i also had to order longer brake lines mine are slightly different size (tekro brakes) this is the seller i used they have tektro,magura and shimano for your brake line do you connect the lcd to this controller? I got it but theres no were to put it
I received the controller, and I must say is a mess. For example, I'm not sure which wires from the cadence censor from the bike get connected to the new controller. in the diagram provided by the seller, I think the cadence sensor which on my bike is colored Yellow, Blue and Red, would then get connected to the new controller which are colored Black, red and Blue. I am only guessing because the picture diagram shows it as a 'GET HELP SENSOR". Do you think the wording 'Get Help Sensor' means to connect it to the cadence sensor of the bike?
Where can I purchase the matching green jacket connectors for the phase green yellow and blue and battery red and black wires ?
i noticed there are two brakes in the diagram. One marked 'electric brake' and 2nd marked 'low potential brake'. Since the bike has front and rear brakes, did you use one into each or did you just plug both front and rear brakes into the one marked 'electric brake'? I'm wondering what the low potential brake is even for?
which wires did you connect to your screen?
3 speed connections?
The steel wire method is good, I am using that as well. So far is the best
Btw, I saw that there is a learning wire on the controller which should be the green wire. Just connect both together to get right direction for the motor. After it is running forward for 5 second you can disconnect the learning cable
Hi, I was looking at this controller set. What is your comment on it? Worth getting? The one that you installed is it sinewave or squarewave? Sorry for so much questions
Corrections:The voltage is regulated using buck converter IC LM5008.The 555 timer IC cannot be operated above 15v.
Is the motor a DC Brush type or a brushless? Doest your creation work for both types?
Sir please talk to me
Do you or any other produce these? I need to use for e bike with 24v battery and 500w motor and throttle
Hi bro I need some help. In my college they have given me one project. Basically what I have to do is i have to make integrated Electromotive wheel that should be fit in one cycle and whatever components i have to use that should be there in that wheel only, it should be come outside. And at handdle accelerometer should be there and the connection of the accelerator to motor should be the wireless communication, so for that what I can do .... Please bro help me.
heyy! will u try to sell the pcb board if you are having few extra's.
Do you do contract work? I need a custom speed control
This is great!I have a challenge and Id like to know what you thinkI have a working e-bike with a very basic controller, everything works, however I am stuck with the out-of-the factory speed.This bike doesnt even allow me to reach 25Km/h considering my weight.All I wanted to do was to have a lil more speed, nothing crazy.So I bought a KT controller and display thinking that I could change the speed limit.The new controller is supposed to be better than the original, better mosfets etc..However it doesnt work. The display turns on the bike, I can even browse thru the parameters but it shows 0 battery charge, hence nothing works.I tried all sort of things, like swapping the hall sensor cables to see if there was some mismatch but still nothing. Clearly there is current from the controller cause I measured 3.68V at the Throttle cable when the controller was plugged to the motor and battery.Battery is 48V 15AH I dont think is the problem, the display turns on, it just doesnt comunicate with the motor (250W)My naive question:How can I proceed with modifying the new controller and make it like the original?I thought about making a new one from scratch but it might be too difficult for me,Besides Id still have the display problem, I need one to turn on the bike, speed regulation, headlights etc..I suspect it might be something simple, related only to the power circuit, perhaps once I get proper reading of the battery charge everything will work. hopefully.Any thoughts is greatly appreciated.
Ok but how can we with throttle
Great stuff - some of the pre-built controllers are stupidly expensive 1000!!!!! Why not use a simple MCU instead of timer - you can easily interface to the various controller displays.
24vol 20ah hub motor controller Bana ke dikhao pzz
how much did 1 pcb board cost you?
HiI have a 58.8v hot chili dh converted bike... I had to remove the shield to make everyone fit and using it like this for 3month...still when a cloud is coming I m not very proof of me... Do you think if I coat it will be enough?
Where to purchase it. I want 60v 20 amp controller. Plz give number
thank you..you are truly the king in DIY
Brother can you send me 5pic I gave you money I am from India
PCB pdf layout dalo
Great work. Unfortunately , there is no much practical use for DC brushed controllers nowadays since brushed motors aren't used for this purpose anymore. BLDC's with three phase controller are used because of better efficiency, lower noise , advanced torque control mechanism etc. And most important - no need for brushes replacement thus higher reliability. Of course , if you have time and brushed motors laying around, knowledge in mechanics and patience , this is cheap and interesting solution. Veri nicely done. Thank you.
Can I use this same design for a 24v speed controller
Programing needed or not

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