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Electric Aircraft Dynamics: A Systems Engineering Approach Book Reviews from YouTube

What Is Systems Engineering? | Systems Engineering, Part 1
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Such a great explanation!! Thank you so much
I’m about to make something great.
thanks Brian for this great content
I'm new to systems engineering. Question: is it the same as business analysis? Differences?
After months of internet/YouTube search I finally got some clarity about system engineering :) Thanks
Almost didn't watch this video when I saw MATLAB because I thought it was going to be about mechanical design alone. But i was wrong - It is the best and most properly explained video of Systems Engineering I've seen so far. Was glad brian used a software app example. Hoping more universities offer Systems Engineering at the Masters's (MSc) level. I will jump at it immediately. This teaches and prepares you to be a good Tech entrepreneur that isn't scared of tough tough problems.
Check out LearnSE here on youtube or web search it. Great course - more than what's offered in master's SE courses.
What app are you using?
Do you think that a systems engineering degree is worth it and in-demand?
Question: can a person with a major in systems engineering be hired at projects in different fields? Like jumping around between working at a medical company and an automotive company
Came here because of Miss Kobayashi who works at systems engineering :O
If I get a systems engineering position at BlueOrigin I have to thank him, technical phone interview tomorrow!
Do you need a system engineer in the development of a SoC? Or it's all EE.
amazing series for systems engineering 101! what do i do without you?
Nice cours, very interesting to hold up! Further, try to show the amazing engeening's apps, to be monetised.
He taught me so much,even English!
Thank you Brian. Convaying knowledge in a simple way is a hard work and I'm sure it takes considerable amount of time and effort! Appreciate it mate!
Can you please suggest me any certification on automotive system engineering and architecture.
I've endured several systems engineering courses. They all dive into tedious detail straight out. This is a great overview and the slide at around 3:40 is a spot on top level summary. Thanks!
Brian pops up in so many places, I practically owe him my career at this point
Dear Brother , Show the cover of the books properly with a few seconds still so that viewers can take screenshots of them and read the names of the books and the authors properly .
Do you have good books for someone who's in college and haven't taken physics in high cholesterol. Teaches basic physics
I have studied control and DSP
Why are these books so expensive
Bro but these books are so costly on India , the first book 'Rocket Propulsion' costs nearly 10,000 rupees in india
A really good book is also "Ignition by John Clark"
Where is the video with online resources?
The "Structures" book is really good. Highly recommend.
Still waiting for the online resources video, lol :)
I’m 8 you are inspiring me to read. Thanks https://youtu.be/KSKQYajdifY
Love these recommendations but 115 for the book hurts my funds and this ain’t sumin they got at the library so getting hand me downs is the best way to go about it
Dava Sobel is a she, not a he.
You should read simon singh’s longitude. Im sure its very similar but i can honestly say it’s such a beautiful tale. You might like to read it again but with a slightly different slant!
Don't you ever forget ignition by John D Clarke
Congratulations Bernard that sounds great I love your book reads recommendation and love your BPS channel is pretty good.
These books are highly costly
I like rocket propulsion book. That's superb
I am watching this because I want to cure my addiction of social media, So I am in search for some books to read. So I found this video
It's really funny because I just bought the structures book from my friend for 3 dollars haha😂
This list would be really helpful l m really thankful for your support and efforts
Thanks 💕 Brothers
engineer to win introduction to flight the war of art structures OR WHY THINGS DON'T FALL DOWN THE DESIGN OF EVERYDAY THINGS introduction to algorithms how to fail at almost everythingand still win big zero to one to engineer is human the extenstential pleasures of engineering set phasers on stun thing explainer
Glad I started at 16.
Sir can you recommend some books for electrical engineers because most of book you mention are for civil or architecture engineers.
Everyone who has come here has come by searching for a purpose. Same here. Glad to be here
Can a class 8th student understand those books?
6:45 bro could you please send me other books for engineer? I loved these books bro pls tell me in comment reply
Quite Useful👍
Any book for smartphone technology and its components and functions plzz reply
I want to make a bike and some existed thinks like laser alarm etc but I don't know about mechanism and Mechanical Engineering so I want to get knowledge from books but which book should.
Can you suggest a book in physics good in theory. I love this subject but cant find any book that has theory well explained. Well i am a student now so please suggest in order of basic to advanced
Thanks ....😍
Thank you so much brother
Any books for marine engineer plz I need it
Can anyone tell me where can i get pdf of engineer to win. Nowhere on the internet...
#Hustle TV did you read all the books?
Proud to be 1000th subscriber
Bro competitive exam coding answers estara bro for money
I applied in it but never attend any class assignment nothing Is this will affect in future
sir iska final exam kaisaa aur kitna tough hoga?
Bhai mere 12 me se 6 hi assignment huye to ky me exam me pass ho paunga
any telegram link for nptel robotics answers???
I need robotics basic selected and advanced concepts assignment answer
Ye trick to sirf theoretical question ke liye kam aayegi reactions ka kya kare ? Wo to lecture karne me bavjud bhi solve nahi kar pata mai ☹️☹️☹️☹️
You need treatment bro! I suggest Erragadda or you might need San Francisco medication. 🙂
For some vedios there is no that option please tell then we can do
Can i directly go for final exam without attempting assignments
Aap jese logo ki vajah se hi india teaching / learning me piche he.
Bhaak chutiya rocket propulsion ki nikal kr bata
Fucking transcripts doesn't open
Search ne ho raha mobile pe
How to search for programming questions
Anyone doing explosion and safety here
And what about numericals...
Can you please tell me how to remove enrolled course from swayam?
But my sir explain lectures in the board 😰🥲

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